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Fruitopia: Tree Planting CSR Activity In Nigeria

Let’s plant trees together! Introducing Travelwings CSR tree planting activity in Nigeria, turning the world greener, one sapling at a time. Trees are the unsung heroes of our environment, soaking up the carbon dioxide and purifying the air we breathe. But wait! Planting trees that bear fruits isn’t just good for the planet, it is good for the whole community. Also, a portion of every booking with Travelwings in April goes towards the CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative. So, our customers help us make it happen! Let us read about the eco-friendly activity in Nigeria, where the ‘Big Earth’ got a ‘Green Hug’. 

Planting Trees, Planting Smiles – CSR Nigeria 

The Pear-fect Solution

Tree Planting CSR Activity In Nigeria

Team Travelwings – 15 adults and 60 students from Lisabi Grammar School, St. James Africa Church School, and Abeokuta Grammar School in Nigeria participated in the recent tree planting drive. 100 saplings of fruit-bearing trees – apple, mango, fruit (tropical almond), orange, tangerine, soursop, and coconut were planted, benefiting the community in the long run. However, it’s not just about the fruit – it’s about changing lives, one tree at a time. Travelwings believes that by getting your hands dirty, you are not just planting trees, you are planting smiles. 

Efforts Of The Travelwings Green Brigade 

Efforts Of  The Travelwings Green Brigade, tree planting

Our eco-warriors, whether seasoned tree-huggers or newbie green thumbs, came together on the 29th and 30th of April, 2024, to dig as a team. The students enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves, picked their shovels, and learned how to plant a sapling at designated areas. The excitement of growing a fruit garden for a greener tomorrow and being a part of Travelwings’ sustainability initiative filled the air. The students also understood the goodness of tree planting through engagement talks and instructions on planting techniques, getting ready to be our Green Brigade. Because while saving the earth, every single tree counts.

The Future Is Green And Fruity

The Future Is Green And Fruity

Tree plantation isn’t just about digging a hole and putting a sapling in. It is a commitment to nurture and care for our green earth. From selecting the right species of fruit trees to ensuring the right soil fertility, the participants’ sustainability efforts shone through the two days. Tree planting is Travelwings’ way of giving back to the environment and the Nigerian community.

“You can’t have the fruits without the roots.” – Stephen Covey.

Last Word: From Zesty Zest To Apple-Ause

Last Word: From Zesty Zest To Apple-Ause Nigeria’s tree-planting project will enhance the natural landscape in three schools, benefiting children in the years to come. The company commits to #TravelForGood and continues its efforts towards cultivating a greener tomorrow. A fruitful collaborative effort between Travelwings, school authorities, and their students concludes the day’s activities. We also sincerely thank our customers for making the CSR sustainability efforts successful.

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