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The Iconic Burj Al Arab Experience – Everything You Need To Know!

The first architectural marvel and the most luxurious hotel in Dubai to grace the Emirate’s skyline is the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. The term ‘Burj Al Arab’, translates to the ‘tower of Arabs’ and is one of its kind Burj Al Arab experience in the world. The awe-inspiring structure resembles a sailing boat from the outside. But oozes grandeur and opulence once you step inside the all-suite seven-star hotel in Dubai. Ideally, there are no set standards for rating a hotel in the seven-star category. However many media personnel were invited for the opening night of the Burj Al Arab experience. It was during this event that one of the journalists after being dumbstruck by the hotel’s beauty wrote about the seven-star amenities and facilities available to the guests at the Burj Al Arab. Below is an interesting read on the ‘The Iconic Burj Al Arab Experience – Everything you need to know!’

The Iconic Burj Al Arab Experience

Golden Interiors

The Iconic Burj Al Arab Experience - Everything You Need To Know!

One of the best hotels in Dubai has to be the Burj Al Arab hotel. The property to this day stands as a mark of grandeur, opulence and luxury. One such example is the use of gold in every nook and corner of the hotel. From the ceilings to the railings to the lavatory. The intricate, precise and exquisite fine work that adorns the hotel’s interiors helps redefine luxury.

Luxurious Linen

Luxurious Linen

Burj Al Arab Dubai is a standard that many top-end luxury hotels look up to. The level of grandeur in all the 202 Burj Al Arab suites makes use of the finest linen in the world. A prime example of this are the eiderdown duvets that adorn every room of the hotel. The eiderdown is a form of soft duck fur available only at the nesting site of the female Eiderdown ducks of Iceland. The annual production of this rare duck fur is a mere 4000 kilograms a year. The special fur is a lot more insulating and warmer than any duvet or blanket in the world making them a pricey possession.

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A Man-Made Marvel

Man made island

The structure on which the Burj Al Arab hotel stands, in itself is an engineering marvel. The man-made island took around two years to build and serves as the foundation for the luxury accommodation. The structure not only supports the Burj Al Arab Hotel but also serves as the foundation of the structure. The man-made island is a creation of big blocks of stone and concrete. This helps to create a platform that resembles a natural embankment.

Broken Records

Expensive dish, Burj Al Arab Experience

Apart from being the tallest, all-suite hotel in the world, the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel holds several records in its name. To book a night at one of the biggest suite’s in the Burj Al Arab, one might have to pay up close to $25,000 a night, which is a record on its own. The most expensive cocktail in the world costs a whopping $750 a drink which is pricey concoction at the Burj Al Arab. The world’s largest tin of organic Empress caviar, weighing a massive 17 kgs is one of the ingredients of the dish the hotel came up with back in 2106.

Inhouse Interior Designers

Inhouse florists

Another lesser-known fact about Burj Al Arab hotel is the in-house interior designers that the hotel hires. The hotel hires more than ten in-house florists to help keep the hotel decorated and in pristine condition. The florists are responsible for redoing the flower set up in the lobby every day. It can take six florists roughly four to five hours a day to create a new flower arrangement in the lobby every day. The flowers are from all across Europe and Asia. Custom flower arrangements are made for every single guest prior to their arrival at the hotel.

Has Its Own ‘Milky Way’

Milky Way

One of the most interesting and unique pieces of work in the hotel is the hotel’s own ‘Milky Way’. You heard it right the hotel’s Japanese restaurant, Junsui, is home to an interior design that houses over 21,000 crystals. The crystals are set in such a way so as to mirror our own galaxy. The unique and awe-inspiring art installation costs a jaw-dropping $354,000. Making it one of the first and the most expensive reference to the ‘Milky Way’ known to man.

Spa With A View

Burj Al Arab Spa - Burj Al Arab experience

When booking at the Burj Al Arab, you get a chance to explore all of the lodges’ premium amenities. One such amenity is the hotel’s ultra-luxurious Talise Spa, set on the 18th floor of the Burj Al Arab. The spa offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf, while one lazes around in the temperature-controlled swimming pool. The spa offers other special packages catered to your needs to help you rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Helipad Of Many Tales

Burj Al Arab Helipad

Some of the eventful and epic places that kept putting Burj Al Arab on the map, is the hotel’s iconic helipad. It is here that many iconic events took place, causing the hotel to rise in popularity. Back in 2004, Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad. In another incident, tennis players Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a game of Tennis on the makeshift lawn set up on top of the helipad. However, the most popular sporting event to take place on Burj Al Arab’s helipad took place on 3rd November 2013. It was when David Coulthard took the Infiniti Red Bull F1 Racing show car and made doughnuts with it on the hotel’s helipad. The occasion was Red Bull’s win in two different championships for the fourth time in a row.

The Terrace

Burj Al Arab Terrace

The Burj Al Arab tickets for a show around will bring you to the hotel’s Terrace. It is the world’s first man-made luxury beach setting of its kind. The Terrace covers a rough area of 10,000 sq meters, featuring two pools, cabanas, and an actual beach with white sand. Over 1000 tons of sand was brought in for the beach at the Terrace. The platform came from Finland’s cruise and yachts shipping yard. Later it was brought into the hotel in six different pieces and then put together on site. The pool is lined with over 10 million gold and azure mosaic tiles.

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Definition Of Luxurious Dining

Michelin star dining, Burj Al Arab experience

The Burj Al Arab experience does everything in style and luxury and its dining options are at the same level. The hotel is home to two Michelin star chefs, both bringing a total of six Michelin stars to the table. The two Michelin chefs namely Chef Francky Semblat and Chef Joinie Maurin raised the levels and meaning of fine dining at the hotel. Both joined back in 2019 and since then have been the talk of the town.

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