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Best Time To Visit Ghana And Explore Top 10 Locations On A Ghana Holiday

Ghana is a country of many riches and pleasant weather all year round making almost every month the best time to visit Ghana. As a result, the country garners the maximum tourist footfall amongst all the African nations. Ghana is a very unique and intriguing destination for every traveller that has ever been to the country. Or plans on coming to the country for an experience very unique to the country. Ghana has something for every traveller looking for peace, beauty, tranquillity or adventure. Hence, making a trip to the country both a task and an adventure on your Ghana holidays. However, we have compiled a list of locations that one can explore along with the best time to visit Ghana when on vacation.

Best Locations To Explore While On A Ghana Holiday

10. Kumasi

Best Time To Visit Ghana And Explore Top 10 Locations On A Ghana Holiday

Kumasi is the second city of Ghana, the ancestral land and the new home for the people from the Ashanti tribe. Furthermore, the city is rich in its diversity and provides a unique experience to the people residing or visiting the city. The city has everything suiting the like of every resident and visitor alike no matter if it’s art, food or culture. The city of Kumasi is popular for its craftsmanship and crafts that are handmade by local craftsmen. Also, Kumasi is often popularly known as “the Garden city” because of the wide variety of flowers and plants that can be found in the region.

Best time to visit: January, February and December

9. St. George’s Castle

St. George's Castle, Ghana

The next location on your list can be St. George’s Castle that lies in the small fishing town of Elmina. The castle is one of the most important historical UNESCO heritage sites in Ghana. That one should not skip when on Ghana holidays. The castle came up in 1482 and although it was set up to smoothen trade between countries. The castle became popular for its dark history of the slave trade that took place in the castle. Although the castle is a Portuguese construction. It was the British settlement that took over the castle and began the trade while holding the local Africans as slaves/hostages in the dungeons at the base of the castle. The castle is a constant reminder of the mistakes by humanity in the past.

Best time to visit: August, November and December

8. Mole National Park

Mole National Park, Ghana

The next destination while on a Ghana holiday or visiting Ghana can be the Mole National Park. The park is home to the most diverse range of wildlife found in Ghana. And is also the only place where one can experience the majestic might of the African elephant. In addition to the elephants, one can also witness several other African fauna’s. Like monkeys, baboons, warthogs, bushbucks, wildebeest and several other local species. The park is one of Ghana’s most important locations that is a must-visit during Ghana holidays.

Best time to visit: August, November and December

7. Busua Beach

Busua Beach, Ghana

On your Ghana visit, you would witness the country’s location on the western side of the African continent. And how the country shares a 550 km long coastline with the Gulf of Guinea. This very coastline is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. And one such well-known beach is the Busua beach. The beach is the perfect location for soaking in some Vitamin D and trying out some freshly cooked lobsters. The beach is also popular for its water sports like surfing, diving and jet skiing. Which are a must-try.

Best time to visit: August to December

6. Lake Volta

Lake Volta, Ghana

On your visit to Ghana, you should not miss out on the next location as it is one of the best places to visit while on a Ghana holiday. The lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. The lake covers over 3.6% of the land in the country of Ghana. In the centre of the lake, one may also find Dodi island which is worth the visit. The island serves as an awesome spot for people who love to fish. And serve as means of relaxation and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake. There are also several lodging facilities that have come around the lake. Which makes for an excellent dining and lodging experience.

Best time to visit: August to December

5. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park, Ghana

The next stop on when to visit Ghana is another popular destination popular for its high rise swing. Ghana is a biodiverse paradise with several species of flora and fauna found in the region. The Kakum National Park is a good place if one wishes to visit the rainforests of Ghana. In addition to rainforests, the park is home to several species of fauna found only in the region. Like meerkats, civets, African water buffalo and several unique species of birds. The national park is also popular for its iconic Caponpy walkway, which attracts several tourists to the park.

Best time to visit: August to December

4. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, Ghana

The next stop to explore when visiting Ghana is the Labadi beach. The beach is a good spot for laying around on an evening and watching the sunset. But, that is not the only thing that one can do on the beach. The beach is home to several local eateries where one can enjoy the local delicacies and some local drinks to get into the local groove. The beach is taken care of by the neighbouring resorts, hence you need to pay a small fee to gain access. But, do not be surprised to find a massive crowd at the beach during weekends. As the fee is only for tourists and not for the locals. The weekends also witness a lot of street performers coming to the beach to earn some extra bucks.

Best time to visit: October to March

3. Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Crocodile Pond, Ghana

The next stop on the list of when to visit Ghana is the sacred spot of the Paga Crocodile Pond, which lies in the upper eastern region of Ghana. As the name suggests the pond is taken over by western African crocodiles that call the pond their home. The ancient reptiles of this pond are extremely friendly and till date have never shown any kind of hostility towards any of its handlers or tourists that visit the location. The pond has become so popular that now the pond is dependant on the tourism sector. To ensure the crocodile population of the region is kept fed at all times. So make sure to visit this spot when visiting Ghana on a holiday.

Best time to visit: November to April

2. Lake Bosumtwe

Lake Bosumtwe, Ghana

The lake is one of the biggest natural marvels that happen to exist in Ghana. As the lake came into existence after a large meteorite came and crashed into the earth at the very said spot. Which over the years got filled up with natural rainwater. And is also one of the holiest and sacred sites for all the Ashanti people that live in the region. According to stories, it is said that the lake is home to an Ashanti god known as ‘Twi’. And every Ashanti person that gives up this mortal realm comes to the lake to bid farewell to ‘Twi’. Before their ascension to the spiritual realm. The deepest part of the lake measures an astonishing 90 meters in depth. And is the best destination for relaxing, trekking, picnic and several other activities.

Best time to visit: November to April

1. Accra

Accra, Ghana

The final destination on the list of the best times to visit Ghana is the capital city of the country known as Accra. The capital is home to locals from different parts of Africa and displays the different cuisine that can be found in the country. But, make sure not to bring up the topic of which country between Ghana and Nigeria has the best Jollof rice. This is one topic you do not want to bring up in the capital city. The most important places to visit in Accra has to be the Makola Market and the National Museum. Also, if one wishes to explore the colonial heritage structures in the city, Jamestown is the place to be.

Best time to visit: July to October

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