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How To Reach Riyadh : All You Need To Know About the Best and Cheap Options

Riyadh is the sprawling capital of Saudi Arabia, a busy and modern city. The city offers many Riyadh tourist attractions, classic Saudi and Middle Eastern cuisine, dune bashing adventures and more. The city also plays host to several world-class shopping malls and the stunning Skybridge at the Kingdom Centre. There are many ways to reach Riyadh and we share with you the best of the options available. You are going to love Riyadh where a city of 6.5 million people welcome you. The city offers a blend of traditions and modern vibes.

Riyadh International Flights

Riyadh International Flights

King Khalid Airport is located about 21 miles north of Riyadh. The airport serves as a major hub for many airlines that serve Riyadh. United Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, British Airways, Turkish Airways, Qatar Airways and more are the several Riyadh international flights. You can find Riyadh flights via, a link that provides you with search options for flight schedules and costs. It is good to book in advance and consider that the high season tickets are more between July and August. Look for customer review scores in the various apps for flight bookings before selecting your Riyadh flight.

King Khalid Airport also offers limousine services to passengers to various destinations. SAPTCO bus service from the airport to the various hotels in Riyadh is another good mode of transport service.

How to reach Riyadh from AlUla by Air

Riyadh is also a base for domestic operations and there are many flights between Riyadh and other important cities. Air travel is the fastest and the best way to reach Riyadh from AlUla. Saudi Arabia Airlines, flynas, Flyadeal are good airline choices for air travel. Check for the cheapest deals on costs and convenient schedules on flights via links such as, and more.

Road Travel To Riyadh

Road travel to Riyadh

Road travel is an excellent travel option to choose to reach Riyadh. The roads are well maintained and you can drive from Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Jordan. There are fixed car rental prices that also have a paid extra for insurance. Most hotels offer car rental services. Choose from the white & orange taxis and the yellow taxis which are metered. There are English speaking drivers in the white & orange driven vehicles that are helpful. Service taxis leave from the SAPTCO bus service station that leaves only when filled with five to seven passengers.

International bus services also operate from Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Turkey. The state bus services are run by SAPTCO. There are plenty of foreign transport companies too that commute these routes. Buses ply on the Riyadh-Dammam route that takes about 4.5 hours. A bus journey from Riyadh to Mecca is long and takes 11 to 12 hours along Highway 40.

How To Reach Riyadh from AlUla By Road

SAPTCO buses run between major cities of Saudi Arabia. This state-run transport has a monthly pass of just about 200 SAR. Rent-a car option also starts from 50 SAR and depends on the vehicle type. The journey by road takes 17 hours, 9 minutes to travel from Alula to Riyadh. The approximate driving distance between Alula and Riyadh is 858 km.

Train Travel 

Train travel

Saudi Railway Authority operates two lines, passenger and cargo services.  There are two different state organisations, Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO, www.saudi and Saudi Arabia Railways (SA, that offer train services between the cities. The Riyadh-Dammam trains are 5-car AC sets with a power car at one end and a driving cab at the other. The trains are comfortable and built by Spanish manufacturer CAF, these trains date from 2011-12.

The trains have Premium (1st) class and Standard (2nd) class, a cafe counter and even a prayer area. Riyadh to Jauf, Qasam and Hail is operated by Saudi Arabia Railways. Online bookings are easy through the website that also provides an English language option with prices and schedules. The local train station is almost in the centre of Riyadh that connects to the city of Dammam.

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