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10 Fun and Offbeat Things To Do In Uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan, the Central Asian wonderland and neighbour to Kazakhstan, Krygyzstan, Turkmenistan, and more. The country boasts excellent architectural legacies. Also known as the land of blue mosques, its ultra-alluring artistic brilliance is truly magical. The local life mesmerizes everyone with its culinary adventures, retail fiestas, and rich culture. So, experience the colourful charms of Uzbekistan and immerse in its vibrance with these fun and offbeat things to do during your trip here.

Top Things To Do In Uzbekistan

1. Admire Blue Beauty at Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble

Things to do in Uzbekistan - Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble

Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble is a standing series of 1000-year-old grand palatial tombs in Uzbekistan. The fine details, artistic features, and multi-tiered designs enhance its architectural presence and make it one of the most interesting Uzbekistan tourist places to explore. Hence, this long-running impressive mausoleum is worth a watch for its grand eminence.

Location: M-37, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: 9 am to 7 pm, Daily 

Entry Price: USD 0.95 

Pro Tip: The erection is fashioned artistically, so, make sure to capture its beauty. But, you need to pay extra for cameras.

2. Roam in the Historic Square of Registan

Things to do in Uzbekistan - Historic Square of Registan

Registan is an excellent Uzbek attraction known for its grand antiquity. The erection amidst the golden sandscapes projects medieval magnificence. Once a commercial hub and now a historic site, this palace mesmerize you with its well-crafted facades. 

Location: Registan St, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: Friday to Wednesday from 8 am to 7 pm | Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Entry Price: USD 0.68 approximately 

Pro Tip: Venturing the nearby eateries is highly recommended as they serve the most delicious cuisines. 

3. Experience the Impressive Charvak Reservoir

Things to do in Uzbekistan - Charvak Reservoir

The vibrance of Charvak Reservoir spells magic with each sight. This wonder locale is a sheer amalgamation of beauty, serenity, and visual pleasure. Warmly cuddled in the embrace of the Tian Shan mountain range, Charvak is a hub of experiences. So, indulge in a thrilling hike, or plan a picnic day. Rejuvenating boating adventures and ultra scenic scenes crown it as one of the best places to visit in Uzbekistan. 

Location: Bostanliq District, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: 24 hours (activities only in the day time)

Entry Price: Varies 

Pro Tip: It is recommended to take kids to safer trekking routes for a worry-free experience. 

4. Slide into the World of Greater Chimgan

Things to do in Uzbekistan - Chimgan

The mountain spread of Greater Chimgan caters to an exhilarating ski-fiesta. The shimmering snow peak ranges attract numerous visitors for fun adventures. Its high elevations gravitate beauty admirers and offer heart-melting views. So, get ready to frolic in the pristine environs of Uzbekistan. 

Location: Ugam-Chatkal National Park

Operating hours: 24 hours (activities only in the day time)

Entry Price: Activity price varies.

Pro Tip: It is better to explore the place during less crowded hours for absolute fun. 

5. Savor satisfying flavors  at the Central Asian Plov centre

Uzbeki cuisines are all about mouth-watering and flavourful delights with Pulav being the most favourite. And, the apt place to savour this authentic delight is the Central Asian Plov centre. Well-cooked steamy rice mixed with traditional spices nourishes your tastebud. So, order from a variety of traditional servings and taste the food legacy of the nation. 

Location: 1 Guards Colonel Khodjaev Street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: 9 am to 6 pm daily

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Do try the famous beverage of Uzbekistan here, Sharbat.

6. Cherish the Charms of Fergana Valley

things to do in Uzbekistan - Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley houses over 2,300 years old history and has witnessed an impressive transition since then. Multi-ethnic invaders made this place one of the most diverse spots on the planet. So, roam and cross the fertile fields and taste food made with organic produce. Also, experience the local life in the corners of the valley. It is quite calm and simple. 

Location: Well-locked by three Central Asian nations, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Fergana valley offers an astonishing getaway to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

7. Praise Uzbek Creativity at the Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts is a treasure trove of ultra-exquisite historic craft and one of the most intriguing Tashkent tourist places. Here, a collection of over 4,000 artifacts embellish the corners. Each creation, namely wood carving, ceramics, embossing, jewellery, gold weaving, and embroidery project excellence. So, stroll varied sections and appreciate the talents. 

Location: 15 Rakatboshi Street, Tashkent 100031, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: 9 am to 6 pm daily

Entry Price: USD 3 approximately

Pro Tip: To take back the beautiful local crafts, stroll the nearby markets. 

8. Revel in the Alpine Delights at Bel’dersay

Bel’dersay - things to do in Uzbekistan

Mountains, rivers, and magic dominate the spaces of  Bel’dersay, this place is one of the most tranquil Uzbekistan tourist attractions that offers fun and amazement. The exciting skiing, snowboarding, and trekking adventures make your day happening and eventful. So, put on your activity boots and enjoy to the fullest. 

Location: Uzbekistan

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: This place is perfect to visit all time of the year. So go skiing in winter and horse riding in summer.

9. Step into Antiquity at Ayaz-Kala

Ayaz Kala, a historical landmark features fortresses towered with mud-walls. This dramatic archeological site was brought into existence in the late 4th-century BCE. Reach the attraction with an easy hike tour as it sits graciously on a hilltop. Plus, the visitors are treated to the magical views of the encompassing golden desert. So, take a bow of the rich antiquity of Uzbekistan and enjoy the eye-catching vistas. 

Location: Uzbekistan

Operating Hours: Daytime

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Enjoy camping, live in the traditional tents, and savour the local delights for ultimate fun.

10. Fill your Bags at Siab Bazaar

Things to do in Uzbekistan - Siab Bazaar

Siab Bazaar is a local marketplace in Uzbekistan that sells a variety of authentics, starting from clothes to organics. The bazaar has something for everyone and the fun bargaining scenes offer you great deals. So, take-home amazing souvenirs such as rich spices, hand-printed cloth, wood carvings, ceramics and use them as you like. 

Location: Bibikhonim St, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday 5 am to 7 pm | Monday closed

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Make sure to buy the local Uzbek handicrafts and rich spices. 

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