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#Spiritofgiving: Celebrating Ramadan With Little Angels

As the celebrations for Ramadan unfold, its spirit of giving and compassion is in the air. In Morocco, the team at Travelwings took the opportunity to extend these blessings to children in need. At Travelwings Morocco, community betterment isn’t just a goal; it’s a driving force. For the purpose of celebrating Ramadan, we took on the initiative of uplifting the society we serve. Celebrating Ramadan holds a special place in the hearts of millions, a time for reflection and generosity. What better way to honour this holy month than by sharing with young ones who embody the future?

Gathering a group of fifty bright-eyed children from a local orphanage, Travelwings Morocco extended a warm invitation. Together, they hosted a memorable iftar dinner, filled with laughter, joy, and the spirit of togetherness. Amidst bright young minds and aromas of traditional Iftar dishes, the team created a special bond. This act of selflessness holds a testament to the power of community and the significance of nurturing the youth.

As the sun set over the horizon, it wasn’t just an act of breaking bread. The idea was to fuel the emotion of generosity and giving. Travelwings Morocco continues to lead by example. They show that small acts of kindness can ripple outward, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

Who are Bayti?

Bayti, Celebrating Ramadan

The term ‘Bayti’ translates to “my home” or “my house” in Arabic. The NGO aims to relocate children off the streets to a place they can call ‘Bayti‘. The NGO provides mobile shelter to homeless kids which is a lot better alternative than the streets. Each mobile home caters to the characteristics of the child and adapts to make the kid feel at home.

The NGO takes care of supporting every child in the development and implementation of skills important for the child to survive in life. The NGO also works towards the protection of Children’s rights. It provides the necessary resources and means to these kids for promoting and defending their rights.

Sharing #Spiritofgiving In Casablanca

Iftar dinner, Celebrating Ramadan

On March 22, 2024, as part of celebrating Ramadan Travelwings Morocco organized an outing for 50 kids from the Association Bayti, taking them on a tour across the city. After which, they went to a restaurant in Casablanca for an iftar dinner.

Breaking the fast

The program commenced two hours before iftar, aiming to treat the kids to an animated motion picture. The animation team managed the necessary arrangements. The captivating motion animation held the young minds’ attention for 90 minutes, emphasizing the importance of hoping for a brighter future and being kind to the people and community they live in.

Iftar special, Celebrating Ramadan

Following that, Travelwings Morocco arranged an iftar dinner for 50 kids, supervisory staff, and other team members from Bayti and Travelwings. The staff overseeing the children felt joyful witnessing their happiness and thanked the Travelwings Morocco team. Impressed by the initiative, the Bayti team went out of their way to express gratitude.

What does it all trickle down to?

Kids Thumbs up

Travelwings Morocco feels honoured and expresses humility for the chance to execute this beautiful initiative. Travelwings understands the religious sentiment that the month of Ramadan brings and how families share and spread this sentiment. Sharing this with the budding future of Morocco brings joy experienced by few in the world. This happiness multiplies fifty times for every child our initiative aimed to touch.

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