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Most Important Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Holiday

Looking forward to a wonderful holiday but feeling stressed about travel? Unfamiliar surroundings, different cultures, uncomfortable plane seatings, planning woes and more can become stressful. We help you travel the world in peace on a marvellous vacation. Here are the top tips and tricks for a stress-free holiday.

Top Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday

Pack Light

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday

Carry a travel bag that is light, is one of the most important tips for a stress-free holiday. This way you can save plenty of time at the check-in counters. Lugging a heavy bag during travel can be stressful and inconvenient. With a little planning, you could avoid packing half the things that you may not need. Prepare a checklist of essentials and make the packing experience less frenzy.

Arrive at the Airport Early

To enjoy a stress-free holiday, give yourself plenty of time at the airport and arrive early. From rush hour traffic, long lines at the check-in counter, health and security checks, to parking-lot hassles, you could face plenty of unforeseen delays. Arrive at least three hours early if you are travelling globally. Know what time your flight departs and create a breathing space for yourself at the airport.

Use the Online Check-in Trick 

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday - Online Check-in

Stay stress-free and use the trick of checking in 24 hours in advance, one of the other important not-to-miss tips for a stress-free holiday. Check-in online and save the boarding information on a smartphone or take a print out. You can avoid going to the check-in counter and walk right to security. You can also print your boarding pass at a kiosk installed at the airport.

Collect Frequent Flyers Pointers

Skip the security line and the hassle of long queues. But how? Look out for elite status on airlines by collecting frequent flyer points. A lot of credit cards are offering benefits that also allows members to skip to the front of the line. Use the points to access the comforts of an airport lounge or pay up for a membership. It is worth it!

Carry a Travel Card

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday  - Easy Travel Cards

An important tip and trick for a stress-free holiday is a handy travel money card. This is a fantastic way to juggle multiple currencies during travel. You can also reload your travel card wallet via smartphone and enable access to your money. You can also lock in your exchange rate before travel to get more benefits. A travel card helps you earn points and perks as well.

Stay Alert at Security Clearance

It is easy to be nervous at the security conveyor belt if you are unprepared. Stay alert for what you need to get out at the conveyor belt. Remember liquids, computers, wallets, metal jewellery and pockets are emptied by security. Pack right so it’s easy to go through the scanner check quickly. Remember to wear easy slip-on shoes and avoid heavy dressing.

Buy a Travel Insurance

It is fun to travel the world but remember that travelling is not always smooth sailing. Have a good coverage to ease your stress, so you will be adequately covered. You could lose luggage or health, or both. Either way, travel insurance has you covered. Travel insurance will protect you and alleviate financial stress against the unexpected.

Bring Along a Self Care Pack

A wonderful trick for a stress-free holiday is a care pack. That’s right! A small package that has extra masks, mini-sanitisers, ear-buds, emergency medication, moisturizer, travel toothpaste, chapstick, mobile chargers, handy wipes, etc. A carry-pack of items within reach is a good way to travel stress-free.

Book Via Travel Agency

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday - Research

The best way to travel stress-free is to do thorough research before travelling. Understand the accommodation types, destination, cultures, commute modes to and fro the airport, unmissable sightseeing spots, and more. A good travel agency is a trick to pick. Look to engage a travel management company that can guide you to great deals, travel quotes and a wonderful vacay.

Holiday At Ultimate Stress-Free Destinations

Travel wanderlust knows no boundaries. However, while picking your travel destination, a holiday in the UAE can be topmost. A smart way to enjoy a hassle-free journey is to engage with a travel agency in Dubai, especially if UAE is in your bucket list. UAE has the sparkling emirate of Dubai, the world’s most luxurious travel destination. So, make plans to holiday in the UAE to relax and unwind.

Keep a Map Handy

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday - Map in Hand

To avoid being lost as you arrive at your destination, just in case it takes time to get an internet or sim card connection, download Google Maps offline. Select the destination of travel while you are internet-connected and download the map onto your smartphone. The map ensures you stay on course and in control.

Let Go and Relax

Prep your body to relax and let go. Planning a trip can be a boatload of stressful experiences. Unload, relax, and calm your body to enjoy your upcoming vacation. Cut back on caffeine and sugar, load up on vitamins, avoid unhealthy eating, don’t over binge at the airport bar and more. Relax with a drink full of ocean sourced magnesium, a natural way to keep calm on a vacay.

Stay in Touch with Family

It is always easy to get homesick and miss close ones. A good way to stay stress-free is to keep in touch with your family members. Make sure that they are informed about your whereabouts. In an emergency, it is helpful to keep contacts handy. Share your travel stories with loved ones at home and share travel memories.

Scan Travel Documents

Keep a scanned copy of the important travel documents such as passport, medical certificates (if applicable), travel insurance, family contacts, ID proof, tickets, etc. Carry photocopies is helpful in a worst-case scenario. It is a good idea, during travel, to remember your passport number. Keep documents organised, print out electronic tickets, confirmation numbers, schedules or any important email.

Download Google Translate App and More

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Holiday - Translate Apps

The app is a great way to communicate struggle free. Explore the Google Translate offline feature, simply tap the language and click the download button. The app lets you also point your camera at words and you receive automatic translations in an instant. That for sure is a trick so helpful for deciphering street signs, menus, and travel directions. You can also download some other travel apps such as Kayak, Citymapper and more to make your holiday stress-free and fun.

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