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Top 7+ Spectacular Shopping Places in Riyadh

Shopping in Riyadh offers an array of luxury malls, fancy boutiques and traditional souqs. The capital city of Saudi Arabia sets a high standard as a shopping city. Be engulfed by the dizzying energy in the array of retail options that the capital city offers. Riyadh`s shopping scene is something to look forward to and is the number one pastime. In the city with over 60 shopping malls, you could easily spend your entire holiday hopping from one to the next. We put together a list of the top 7+ famous shopping places in Riyadh. Read on!

Top Shopping Places In Riyadh

1. Souq Al Zal

Souq Al Zal

This is in a historical enclave of Diriyah that has been open since 1901. Wander the sprawling network of oud-scented alleys that is soul-stirring. Be there at 6 pm which is the best time to choose when daily auctions begin. You get to pick from antiques, ceremonial swords and geometric shaped carpets that the souq is famous for. On Friday join the crowd in the Central Plaza for the hallaj which is the biggest auction of the week for rare and precious goods. Bid your way to a great deal and experience an Arabic shopping place in Riyadh.

Location: Diriyah, Old Riyadh

2. Riyadh Park Mall

Riyadh Park Mall

Look forward to experiencing the mammoth and futuristic mall that is worth a visit just for its design. The Park Mall has an arcade under its palm trees and a wave-like glass roof. There is a world-class IMAX cinema and an open-air section called The Zone. There are stores and restaurants around the main plaza where you can shop for the latest in retail offerings. Take your pick from VOX Cinemas, bowling, high-end brand shopping to food court pleasure. The Museum of Illusions and the amusement park is a fun family entertainment venue. Riyadh Park truly has it all.

Location: Northern Ring Branch Road, Al Aqiq, Riyadh

3. Kingdom Centre Mall

Kingdom Centre Mall

This fancy shopping place in Riyadh is as impressive as the iconic skyscraper itself. The glossy brand stores welcome you with their impressive retail wares. The Kingdom Centre shopping mall has stunning decorations and a welcoming ambience. The 333-meter high bridge that offers panoramic views also makes the shopping centre popular. Shop for high-end brands and experience the luxury seats in the Vox Cinemas. Try the 24K gold plated fondant and take in magnificent views of Riyadh.

Location: King Fahad Road, Riyadh

4. The Centria Mall

Centria Mall

This shopping place in Riyadh is your first stop for fashion products and high-end designer wear. The haute-luxe mall is also home to great cuisine. Try the sushi at Yokari or crispy pizza at Fiamma which is the best you can get in the shopping city. This is the ultimate destination for international fashion, exquisite art and upmarket home fashion brands. Look out for Alexander McQueen on the ground floor, ARMANI JUNIOR on the first floor, Art Of Heritage on the second floor and more. Visit for the most desired and chic branded outlets in the home of fashion.

Location: Olaya St, Riyadh

5. Riyadh Avenue Mall

Riyadh Avenue Mall

This shopping place in Riyadh is a low-key mall and offers both local and global brands. It also has a supermarket, a games arcade and a food court. The mall consists of two levels with a shopping area of 200,000 square ft called the Lulu Market. The mall is located on King Faizal Street and is spread across 1 million square feet. It has over 95 outlets and two six-story towers. The shopping mall is a favourite with the locals with fine dining, coffee shops and family entertainment venues. There is also ample basement car parking.

Location: King Faizal Street, Riyadh

6. Al Nakheel Mall

Al Nakheel Mall

Explore the shopping paradise that offers 200 more international brands from cosmetics to clothes. The mall offers popular cafes, restaurants and an amusement center called Sparky`s. If you fancy a movie night out or bowling family fun time, the mall offers plenty of activities. The second building of the mall has a cinema, a bowling alley and restaurants. This is one of the best shopping places in Riyadh that is bursting with activities.

Location: Al-Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Road, Al Mughrizat, Riyadh

7. Riyadh Gallery Mall

Riyadh Gallery Mall

The mall is located on one of the main roads in the north of the city of Riyadh. This is a freshly renovated mall and is a one-stop paradise for shoppers. It also offers an amusement park, a cinema and restaurants to satisfy your craving taste buds. Go on a shopping spree for the best-assorted brands. This is one of the best shopping places in Riyadh close to the popular King Fahad Road. The shopping mall boasts fountains and elegant interiors.

Location: King Fahad Road, Riyadh

8. Riyadh Front

Riyadh Front

Riyadh Front is an extraordinary destination for work, play, shop, dine and space sharing hotspots. The sleek shopping complex is home to upscale shops, cozy eateries, outdoor fountains and a cinema complex. This is a mega-development zone that transforms the future and blends business and leisure activities. The iconic landmark hosts stunning green spaces, modular offices and a new trend of a shopping center. A wonderful place to explore the urban experiences right in the heart of Riyadh.

Location: Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh

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