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List Of Top 10 Locations For Shopping In Al Ula

Of all the Saudi Arabia attractions, Al Ula and all its tourist attractions may just be the best places to explore when on a trip to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Ula is a haven for enthusiasts looking to unravel the mysteries of Saudi Arabia. Al Ula tourist attractions are amongst the best places to visit in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. But a trip to the city will also bring you to the famous Old Market Street in the Old town of Al Ula. The market is home to some of the best shops for shopping places in Al Ula. When shopping in Al Ula, visitors to Old Market Street can find gems that boast of Saudi culture and heritage. Below is an interesting read on the best shopping places in Al Ula at Old Market Street.

Shopping In Al Ula, Old Town Market Street

1. Alrimaya Shop

List Of Top 10 Locations For Shopping In Al Ula

For all your speciality and souvenir shopping in Al Ula, the Alrimaya shop is the perfect spot. The shop offers anything from scriptures of Arabic calligraphy to Arabic style light fittings for your home. Alrimaya is a one-stop-shop for any and all of your souvenir needs. From dallahs to rugs to Bedouin-style scarves that give you or your home a touch of Arabic elegance.

2. Sadu Al Ula shop

Sadu Al Ula shop, Saudi Arabia

The next shop on the list of best shopping places in Al Ula brings us to Sadu Al Ula at Old Market Street in Al Ula. The shop is perfect for visitors or locals looking to dress up in local Arabic attire. The shop not only offers local Arabic attires but also offers several accessories that uplift the beauty of the chosen attire. Furthermore, the shop has a separate section for the ladies. For them to choose from some exquisite hand-stitched Abayas with gold embroidery.

3. Arabic Scripts

Arabic Scripts, Saudi Arabia

On our search for the best shopping places in Al Ula, we arrive at a shop whose Arabic translation translates to ‘Arabic Scripts’. The shop specializes in the sale of souvenirs that depict the art of Arabic calligraphy. Art of Arabic calligraphy is basically the art of handwriting and calligraphy based on an Arabic alphabet. In the Arabic language, it is known as ‘Khatt’. Which is taken from a word meaning ‘construction’, ‘design’ or ‘line’. These intricate works of art are handcrafted and more than often the artists make these designs while chanting Islamic prayers. Which blesses the piece of art and makes it all the more special.

4. Mansour Gold Shop

Mansour Gold Shop, Saudi Arabia

Like all the neighbouring countries the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a haven for travellers looking to invest in some 24 karat gold. So if you are in Al Ula and wish to invest in some quality gold the Mansour Gold shop is the place to be. The shop is part of a bigger organization, the Mansour Group, which operates several gold shops across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The shop offers several options for different designs of gold jewellery you are looking to get for yourself or for your special someone.

5. Danat Al Madayin Dates Shop

Danat Al Madayin Dates Shop, Saudi Arabia

For an unbridled experience of shopping in Al Ula, one must visit one of the best Al Ula tourist attractions called Old Market Street. The next stop on the list of best shopping places in Al Ula brings us to Danat Al Madayin Dates shop. The dates shop is popular for having some of the most diverse collections of dates available in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of which are anbara, khalas, mabroom, safawi and many more. 

6. Ghazal Soap shop

Ghazal Soap shop, Saudi Arabia

A very unique trend in Saudi and other Gulf nations is the handmade craft and production of perfume soaps. This very unique trend brings us to Ghazal soap shop which is the next best shopping place in Al Ula. The shop specializes in the sale of soaps that are specially made according to the requirements. For example one of their signature soaps consists of 24k gold shavings and rose water. Some other speciality soaps include coffee beans soap, collagen soap, omega 3 soap and many more.

7. Hekayat Herfa Shop

Hekayat Herfa Shop, Saudi Arabia

Another popular shop in Old Market street is the Hekayat Herfa shop, which is a shop popular for local handicrafts. Local handicrafts in Saudi Arabia include items like rugs, scarves, traditional women Abaya, incense burners, miniature shipbuilding jars and many more. These items are very popular in the region and are the perfect souvenirs to take home from the country.

8. Bazar Al Ula shop

Bazar Al Ula shop, Saudi Arabia

Another popular spot for shopping in Al Ula is the Bazaar Al Ula shop that serves as the best shopping place in Al Ula. The shop is another popular speciality and souvenir shop in Old Market street. The shop also serves as a pawn shop with several treasures hidden around the shop. That date back four to seven decades, from cameras to tape recorders. The shop is a gold mine for the ones looking for some of these ancient mechanical artefacts.

9. Nouf Fetaihi shop

Nouf Fetaihi shop, Saudi Arabia

The next shop where one can experience authenticity meet quality is the Nouf Fetaihi shop. It is one of the best shopping places in Al Ula and gives meaning to Al Ula tourist attractions. The shop is the oldest in the region and for generations have made every single piece of garment with extreme precision, poise and grace. The artisans that one would find here have learnt the skills from their fathers. And are imparting the same to their kids. This is a one stop shop that you should not miss if you are looking for the best quality garment in all of Saudi Arabia.

10. Dukkan Bafarat

Dukkan Bafarat, Saudi Arabia

Our search for top Saudi tourist attractions brings us to the most popular restaurant in the Al Ula region. The restaurant goes by the name of Dukkan Bafarat and translates to the shop that spreads happiness. The shop is busy during all meal periods. And the best delicacies on the block or at least on this side of the town happens to be at the Dukkan Bafarat. The shop has been around for four to five decades. And is a family run business that is imparting the knowledge, skill and tradition down to the next future generations.

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