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10 Reasons Why Phuket Should be on Your Travel Bucket-List

Are you ready for a beach full of fun and evenings full of glamour? Come to Phuket! Holidaying on a tropical land is really special. If that place is Phuket, nothing can be better. From being a destination for families to being the ultimate place for the wild and nightlife enthusiasts, Phuket has it all! Let’s check out what makes Phuket such a must-visit place.

Here Are Reasons Why to Visit Phuket, Thailand

1. The place for A Perfect Beach Holiday

why visit Phuket - for its beaches

The top Phuket places to visit are the beaches. Famous for the exciting beach activities and breathtaking sceneries. The serene environment, sparkling tides, and vibrant seashore give a cool and calm effect to make your visit special. Hit the beach and breathe in the fresh air.

2. Admire the Big Buddha

One of the best things to see in Phuket is the Big-Buddha statue. Get in touch with the spiritual side of yourself here. Watch the panoramic view of the island from the top of the hill. The sacred figure is made of the White Burmese marble and shines under the sun. Breathe the fresh breeze rotating around.

3. Get Mesmerized at the Karon Viewpoint

why visit phuket - for its landscapes

Karon’s viewpoint is well-renowned amongst the tourists. The picturesque eye-shot of oceans, lush islands, and sparkling beaches is mesmerizing. Undoubtedly! The best place to visit in Phuket. See the chain of the amazing flora and fauna. Do click pictures of this photogenic place. Definitely a must-visit place for nature-lovers!

4. Treat your taste buds to authentic seafood!

visit phuket for authentic sea food

The sea surrounding Island is a treasure! One of the best things to do in Phuket is to try the mouth-watering cuisines. Everything is made with the freshest catch from the sea. You will get the taste of the sea in just one bite. The seafood will melt in your mouth and make your gustatory delightful.

5. Say Hello to the Elephants!

Elephant Sanctuary surely makes it to the list of top Phuket’s tourist places. Meet the largest land mammals here. Take your kids and gift them an unforgettable experience. Feed the animals, take their pictures and even greet them by fondling their trunk.

6. Wander the Phang Nga Bay!

Astonishing Phang Nga Bay.

Characterized by limestone cliffs, small islands, mangrove forests and rock formations, the best island to visit from Phuket is Phang Nga Bay. A famous shooting site for one of the bond movies, the emerald- green water makes the place looks special. You can go for boating and cave exploration here.

Fun fact: Koh Tapu is known as James Bond Island!

7. Explore the Historic Art of the Old-town Phuket

This oldest Phuket’s tourist place is lively and brightly painted. Better known for the century-old townhouses, ancient Batik fabrics, and the Sunday market. Cafes, artifacts, museums, historical buildings are the best places to see in Phuket. These are the assets of this old town.

8. Its Party Time in Patong!

Party place in Phuket.

Visit Patong, the heart of Phuket. Get thrilled by parasailing and skiing at the 2-kilometer long beach. Nightlife is prominent among the tourists. Pubs and bars are in abundance here and the Dj keeps playing energetic music to make your night fun and memorable. Looking for crazy nightlife? Head to Bangla street, the most popular party destination on the globe.

9. Enjoy Luxury at Unbeatable Prices!

Phuket Luxury Resort.

After all the fun, thrill and enjoyment; it is time to relax. Relish gourmet food, top-class services, and nerve-calming spa in the paradise-like resorts of Phuket. Guess what! Phuket offers you exactly that at some of the most economical prices. Why go anywhere else when you can have it all right here?

10. Street Shopping could not be More Fun

Phuket shopping

For hearty shoppers, Phuket is the most amazing place. Phuket has many antique shops, artifacts and night markets for the shopping enthusiasts. Starting from the Thai-silk crafts, handicrafts, soap flowers, Phuket pearls, and Batiks, there is a huge range of products available. Buy the perfect souvenir and gift for your close ones from this place.

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