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Don’t Miss: Your 6-Day Weekend UAE Travel Tip-off For July 2021

The UAE government is very forthcoming about giving the employees working in the Emirates an ample amount of family time especially, during the festive months. One such long weekend seems to be coming up in the 3rd week of July. With Arafat on the 19th of July 2021 and a 3-day vacation for Eid-al-Adha from 20th-22nd of July 2021, followed by 23rd and 24th as the Friday and Saturday weekend. Below, we have come up with some fabulous destinations for you to explore with family and friends during this 6-Day weekend break in the UAE.

Travel Tip-off for 6-Day Weekend in the UAE

10. Ukraine, the glorious breadbasket of Europe

Don't Miss: Your 6-Day Weekend UAE Travel Tip-off For July 2021

Ukraine is a country of many marvels, secrets, and wonders that have remained unexplored even to this day. The country in recent times has come up as a popular tourist destination and an escape from the hot and humid summers in other parts of the world. Ukraine is a hub of UNESCO attractions and a haven for food lovers from all across the world.

Temperature in July: 17℃ – 25℃

Signature Dishes: Chicken Kyiv, potato pancakes, Vareniki, Salo, Bnaush

Places to visit: St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Odessa Opera and ballet, Tunnel of Love

9. Russia, the largest country in the world

Home to one of the biggest active medieval fortresses in the world is Moscow’s Kremlin. It is also Russia’s most popular tourist destination with the highest number of tourists visiting the fort. Russia has become popular with travellers from across the globe. Travellers can span the entire country with the help of the longest rail network in the world. It is 9,289 Km long and spans across eight time zones.

Temperature in July: 22℃ – 25℃

Signature Dishes: Stroganoff, Blini, Borscht, Okroshka, Syrniki

Places to visit: Lake Baikal, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Anapa

8. Serbia, the land of rich Heritage

The country is the birthplace of myths known as ‘Vampire’ and the largest exporter of raspberries in the world. It was also the homeland of several Roman emperors. Serbian hospitality is held in high regard across the globe. The essence of their hospitality takes roots from their traditions and beliefs, that if the host is not welcoming, the gods would reciprocate in the same manner.

Temperature in July: 18℃ – 28℃

Signature Dishes: Sarma, gibanica, pljeskavica, cevapi, paprikas

Places to visit: Belgrade, Nis, Kopaonik National Park, Derdap, Novi Sad

7. Belarus, the lungs of Europe

40% of the country of Belarus is thick forest, resulting in the country being known as the “lungs of Europe”. Belarus is also home to Independence Avenue, which is the longest street in the country. The people of Belarus have a deep love for potatoes, as it is the staple food of the country. Belarusians are taken to be the most charming bunch on the planet and it reflects in their hospitality.

Temperature in July: 17℃ – 25℃

Signature Dishes: Homemade sausages, Draniki, Kolduny, Kletski, Babka

Places to visit: Nesvizh Castle, National Library of Belarus, Lida Castle, Brest Fortress

6. Kenya, the land of the Big Five

Kenya is a land of beauty and wonders spread across mesmerizing picturesque landscapes. The beauty of the country is best seen through its national parks and is built up by the park rangers and guides. These Kenyans have devoted a majority of their lives to learn about the beauty and the essence of their country, and spread the wisdom through travel tours and safari guides.

Temperature in July: 10℃ – 24℃

Signature Dishes: Ugali, Samaki, Nyama Choma, Kachumbari, Mukimo

Places to visit: Lake Nakuru, Nairobi, Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve

5. Armenia, the first wine-producing country

Armenia is a work of nature and a part of the European group. And is also the first country to announce Christianity as a state religion. The country is home to the first church in the world. And is the only mono-ethnic country with 97% of the population constituting Armenians. Their love for bread exceeds all bounds, especially for ‘lavash’, which is a popular Armenian flatbread that if stored properly can last up to a year.

Temperature in July: 18℃ – 28℃

Signature Dishes: Lavash, Kyufta, Dolma, Manti, Ghapama

Places to visit: Yerevan, Shikahogh, Lake Sevan, Dilijan National Park, Noravank

4. Georgia, the land of Wolves

Georgia lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. And was also a former Soviet republic. The country is popular for ‘Vardzia’, which is a network of winding cave monasteries dating back to the 12th century. A priceless gift given to the world by Georgia was the art of “Qvevri ” (Georgian winemaking). The process witnesses grape juice being put in an earthenware. Post which the earthenware is put in the ground and a special flavoured wine is found in the earthenware after a few months.

Temperature in July: 20℃ – 30℃

Signature Dishes: Khinkali, Lobio, Qababi, Dolmas, Chakapuli, Satsivi

Places to visit: Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Vardiza, Katskhi Pillar, Chiatura

3. Seychelles, the country with many stories

Seychelles, the island country is an archipelago of more than 100 islands in the Indian Ocean. The country is home to several coral reefs, beaches, and nature reserves. Seychelles is home to several islands with different myths and stories attached to each of the islands. It is also home to one of the biggest land tortoises. And a seed native to the islands that can weigh up to 33 pounds.

Temperature in July: 23℃ – 28℃

Signature Dishes: Octopus and smoked fish salad, Octopus curry, Banana in coconut milk

Places to visit: Victoria, Praslin, Mahe, La Digue, Anse Volbert

2. Kazakhstan, the land of horses

Kazakhstan is a beautiful country in Central Asia and is home to 120 ethnic groups and nationalities. The country boasts of lush green valleys and clean rivers flowing down from the mountains. The country also has its roots in the Russian space program as ‘Sputnik I’ had taken off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, and is home to five UNESCO-approved heritage sites.

Temperature in July: 15℃ – 26℃

Signature Dishes: Besbarmak, Kymyz, Shubat, Kazy, Karta

Places to visit: Astana, Almaty, Taraz, Lake Balkhash, Semey

1. Albania, the land of Eagles

The land of eagles may have been aloof from the world. The country has everything that may transform it into a mecca for travellers. From mountainous ranges to lush green plains with rivers flowing through the country, to the beaches on the west coast offer a complete set of recreational and relaxing activities for travellers. Albanian cuisine is a gastronomical wonder of the 21st century. 

Temperature in July: 22℃ – 30℃

Signature Dishes: Byrek, Tave Kosi, Qofte, Perime ne Zgare, Baklava

Places to visit: Tirana, Sarande, Berat, Shkodra Lake

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