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Where To Travel In The Month Of December?

December is the month of festivals. It marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations and is also the end of the year. A lot of regional carnivals too across the globe adorn this month. Moreover, December is the period when one would find hundreds of places harbor romantic and endearing weather. That’s why it is often chosen by travellers around the world for a long vacation. So, it’s time to come out of your bubble, relax in the serene atmosphere of world-class destinations, and make your year worthy of remembrance. Here are all the places where you can travel in December. Read on and get ready to plan the vacation of your dreams.

Where To Travel In December?

1. Cape Town, South Africa – For Scenery and Culture

Cape Town

One of the most famous tourist destinations in South Africa, Cape Town is an enigmatic beach beauty lying by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. With its legendary landscape that comprises great mountains and lush vegetation, beautiful urban settlement, the city offers majestic touristy vibes. During the month of December, Cape Town experiences sunny days with clear skies, making for a perfect December hotspot. There are white sandy beaches, the gigantic Table Mountain, vibrant nightlife, and a lot more to witness. The place is loved by families as well as couples.

2. The Big Island, Hawaii – A Relaxed Soothing Vacation

The Big Island Hawaii

Escape the winter’s onset in the paradisal Hawaiian land of the Big Island where nature is found most colourful. Relax on the sparking stretches of Punaluu Beach known for its beautiful black sand and Papakolea Beach, famous for its green sand. During December, the Big Island in Hawaii nurtures a number of wonders where you can go lounge, go adventurous and awaken the true traveller spirit in you. Witness the greatness of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Explore hidden trails in the woods or go hiking in Akaka Falls State Park. You also have wonderful resorts to stay at.

3. Rio de Janeiro – The Coastal Hues of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

December is the time when the beauty and loveliness of Rio de Janeiro are at their peak as this great city of Brazil steps into the wonderment of the summers during this month. Though the climate is warm and quite sunny, it attracts world travellers for offering amazing beaches and unbelievable sights. Take pleasure looking at the iconic Christ the Redeemer. Travel up to Sugarloaf Mountain in a cable car while enjoying panoramic vistas. Explore the popular stairway of Escadaria Selaron and swim in the waters of Arpoador. Rio de Janeiro also has an amazing party scene to experience. The New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations here are too magnificent to miss!

4. Cancun  – To the Hidden Wonder of the US

Cancun USA

Taking a less-explored destination in the US in December wouldn’t be a bad idea for this gorgeous place is quite a favourite destination. Cancun is a cute little city in Mexico and has numerous delights to surprise you. It is known for its party resorts and luxury beachside complexes and hence, it makes one of the best places to travel in December. Travel here with your bunch of friends and soak up the warmth the city exudes. Despite being most famous amongst bachelors, it a perfect resort retreat for people of all ages and interests. Lay by the beach, lounge in its calm sand and explore around in cool comfy weather.

5. Bali, Indonesia – For an Idyllic Holiday full of Romance

Bali Indonesia

Bali is a complete paradise in the true sense. With infinity pools, luxury resorts, great stretches of greenery, Bali is an island in Indonesia and one of the best December destinations in the world. During this month, Bali is in full glory, thereby, alluring tourists from around the world. The luxurious beach resorts and romantic villas make it an ideal honeymoon destination. An island to both relax and have an adventure, Bali is a complete package in itself and hence, one of the top countries to visit in December.

6. Sydney, Australia – The Land of Iconic Landmarks

Sydney Australia

Sydney, Australia doesn’t need any introduction. From its busy harbour to great bridges and charming beaches to Opera House, everything is noted and admired across the globe. Wander here in the month of December and watch this urban centre by the sea blooming in beautiful warm weather. Hit the shores or spend time at street cafes or walk down the Darling Harbour. The presence of a large immigrant population has added magnetism to the cultural spirit and urban ambience of Sydney. So, visit it with your family, friends and partner and rejoice in its wonders. Celebrate New Year’s Eve by the harbour or get lost amid Christmas festivities.

7. Aswan, Egypt – For a Historical Tour

Aswan Egypt

Egypt is a desert country and hence, the weather here during December would remain dry, sunny and warm. But the temperatures are not extremes and this makes it one of the best places to visit in December around the world. Aswan is a beautiful city located in this ancient country of Pharaohs. Set on the River Nile, this place has many archaeological sites within its boundaries. December is a great time for a ferry ride that happens to be one of the best things to do in Aswan to enjoy the charming views of the city.

8. Dubai, UAE – The City of Dreams

Dubai UAE

The Quintessential tale of an oasis nurturing into a glorious land can be seen in beautiful Dubai. In a desert that stretches endlessly for hundreds of miles, the ultra-modern and futuristic city of Dubai has become the ultimate travel destination for thousands of travelers around the world. Home to the world’s tallest building, the fastest Rollercoaster, and the world’s biggest water park, Dubai is an irresistible dream vacation for all travelers who love an adventure. December is the best time to visit it with pleasant weather and celebratory vibes.

9. Banff, Canada – A Lesser-known Paradise

Banff Canada

Located at the base of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, is known for its picturesque landscape and awesome skiing and snowboarding conditions. You can also snap Instagram-worthy photos of the town’s beautiful scenery from the Banff Gondola and its 360-degree observation deck at the Sulphur Mountain summit. Relax with a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs or simply walk around and explore its dynamic colourful nature. Do not forget that daylight can last as little as eight hours in December, so plan your itinerary accordingly.

10. Phuket, Thailand – For Blue Waters, Sandy Beaches, and the Crowd

Phuket Thailand

Although Phuket in Thailand offers a consistently warm climate year-round, its cool and dry weather and calm water in December make this month a great time to visit. Plan on spending most of your time sunbathing, swimming, scuba diving, and more at beaches like Nai Harn and Kata Noi. However, do remember that December falls within Phuket’s peak tourist season and hence, you wouldn’t find many deals for flights and accommodations during this month. We recommend booking in advance. The liveliness you get to witness here in December is surely unmatched!

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