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Best Time To Visit Qatar When Planning A Trip To The Country

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country that lies on the peninsula’s eastern edge. The country offers travellers a myriad of unique landscapes. The entire country is covered in sand and is home to a long Persian coastal shoreline with numerous beaches and sand dunes. The coast is also home to Qatar’s capital city of Doha, which in a short span of time has become a popular tourist attraction. Qatar is a dry and arid country which reflects the general weather conditions of most countries in the Gulf. However, the duration between mid-November to early March is an appropriate and the perfect time to explore the country. Below is an interesting read on the best time to visit Qatar when planning a trip to the country.

Best Time To Visit Qatar


Best Time To Visit Qatar When Planning A Trip To The Country

The month of November is a very crucial month when it comes to planning the best time to visit Qatar. November is the month that marks the transition of the country’s climate from summers to winters. It is during this time of the year that the climate in the region subdues and becomes a lot more pleasant and bearable. Travellers planning a trip to Qatar are often advised to plan their travel during the winter months. Doha tops the list of places to visit in November which makes it the best time to visit Qatar.



The last month of the year is one of the coldest months the people of Qatar experience. December brings about cool temperatures that make going out a fun experience for locals and tourists alike. Come the fall of 2022 the world cup FIFA is taking place in the country. It will also be the first time the football world cup will be held in the months of November and December. Making it officially the first winter football world cup in the history of FIFA. It is also the month when malls and skyscrapers come alive with decorations for Christmas.

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Climate In Qatar From January To March

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These months are fairly pleasant and are perfect for making a trip to Qatar. The temperatures during these months would range between 22℃ to 30℃. These months also witness great shopping festivals being unleashed, which makes a visit all the more profitable. Travellers looking to buy electronics and other tech-friendly gadgets can buy them during this time. As the tax levied on these electric goodies in Qatar is almost close to none.

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April To October

Summers in Qatar

For the rest of the year, Qatar like many of its sister gulf countries witnesses an extremely dry and hot summer. With temperatures starting from 32℃ reaching up to 48℃ and in some cases even touching and crossing 50℃. These months are off-season months for Qatar and you would find lodging prices at the best price possible. But, beware of the extreme heat that grapples the country during these months. Especially the months of May and June, where people have been reported getting hit with severe heatstrokes.

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