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10 Reasons Why Visit Georgia Country Next?

If you seek picturesque beauty and solace, then the Georgia country calls out to you. Even though the country is geographically located in Asia, the Georgians consider themselves as a part of Europe. Explore everything from old settlements to contemporary towns here. This is a one-stop destination for wine lovers and adventure seekers. Let’s uncover the reasons that compel us to visit Georgia country over and over again.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Georgia Country

1. A destination for Wine Enthusiasts!

Wine is Love.

Georgia is the birthplace of wine and has been producing it for over 8000 years. Georgians have a unique and traditional method of making wine (in clay jars called Qvevri). In fact, this method has been listed under the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The oenophiles must explore the unique places to visit in Georgia country.

  • Chateau Mukhrani: Sprawling vineyards, gorgeous castles, and wine cellars await you here.
  • Chateau Mere: It is one of the most popular winemaking regions. Taste the mouth-watering Winiveria wines, widely accessible in the local shops.
  • Chateau Schuchmann: Relax in the wine spa with a view of the snow-covered Caucasus Mountains and vineyards to walk around.

2. Must-Visit for Landscape Admirers

If you love the Mountains, then you would love Georgia too. Visit these uniquely mesmerizing places in Georgia to see and feel it yourself.

Blue Ridge Mountains: Tucked away in the Chattahoochee National Forest, this place is a must-see in Georgia, Europe as it offers excellent scenic views.

Sky Valley: Hiking is the famous activity of this place. Visitors are gifted with mind-blowing picturesque views.

Clayton: The town is covered with mountains all around. Rivers flow between them which provides an excellent opportunity for white water rafting.

3. Appreciate the Old & Gold!

old town.

If you are particularly fond of visiting the classic times, then encounter nostalgia in the old towns of Georgia.

Tbilisi: This cobblestoned Old town reflects a long history. The city is built alongside mellow streams. Admire the historical architecture, folk art, and heritage sites.

Mtskheta: The most famous town in Georgia founded 3000 years ago. Visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral here. It is a popular UNESCO World Heritage site.

Telavi: A fascinating place for architecture and design lovers. Among its most famous attractions are the old fortress walls and a 900-year-old sycamore tree.

4. An Abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Who would not want to explore those sites that have been duly recognized by UNESCO? Apparently, the Georgia country is full of those. Top sites include:

Gelati Monastery: Built in 1106, this monastery reminds us of the ‘Golden Age of Georgia’ and is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia country. Branded by the beautiful frescoes and paintings for striking interior design.

Historical Monuments of Mtskheta: The notable churches are terrific examples of medieval religious architecture in the Caucasus. Exhibits the high cultural rank achieved by this ancient kingdom.

Upper Svaneti: One of top Georgia country points of interest is the Upper Svaneti. Witness the unique tower houses of medieval times. The eminence is indubitable!

5. Breathe Fresh & Live Fresh in Georgia

Breathe fresh air.

Georgia’s climate is ecologically diverse and healthy. The environment here is always colorful and beautiful.

Tbilisi, Georgia, Europe: Winter is the best time to visit with your family as Christmas in Georgia at Tbilisi is snowy and magical. The glittering view at night is mesmerizing with sparkling lights all around.

Batumi: Do not like winters? Enjoy the sunny and pleasant weather and serenity of Georgia during the summer season from May until September, particularly in Batumi.

6. Experience Grandeur Life Blended in Simplicity

Luxury hotels

If you have a thing for luxury blended with simplicity, then Georgia does not disappoint. The luxury hotels in Georgia offer a touch of chicness and pamper you like you are ‘the king or the queen of the world’. In addition, the lavish food and authentic cuisines served here are bound to make your taste buds go crazy. The fine wine served here is marvellous and unique. There are family-friendly resorts which make sure that you spend the best time of your life with your family. In fact, the best resort of Georgia in Europe often offers a magnificent view of the Caucasus hills from your room.

7. Make Merry with the Locals!

Friendly locals

The people of Georgia Europe are quite friendly, fun-loving, and hospitable. As a traveller, this is one of the core reasons to visit Georgia. Get invited to a local’s place in Georgia and get amazed by their warm hospitality. The host serves homemade wine as a welcome drink. Not just that! If you love organic stuff, then get a fine taste of locally- sourced and home-prepared organic food here.

8. Captivating and Inspiring!

Get ready to be awed by the Georgian architecture at Europe square in Tbilisi, which is also one of the top things to do in Georgia country. Witness amazing architectural excellence here. Of the most famous places to see in Georgia at Tbilisi is the ancient Narikala fortress. Visit Georgia to feel peace wash away all over your body and soul.

9. Alleviate your senses at the Town Spas

Relax your body after the long hard day of exploration at a spa in Georgia. Amaze yourself with the top-notch services, comforting sessions and release your fatigue. Try something unique like an oil and mud spa. If you are feeling particularly tired then go for the wine spa. The most interesting of all is the Wine spa, a signature Georgian spa during which a wine bath is given.

10. A place for Thrill Seekers!

Adventure sports

In recent years, Georgia has become a hub for adventure seekers. If you are one too, then visit Georgia to explore its wild side. Try Paragliding, the most practiced adventurous activity amongst the tourists. Hiking, mount tenting, and white water rafting are the next ones. The quaint, the picturesque, and the adventurous facets of Georgia thrill you.

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