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A Serene And Mesmerizing Drive From Cape Town To Johannesburg

Following our previous escapade across the country of Africa. We reached the country of South Africa. And decided to continue our road trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The journey is probably one of the longest journeys, that we would be undertaking in the country. And the trip itself would probably span over days. Because this time we won’t be in a hurry of reaching the destination. As the new aim would be to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Below is an interesting read on the pit stops we made during our travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Stops To Pull At, When Travelling From Cape Town To Johannesburg

1. Cape Town

A Serene And Mesmerizing Drive From Cape Town To Johannesburg

The starting point of our exciting journey was the city of Cape Town which is among the oldest cities of South Africa. The city boasts of several attractions and destinations spread across the city. Of which, almost all of them are perfect for family get-togethers and meetups. The outskirts of the city are also home to several beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes. That a trip to the legislative capital of South Africa is worth every minute spent.

2. Montagu


Often known as the ‘Mountain Mecca’ of the cape is the quiet and serene town of Montagu. The town is the perfect location for anyone looking for a peaceful weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Montagu takes pride in its cultural background and maintains its rich cultural heritage. That offers its visitors a trip back in time. The town boasts of clean air, a calm atmosphere and a bunch of friendly folks eager to offer any kind of help.

3. The Great Karoo

The Great Karoo

The Great Karoo is also often known as the ‘Groot Karoo’ in the local language of Afrikaans. The plateau basin lies in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The region is known to house the world’s richest habitat of succulent plants. Furthermore, The Great Karoo is home to close to 10,000 species of different succulent plants. The region is also home to 600+ species of geophytes. The region stands out as a great destination for desert tourism.

4. Prince Albert

Prince Albert

A 30-minute ride from the NH1 lies a small beautiful farming town of Prince Albert. The water from the Swartberg mountains nourishes the numerous farming fields that adorn this little town. Causing it to transform this little town into an oasis in the centre of the Karoo desert. The town is popular for its fresh ripened and sun-kissed figs, olive and apricots. Over the years the town has also become one of the popular wine-producing regions of the country. With over 4 wineries in the region and a Gay’s Guernsey Dairy known to make the best cheese’s in South Africa.

5. Robertson


Often known as the Garden Town of the Boland of South Africa lies a small town known as Robertson. The reason for naming it such is because of its unique location in the very fertile Breede rivel valley. The Robertson Valley is known for its premium wineries that create wines. Those are known to be at a far superior level than any other place in the country. The town is also popular for its roses and special horses only bred and found in this region of South Africa.

6. Beaufort West

Beaufort West

The next exciting and revealing destination on the route from Cape Town to Johannesburg is the wonderful town of Beaufort West. The town again is in the Western Cape province of South Africa. And is the largest town in the region or in the area of The Great Karoo. Which also has earned the small town of Beaufort West the title of the “Capital of the Karoo”. Beaufort West is also the oldest town in Central Karoo and is of massive historical importance.

7. Graaff-Reinet


Often known as the “Gem of Karoo”. Graff-Reinet became known in 1786 when Governor Cornelius Jacob Van de Graaff and his wife Cornelia Reinet came to the town. The Reinet House which is in the town was the patronage home of the governor and his wife. Which is now a very famous museum in the town. And is also home to the largest living grapevines in the world, growing in its garden. In addition to this, the city is also known for its mohair (Angora goat wool) industry. And it’s farming for ostrich and sheep.

8. Colesberg


Another lesser-known destination on the NH1 leading from Cape Town to Johannesburg is the town of Colesberg. The town is home to a mere 17,000+ locals and is popular for its Morino’s (Sheep breed). The town is home to a known breeding region for these sheep. With a farming area spread over half a million hectares of land. The region was given its name after Sir Lowry Cole, who was the governor of the Cape of Good hope from 1828 – 1833.

9. Bloemfontein


Often announced as Bloem, Bloemfontein is the 7th largest city in South Africa. And a capital of the Free state province. Bloemfontein is also the judicial capital of South Africa and one of the three national capitals of South Africa. Bloemfontein is often known as the “city of roses”, for the massive number of these particular flowers found in this region. Furthermore, an annual rose festival is also held in the city of Bloemfontein every year to commemorate the beautiful gift of nature. However, the city’s Sesotho name is ‘Mangaung’. Which literally translates to the “place of cheetahs”.

10. Johannesburg


The final destination of our journey brings us to the city of Johannesburg. Although not the capital city of South Africa. Johannesburg has made a name for itself as the most powerful commercial centre on the African continent. The city is also home to South Africa’s constitutional courts, which is the highest in South Africa. The city is also home to the headquarters of almost every corporate giant. That have estaiblished trade on the African continent. The outskirts of the city are also known for some spots with beautiful landscapes.

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