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Get Ready For A Dubai Expedition In December

Summers are extremely dry and humid in Dubai. Interestingly, the winter is truly ravishing! The pleasant, beautiful and happening environment feels lively. The massive skyline looks mesmerizing in the fog of winters. It gives a smoky effect to the city. The long glimmering nights and soothing sunny days make each second worth staying in Dubai. Do not think anymore, just plan a winter tour to Dubai in December. Prepare to be amazed!

Best Time to Visit: Winter in Dubai falls between November to April

1. Dubai’s Winter Temperature

Go through the average temperature report! For sure, the list will help you to plan your amazing expedition with more clarity.

  • Dubai in November:  

The highest recorded Temperature: 30 degrees.

The lowest recorded Temperature: 20 degrees.

  • Dubai in December

The highest recorded temperature: 26 degrees.

The lowest recorded temperature: 16 degrees.

  • Dubai in January

The highest recorded temperature: 24 degrees.

The lowest recorded temperature: 15 degrees.

  • Dubai in February: 

The highest recorded temperature: 25 degrees.

The lowest recorded temperature: 16 degrees.

  • Dubai in March

The highest recorded temperature: 28 degrees.

The lowest recorded temperature: 18 degrees.

 2. Not-To-Be-Missed Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping festival 2020.

Get ready to treat yourself to an annual celebration. Watch fireworks, concerts, and enjoy the best of the best retail experiences.

  • The venue for shopaholics across the world. Enjoy your December holidays in Dubai with your entire family here.
  • It is the 25th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping festival in 2020, held from 26 December 2019 to 1 February 2020.
  • The largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East you will ever see.

3. Frolic on the Snow!

If you are looking to experience a white winter in UAE, then Dubai has it covered for you. It is time for you to have fun in the snow at Ski Dubai!

  • An indoor ski resort in Dubai. The temperature inside is kept at 1-2 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
  • The exceptional snow quality gives winter chills and fun time.
  • Skiing, snowboarding, exciting rides and watching live penguins and much more to explore.
  • The place is kid-friendly. Filled with many interesting rides and activities to explore.

4. Its Christmas Time!

Christmas in Dubai.

Dubai is now a multi-cultural city. Hence, you are never short of interesting experiences here.

  • Dubai has embraced the bright-lights and fun of Christmas with open arms.
  • Christmas is all about festivities, enthusiasm, family-time, and this place has it all.
  • Celebrate Christmas in the festive markets and Christmas markets. Shop in malls, eat lavish dinner, play fun games and roam in the streets.

5. Tour the City in Winter!

Dubai in the winter season is really pleasing. The marvelous city has a lot for you to explore.

  • Burj Khalifa: This man-made masterpiece is the tallest building in the world. The observation deck provides a majestic bird-eye view from the top. Visit during the evening time to witness the sun drowning behind the skyline.
  • Palm Jumeirah: An artificial archipelago of islands in Dubai renowned for fancy hotels, luxurious apartment towers, and high-end restaurants. The nightlife is quite remarkable here.
  • Dubai creek: Take a glittering tour of the winter Dubai night. Cruise through the Dubai creek for fun time and entertainment. Enjoy your welcome drink and full course meal.

 6. Go Camping!

Go camping.

Dubai has an amazing list of campsites. If you love to camp out, then you can choose to go camping on the beachside or in the camping areas of your resort. It is quite affordable!

  • Enjoy the bonfire at night and have some tasty marshmallows.
  • Sing along and rejuvenate the moments from your past.
  • Share stories and bond under the open sky.
  • Enjoy a great meal near the fire and end your day in the campsite tent. It sounds like a perfect romantic itinerary! Doesn’t it?

7. Desert Safari

Desert safari is the most romantic and adventurous things to explore during winter in Dubai. Your trip is incomplete if you don’t experience it.

  • Indulge in dune bashing, sand skiing, camel ride, sunset photography and a lot more.
  • End your day with a lavish barbecue dinner topped with Sheesha session and drinks.
  • Participate in a belly dance show for an entertaining and fun time.

8. Places to Visit In December from Dubai

If you wish to experience really chilled winters, then you can plan a visit to these best places from Dubai.

  • Armenia: The oldest Christian country is just a few hours away from Dubai. You can have your amazing getaway here. Explore heavy snowfall, amazing night markets, historic churches, and a perfect party scenario in winters.
  • Iran: Winters in Iran are lovely as the land is fully covered with snow and ice. It gives a serene view of the environment. Play with snowballs, build a snowman and have a fun time with your family.
  • France: You can never go wrong with Paris! For a quintessential escape from Dubai in winters, visit France. The place glitters at night! The frosty weather is perfect for cozying up near the fireplace.

9. Winter in 2020!

New Year Celebration.

Winters approach every year. The winters in Dubai 2020 are just as amazing with all the fun and entertainment awaiting.

  • Dubai holidays are flabbergasting! The city keeps on bringing something new every time which is amazing. Doubtlessly!
  • Dubai holidays start with the annual shopping festival. Gives new and enthralling experiences every time you visit here. The city keeps growing and has no stop to it!

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