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15+ Cheapest, Nearest, And Dreamiest Countries To Visit From Dubai

UAE, the epicentre of luxury tourism lies in the cradle of the Middle East. This country offers amazing fun tours with Dubai being its major centre of attraction. But, it also opens its gates for budget-friendly tours to its cheap yet intriguing nearby countries. So, check out our carefully crafted diverse list of cheapest countries to visit from Dubai, UAE and add a change of scenery to your holidaying adventures. 

Cheapest and Nearest Countries to Visit From Dubai

Visit Azerbaijan, the blazing land of fire

Azerbaijan, located several kilometres away from the UAE, is a land of impressive history. Its prominent feature is the natural blaze that dominates the mountains. So, view the atypical scenes and also explore the centuries-old stone monuments that crown the antique glory of Azerbaijan.

Best time to visit Azerbaijan: April to June, September, and October

Distance: 2,971.3 km

Adore the Beauty of Georgia

Georgia sits at the meeting junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and is crowned by the Caucasus mountains. This country features ancient cave monasteries, cobblestone streets and notable heritage in its old town. So, go for a heritage tour in its antique sites.

Best time to visit Georgia: May, June or September as the lowlands look beautiful, filled with colourful flowers.

Distance: 2,153.34 km

Go wine tasting in Armenia

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - Armenia

Armenia is the perfect tourist destination for wine lovers. The vineyards offer an informative tour of its wine-making processes. Plus, visitors can see and participate in the whole process of making tasteful wine. So, get ready to taste personally hand-made wine and take some home as a souvenir. 

Best time to visit Armenia: Late May or early June and late September or early October

Distance: 13,800 kilometers

Buy the popular handicrafts in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the house of cultural ethnicity is a famous country for traditional architecture. This Central Asian locale displays an impressive collection of landmark mausoleums, historic madrasas, and much more. So, explore it and along with its antiquity, praise the authentic and delectable flavours too. 

Best time to visit Uzbekistan: April to May and September to November

Distance: 4,012.3 km

Sight the dramatic extremes of Kenya

One of the cheapest countries to visit from UAE is Kenya. This East African gem takes you on a tour of its luxuriant spaces. Kenya’s perfect natural contrasts and a collection of the rarest species make it intriguing. So, tour its forest areas and wildlife reserves for ultimate fun.

Best time to visit Kenya: July to September during the dry season as you get to view many migratory birds heading back.

Distance: 7,382.1 km

Witness cultural abundance in Turkey

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - Turkey

Turkey is a colourful Middle Eastern land that offers exceptional activities to perform. You can go boating in its coastal spaces or hike its hills. Visit the cultural centres to explore its typical features and travel the markets to buy authentic handicrafts. So,  traverse and decipher Turkey’s major points of interest.  

Best time to visit Turkey: April to May

Distance: 3,352.6 km

Experience the snow fiesta  in Kyrgyzstan

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - Kyrgyzstan

Kyrygyztan is a beautiful nation and its topography is furnished with a series of alpine hills. And, it houses many fun camping and trekking scenes amidst the pleasant sceneries. So, capture the Kyrygyz magnificence and immerse in the lush serenity of this Central Asian country. 

Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan: June to September and March to October

Distance: 4,995.3 km

Experience wonderment in the Italian corners

Italy is one of the cheapest European countries to visit from Dubai. This European nation promotes many happening shopping scenes, music festivals, and art exhibitions. All this and mouth-watering gastronomic treats assure amazing tour experiences. 

Best time to visit Italy: May and June

Distance: 6,195.8 km

Explore the cultural diversity of India

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - India

India is the prime destination to experience the vibrant culture, rich antiquity, natural healing, and colorful cuisines. Also, one of the cheapest countries to visit from Dubai, this Asian country features amazing tour sites that are prominent all over the globe. So, immerse in its authenticity and capture the amazing lifestyle.

Best time to visit India: Between October and March

Distance: 2,475 km

Witness the diverse wildlife in Ethiopia

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - Ethiopia

Ethiopia offers an amazing view of tall mountains and lush forests that are the permanent residence of unique wildlife. The variety of animal species and happening safari tours attract tourists all the time. So, meet new friends of the jungle kingdom and explore more about them. 

Best time to visit Ethiopia: Visit between October and June during the dry season as the animals come out at that time.

Distance: 6,282.0 km

Explore the ancient civilization of Egypt

cheapest countries to visit from Dubai - Egypt

Egypt, the land of mysteries and magnificence advertise a stunning series of impeccable ancient architecture. Pyramids, tombs, burial chambers, and traditional bazaars attract numerous visitors all the time. So, enjoy a complete insight of the orthodox belongings of Egypt. 

Best time to visit Egypt: December and January

Distance: 2,351 km

Experience culinary adventures in Oman

Oman is a magnificent Middle Eastern nation that features unbelievable beauty in its coastal spaces like, turquoise waters, beach-side forested hills, and shimmering white sands. Plus, the traditional mosques, dazzling souks, and grub hubs take you on a tour of its authentic specialities. So, get ready to witness the Arabic charms of Oman.

Best time to visit Oman: From October to March as the place. 

Distance: 682.7 km

Take a bite of health in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the South Asian drop-shaped Island country is famed for its environmental abundance that is par excellence. Tranquil waters, beach-side hills, white sands, and dense forests create a serene scenery. The county also takes you closer to its organic fields of fruits and veggies. So, taste Sri Lankan flavours and get healthy as a bonus. 

Best time to visit Sri Lanka: April to September

Distance: 3,348 km

Take a Dive Into the Delights of Morocco

Morocco is prominent for its extraordinary city breaks that offer exceptional views plus experiences. The variety of handicrafts such as jewelry, carpets, leather items, and engraved teapots are the best sellers of the market. So, buy the authentic and creative creations that will brighten up your place. 

Best time to visit Morocco: March to May

Distance: 7,597.5 km

Visit Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe

Ukraine is known best for its agricultural products like wheat, fresh fruits and vegetables. And, due to its high and valuable products, it has farm-importance all over Europe. So, visit this amazing place, explore the restaurants, markets and cafes and make your tummy happy. 

Best time to visit Ukraine: May and June

Distance: 4,907.1 km

Get Lost In the Charm of Nepal

Nepal is best known for its Himalayan ranges and tough trekking tours. Undeniably, it is a place for adventure-lovers and thrill-seekers. So, get ready to live a nomad-life and make the high points. Who knows? You might come across a Yeti in the dense, snowy and secluded hills. 

Best time to visit Nepal: Visit between October and December as the skies are generally clear.

Distance: 3,068 km

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