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10 Cool And Fun Things To Do In São Tomé

Sao Tome and Principe, the Central African Island nation is an absolute charmer. Abundant with exotic features, one can never get enough of its serenity, especially a nature-enthusiast. The ultra-alluring tropical magnificence of São Tomé bedazzles tourists with its lush greenery, pristine waters, atypical geography, and unmatched tranquillity. So, immerse yourself in the calm-yet-dramatic vibes and indulge in the most pleasurable things to do in São Tomé.

Top Things To Do In São Tomé

1. Bow to the marvelous Cão Grande Peak

Things To Do In São Tomé - Cão Grande Peak

Nature has its own ways to astonish humankind and Cão Grande Peak is its proof. This finger-shaped rocky erection is where records are set. Adventure-seekers challenge their guts and try the precipitous climb on this landmark formation. So, commence a thrill ride full of determination to unlock magical views from the top of the volcanic peak.

Location: Caué District of São Tomé Island in Parque Natural Obô de São Tomé.

Operating hours: Mostly during day time

Tour Price: Price varies depending on the number of people

Pro-Tip: To climb the peak, one needs a government access permit.

2. Tour the Bewitching Bom Bom Island

Fancy a romantic walk, hand-in-hand with your partner on a serene island? Well, Bom Bom island is the idyllic Sao Tome attraction for you. Amidst the crystal-clear Gulf of Guinea, this island houses resorts and cafes on its beachline. So, you can leisure on the golden sands, savour juice-mocktails, or relax in the urban resort. So, plan a perfect date and rekindle the romance in its exotic spaces. 

Location: Gulf of Guinea

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free

Pro-Tip: Do spend an evening on this island as the sunset view is utterly fascinating here. 

3. Admire Green Grandness at Obo National Park

Things To Do In São Tomé - Obo National Park

Obo National Park is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts. This Sao Tome attraction is a house of zestful experiences. Hiking, climbing, birdwatching, and camping are the major fun activities offered here. So, be the guest of this impressive spot and let the fun begin. 

Location: São Tomé and Príncipe

Operating hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 am to 12 pm | Sunday and Monday closed

Entry Price: Price varies as per the number of people. 

Pro Tip: It is recommended to wear hiking shoes and carry aid essentials for emergencies. 

4. Witness the Beach Delight at Lagoa Azul

Lagao Azul is an exotic and scenic locale of Sao Tome, known to display picturesque vistas. The maritime fun amidst the pristine locale is exceptionally mesmerizing. Enjoy snorkelling, boating, and surfing and let the excitement quotient continue to surge. Praise the photogenic panoramas and relax in its welcoming embrace. 

Location: Northwestern Lobata District

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: It is recommended to try the authentic seafood of Sao Tome in its nearby shops.

5. Explore Rich Antiquity at Roça Água-Izé

Things To Do In São Tomé - Roça Água-Izé

Roça Água-Izé, an open-air museum whispers the century-old history of Sao Tome. Once a plantation complex, this preserved building is a notable landmark near the coast of the nation. So, capture beautiful contrast of the nearby surrounding that compliments Roça Água-Izé’s antiquity. 

Location: São Tomé and Príncipe

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free

Pro Tip: Do explore the nearby shops and take some unique plant seeds home. 

6. In the Embrace of Nature at Praia das Bananas

Praia das Bananas, the typical tropical place is a subject of beach fun in Sao Tome. Here, lush greenery along the coast overlooks the tranquil turquoise waters. And, the candid features of the sunrise and sunset hours are dreamy. So, plan a date at this excellent locale and appreciate nature’s bliss. 

Location: São Tomé and Príncipe

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free

Pro Tip: Do not go surfing in late hours as it can be dangerous. 

7. Absorb Calm at the Cathedral of São Tomé

things to do in São Tomé - Cathedral of São Tomé

Sink in the calm and peaceful vibes of the Cathedral of Sao Tome, a graceful Roman Catholic church. Built in the late 15th-century, this cathedral has witnessed the first-hand evolution of the nation. And, the modifications made from time to time gave it the tag of the stylish monument. So, spend a day at this historic site and learn about its grandness. 

Location: São Tomé and Príncipe

Operating hours: Mostly during day time

Entry Price: Free

Pro Tip: Make sure to buy the handmade crosses made in its nearby shop.

8. Enjoy a Refreshing Tour at Oque Pipi

Oque Pipi is a fun spot to visit in Sao Tome. This hub of exhilarating adventures offers fun hikes to the tall peaks and eye-soothing views of greenery and sparkling water spaces. Plus, the refreshing swimming option beneath the cool waterfall is amazing. So, immerse yourself to unlock excitement. 

Location: Sao Tome and Principe

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: While swimming under the waterfall, beware of the insects.

9. Enter Choco Haven at the Chocolate Factory

things to do in São Tomé - Chocolate Factory

‘Yumm!’ is the only sound you’ll make when you try the silky melting choco-delights at Chocolate Factory. From making to tasting the tour is a complete success. And, the variety you get to taste will make your dessert tooth smile. Chocolates made with nuts, cashews and almonds are a must-try. So, explore it and take some of the best chocolates home. 

Location: Ave Marginal 12 de Julho

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6:30 pm | Saturday and Sunday closed

Entry Price: *Not Specified 

Pro Tip: Do buy different flavored chocolates, one of the specialties of this factory. 

10. Listen to Historic Tales at Museu do Mar e da Pesca Artesanal

Museu do Mar e da Pesca Artesanal unlike any other museum is quite small but holds ocean-sized information. Focusing on the coastal parts, this museum displays amazing facts about marine life. Old preserved boats and water species are important features of its displays. So, explore the bygone evidence of the coastal life of Sao Tome. 

Location: Morro Peixe, São Tomé & Príncipe

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from  8 am to 6 pm | Saturday from 8 am to  3 pm | Sunday closed

Entry Price: USD 2.34

Pro Tip: Make sure to venture into the nearby spaces of the museum and shop for amazing souvenirs. 

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