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Bringing Families Together In Ramadan #Marchofgiving

“Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” A ‘Together in Ramadan’ initiative by Travelwings.

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR UAE

This month of reverence, Travelwings ‘Together in Ramadan‘ initiative brings people from different backgrounds to celebrate the #Marchofgiving in the UAE. The idea was to share moments of togetherness with people staying away from their families and home country. The feeling of longing to spend time with family is one that many of us are aware of. However, a handful of people get to do this once after three or five years.

People Who Build Dubai

Dubai is home to a massive workforce often credited with creating engineering marvels for which the city is popular. The rulers of the UAE have been kind enough to extend help to individuals working towards their goals. Many individuals often have to make the difficult choice to leave their families behind as they seek better opportunities elsewhere. Their motivation is to secure a better livelihood for themselves and their families back home.

In this season of reverence, Travelwings was happy to share the blessings with certain individuals. The ‘together in Ramadan‘ initiative was to offer something invaluable – love, care and blessings.

Who Is The Bee’ah Group?

Bee’ah Group is a leading firm in the sustainability sector, aiming to achieve its goals via digitization. The group is part of various projects across the MENA region, each focused on improving the quality of life. They aim to contribute to the betterment of communities and individuals throughout the region.

Where Did It Happen?

A booking for 40 people was made at the Grand Barbeque Restaurant at Jumeirah. The restaurant, per the ‘together in Ramadan‘ initiative, was happy to assist Travelwings in setting up this special event. The staff greeted our guests warmly, aiming to give back to those who tirelessly serve the community day and night. They hoped to express gratitude and support for the dedication shown by these individuals towards the betterment of the community.

A Ramadan With #Marchofgiving

These are just a few of the many guests that Travelwings hosted at the Grand Barbeque Restaurant in Jumeirah. Our team members welcomed 40 construction workers from Al Sajaa Industrial Area, Sharjah, at the restaurant. The team received them warmly, extending hospitality to the group upon their arrival. The Bee’ah Group’s top management kindly arranged for their team members to attend an Iftar dinner, offering their support. The gesture exemplified their commitment to fostering community spirit and providing assistance where needed.

In appreciation, Travelwings shared a small hamper with these enthusiastic gentlemen, containing goodies as part of the celebration. The gesture aimed to express gratitude and enhance the celebration for the individuals involved.

Travelwings- Spreading The Joy of Ramadan

Our team at Travelwings is always on the lookout to help out the people who serve the UAE. Our earnest approach has been to encapsulate the feeling of oneness and inclusivity, shown in our earnest endeavour to give back to the community. This small get-together was a small step in the direction of several such initiatives in line for March. Stick around for more news on the upcoming events that aim at showcasing the oneness in diversity that the UAE stands for.

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