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25+ Incredible Things to do in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelagic paradise that boasts of tropical treasures. Its super-scenic corners attract a mass of wanderlust-seekers. Let this Asian country sprinkle the ‘wow-elegance’ with its illuminance. Traverse the mysterious rugged trails in the depth of giant mountains and charming beaches that offer off-beat affairs as well. So, go on and learn about the 25+ top things to do in the Philippines.

25+ Incredible Things to do in Philippines

1. Catch the View of Heaven on Earth

Things to do in Philippines - Chocolate Trails

Take a hearty tour of the chocolate trails. The asymmetric spread of chocolate-colored hills looks gorgeous. Moreover, it is the spot for an absolute trekking delight. So, explore the extraordinary tourist spot of Bohol and go hiking and nature gazing.

Opening Hours: 8 am to 11:30 pm

Entry Price: USD 2.36 approximately 

Pro Tip: Visit the chocolate hills during summers as the grasses dry up and form choco-brown colored coatings on the hills. 

2. Jump Off the Cliff!

It’s the call for some exciting outdoor activity! So, open a new door of challenging adventure in the fun tourist spot of Cebu city. Withal, participate in all the thrill activities like climbing, cliff diving, hiking, and obviously canyoning. It is the most exhilarating spot, indeed!

Opening Hours: 8 am to 2 pm

Entry Price: 40 cents approximately 

Pro Tip: Be a part of one of the most recognizable things to do in Cebu, Canyoning. So, take your own sweet time.

3. Learn About the Philippines

Things to do in Philippines - History

History is here! The grand museum houses many former art collections and archeological features. It also offers an intriguing tour of the Philippines’ culture, history, and heritage for an illuminating experience. So, venture into one of the best tourist spots in Manila as it is a bag of knowledge and historic treasures.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Must explore the art gallery part of the museum, probably one of the fascinating things to do in Manila for the art-enthusiasts.

4. Adore the Dolphin Dance

Dolphins, drama, and fun are the essence of Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay. This marine park offers full-fledged fun and family-friendly experiences. So, tour the world of aqua pals and feast your eyes on the lively Dolphin dance. The jolly environment fills your heart with happiness.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Price: USD 16 (adult) | USD 13 (Senior Citizen and children under 12 years) | and Free for children under 30-inches.

Pro Tip: Must be a part of animal shows like swim with the dolphins, and explore the aquariums in the amazing tourist spot of Bataan.

5. Eye the “Perfect Cone”

Things to do in Philippines - Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano, Bicol appears like a photogenic painting of a landscape. The magnificent active volcano complements the green camouflage. Moreover, the protected area is a very famous tourist spot in Bicol and holds the attention of numerous tourists. It is the most favoured place for all nature lovers.

Opening Hours: 

Entry Price: 40 cents approximately

Pro Tip: Roam in this dynamic tourist spot of Bicol to feel the dramatic vibrations of the active volcano.

6. Walk Down the Heritage Lane

Spot the Spanish-era homes at Crisologo, Vigan. Also, admire the grand facades and luxe ambiance of the yesteryears here. The heritage it embraces speaks for itself through its old-world charms. So, follow the picturesque alleys. It is one of the beauty loaded tourist spots in Vegan.

Opening Hours: 24 hours 

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Explore the museum, ride on the horse-drawn carriage, and enjoy the sumptuous food.

7. Meet the Dino-Pals!

Get ready for an animated tour like no other. Watch the life-sized models of the giant-jaw Dinosaurs. Then, click creative images, and share your exciting encounters in this tourist spot of Pampanga. Further, learn more about the varied species of the Dino-kingdom, starting from T-rex to Stegosaurus. 

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Entry Price: USD 7 approximately

Pro Tip: Dinosaurs Island offers atypical things to do in Pampanga. So, plan a day out with your kids and hear tales of the bygone beasts. Try not to take very young kids as the Dinosaur models can appear scary.

8. Praise the Spread of Bold-Boulders

Things to do in Philippines - Boulder Beach

Valugan Boulder Beach, the scenic tourist spot in Batanes is a perfect spot for a photoshoot. Plus, when the gold-sun rays fall on the boulder family, they resemble the super-shiny stones. So, explore the beach as your Philippines tourism is incomplete without it. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours 

Price: USD 5 per person

Pro Tip: The stones can be slippery, so walk carefullyy. Evenings and early mornings are the best time to explore the beach as you get to watch sunrise and sunset. 

9. Gaze at the Lovely Lake

Lake Pinatubo is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in the Philippines. It’s a natural wonder that projects the most sophisticated contrasts of all time. So, enjoy a calm and romantic moment in the most soothing tourist spot of Zambales.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: 21 cents approximately 

Pro Tip: The beautiful spot also has fascinating trekking activities. So get ready to unwind in the serene scenes.

10. Bathe Under the Fab Falls

The raining cascades seem so serene as if they descend directly from heaven. The rugged-rocky features serve as the untouched trekking path and take you on a trail of excitement and wonder. So, stroll in the surrounding green spaces for a total awe-inspiring experience. 

Opening Hours: Visiting hours start from 7 am

Price: USD 2.47 approximately 

Pro Tip: This tourist spot of Ilocos Norte is still untouched by the masses. So, start a travel trend for upcoming tourists.

11. Sight the Prepossessing Picture

Things to do in Philippines - Big Lagoon

Swim like a mermaid in the underwater world of Big Lagoon. Its paradisiacal ambiance is truly other-worldly as the variant contrasts are mesmerizing. So, cruise from one lagoon to another and apprehend surreal features.  The place is a reminiscence of heaven.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: One of the best things to do in El Nido’s tourist spot is to undergo a marvelous kayaking adventure.

12. Showcase your Pottery Skills

Create a customized ceramic gift for your loved ones. Keep it as a souvenir or showcase your pottery talent as a work of art in the drawing-room. The styles, crafts, and designs used by the local craftsmen portray a lot about the Philippines’ traditional art culture. The whole process of pottery creation is truly therapeutic and wonderful.

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm daily

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: It is a favored tourist spot of Ilocos Sur to perform an offbeat activity. 

13. Unearth the Underground River

Things to do in Philippines - Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is a protected area with jaw-dropping cave formations. It is a very popular tourist spot of Puerto Princesa that boasts an underground river too. Mysterious-yet-stunning, right? So, gear up and get ready to decipher the wonders of nature, a top thing to do in the Philippines.

Tour Hours: 7 am to 9 am and 12 pm to 2 pm

Price: USD 8 approximately

Pro Tip: It is recommended to go with a guide for the underground river tour.

14. Witness Superb Skeleton Collection

The Philippines knows how to make your tour astounding. D’ Bone Collector Museum, the unique tourist spot in Davao city is here to support this statement. The museum showcases a striking collection of preserved skeletons of sundry species. The place is uniquely amazing for fossil enthusiasts.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm | Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm | Sunday closed

Price: USD 2 approximately

Pro Tip: Touching any collection is an offence. So, we advise you to quench your curiosity from a safe distance only. 

15. Tour the Captivating Campsite

Things to do in Philippines - Nagsasa Cove

Nagsasa Cove is a picturesque beach area bound with the bonny hiking trails. This Subic tourist spot differs from the conventional beach spots as it boasts hypnotic natural features that are a mix of mounts, greenery, peace. Moreover, accessible waterfalls, campsites, authentic local markets give more places to explore. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours 

Price: USD 4.73 per person approximately

Pro Tip: Rent the nearby open cottage and spend a romantic night under the glittering sky. 

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16. Go Karting!

Level up your tour game in the Philippines and go Karting at Kart City Tarlac. The amusement park is amongst the most fun tourist spots in Tarlac. When you finish your adventure ride, dine in the eatery points and bars to add a lip-smacking sparkle to your evening. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm to 1:30 am | Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1:30 am

Ride Price: USD 5.15 for each 5-min ride

Pro Tip: Do have fun, thrill and enjoyment but also wear proper safety gears.

17. Cruise Amidst the Stunning Scenery

Kayangan Lake is so beautiful that words are just a mere gesture to express its brilliance. The dreamy details of its blue-green contrasts are simply ‘Wow’. Not just that, the dotted snorkeling spot appears like a fun thing to do in Coron. So, get ready to experience a different level of fun altogether. 

Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Entry Price: USD 6.19 approximately 

Pro Tip: Explore underwater rock formations, caves, and islets of this crystal clear freshwater lake.

18. Explore the Centuries-Old Catholic Church

The antiquity of Our Lady of the Gate Parish, Daraga Church can be seen in its vintage designs. This tourist spot in Albay takes you on a tour of Spanish colonial times and narrates the saga of its beautiful journey. So, venture the peaceful locale tucked in the gorgeous hills that complements each other. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm | Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: It is wise to dress modestly when you plan to visit this religious site. 

19. Hike to the Peak of Serenity

Mount Pico De Loro is a thrilling location for all mountaineers. So, hike up the fascinating mount peaks that present you with the most stunning view of its surroundings. It is the most breathtaking place to visit in Batangas for a heart-pumping and memorable experience. 

Opening Hours: 4:00 am to 3:00 pm (The park will not allow you to climb Pico de Loro after 3 pm)

Price: USD 20.62 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: If you have fear of height, this place is not for you. Instead of mountaineering, you can trek in its scenic areas.

20. Dig the Depth of Dramatic Domain

Cantabon Cave is one of the most dramatic Philippine attractions and an intriguing tourist spot of Siquijor. It is located on a secluded mountain space and features scary scenes like hanging bats and much more. So, buckle up for the coolest cave adventures ever.   

Opening Hours: 24 hours 

Price: USD 0.41 approximately 

Pro Tip: Littering and throwing trash will cost you a fine of USD 20 approximately. 

21. Dive in the Underwater Colony

Underwater sanctuary? Indeed! Explore the Giant Clams Sanctuary & White Beach. Here, the clam family gets the celebrity treatment with every snorkeling trip. So, sight the quirky-shaped aqua creatures in their natural habitat. Further, the paradisiacal white-sand beach offers the best relaxing tourist spot on Camiguin Island.

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm every day

Price: USD 1 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: Before starting your snorkeling experience, make sure to gear up and if you have a breathing problem then do not go deep diving.

22. Witness the Turquoise Extravagance of Philippines

Kayak, swim, or snorkel in the turquoise waters of Sugba Lagoon, the tranquil tourist spot of Siargao. The place not only serves great water activities but also delivers an authentic taste of the Philippines with its local eateries. The spot is perfect for a day out and fills your bucket with happy memories.

Opening Hours: 6 am to 3 pm every day 

Trip Price: USD 30 approximately 

Pro Tip: The eatery point near the lagoon serves the freshest of the Philippines cuisines. So, you must try it out. 

23. Venture the Offbeat Spot

Without any doubt, the Echo valley is the most offbeat tourist spot in Sagada. The unimaginable views of hanging coffins are truly staggering and hold an intriguing history too. So, set your eyes on the camera and click images of its raw features. 

Opening Hours: 8 am – 8:30 pm

Guided Tour Price: USD 4.13 approximately 

Pro Tip: Do go for the trekking adventures in its nearby mount escalations.

24. Cherish the Scenic Scenes

Taklong Island National Marine Reserve serves the most exclusive sights of nature. Along with it, the snorkeling adventure and cruise tours take you a lot closer to nature. So, plan a perfect beach date in the amazing tourist spot of Guimaras and treat your lungs with a fresh breeze.

Tour Hours: 4 hours 

Tour Price: Varies

Pro Tip: The best thing to do in the Philippines is to stay in the atypical floating cottages. 

25. Cross the Hanging Bridge

Baler Hanging Bridge is a famed Philippine attraction over the Tibag-Sabang River. It is known as the most outrageous tourist spot in Baler as crossing the hanging bridge is a lot more exciting than it seems. So, venture the melting point of heart-pumping adventure and eye-soothing scenes.

Opening Time: All time of the year.

Price: USD 0.72 approximately 

Pro Tip: This place is not for you, if you have the fear of heights. 

26. Sight the Terrific Trekking Trails

Things to do in Philippines - Mount Guiting-Guiting

Mount Guiting-Guiting is simply Wow! The spiky hills joined together form marvelous scenarios and portray the excellence of nature. The elevated spots dominate the island with its magic, charm, and extravagance. So, boot up, crawl to the top and admire the virtually alluring landscapes. 

Opening Time: The mountain is open all year round for hiking.

Price: USD 2 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: This tourist spot of Romblon is too dangerous to hike with kids and also without gears. 

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