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25+ Unique Things To Do In Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, is a grand city with many iconic landmarks. There are a large number of things to do in Jakarta as the city is divided into five districts filled with markets, restaurants, malls, national museums, palaces, and mosques. Such a  large city can be an overwhelming experience as a tourist. Not anymore. Here we present the top places to visit in Jakarta. Do continue reading to get a list of interesting things to do in Jakarta, Indonesia

25+ Top Things to Do in Jakarta

1. Be Entertained by the Puppet Show at Museum Wayang

things to do in jakarta_puppet show

An interesting place to visit in Jakarta with family, this museum is the place that tells you stories through the use of puppets. A fun thing to do in Jakarta for kids where they learn the art of puppetry and storytelling which is a part of Indonesian culture. Your kids and the younger generation would love it here. It is a fun Jakarta Indonesia attraction. 

Recommended for: Families, tourists

Location: Kota Tua

Average Price: $0.31

Timings: 8.00 am to  5.00 pm (closed on Monday)

Pro tip: There are ongoing storytelling sessions that showcase puppets.

2) Enjoy a day out at the Ragunan Zoo

things to do in jakarta with kids_Zoo visit

A visit to the largest animal zoo in South Asia is one of the top things to do in Jakarta. The zoo has over 400 species of animals divided into four zones, birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals. Come to the zoo with your family, a great place to visit with kids. Interact with the various interesting animals in their own comfortable habitats which is almost like the natural environments they are used to. Enjoy this popular thing to do in Kemang Jakarta.

Recommended for: Families with kids

Location: JI. Harsono No.1, Ragunan

Average Price: $0.32

Timings: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

Pro tip: Horse riding, camel riding, elephant riding have a separate fee.

3) Go on a Spiritual Journey and Feel Blessed at Jin De Yuan

things to do in jakarta_temple visit

Seek blessings at the Buddhist temple and be among statues, drums, bells with a lot of spiritual vibes. A great thing to do in Jakarta is praying here and burning the customary incense in this beautifully decorated temple. Witness the splendor of a crown of two dragons with pearls in their mouth. Be amazed at the serenity and peace you will receive in this Jakarta main attraction.

Recommended for: Tourists

Location: Petak Sembilan

Average Price: Free

Timings: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

Pro tip: This Chinese Buddist temple has been preserved over many years with work on restoration continuing as an ongoing process.

4) Taste Indonesian Flavors at Seribu Rasa Menteng

things to do in jakarta_try local flavours

Relish local Indonesian flavor in a popular restaurant and enjoy your day with some good food and drinks. The Seribu Rasa Menteng serves some special dishes such as Jimbaran fried fish, Stringbean Dry Scallop, Oriental Seafood Cake and a must-try is the Udang Gulung. A delightful thing to do in Jakarta is a visit to the restaurant, whose name translates to ‘one thousand flavors’.

Recommended for: Tourists

Location: Kota Jakarta Pusat

Average Price: $1.10 for a meal for two

Timings: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm

Pro tip: It’s best to make reservations beforehand.

5) Stroll Around the Amazing Kota Tua

One of the top Jakarta Indonesia tourist spots is the amazing expanse of the Kota Tua. Here you can find a number of Jakarta sightseeing sites such as museums, art galleries, shops, and cafes. Witness the Jakarta History Museum, the Wayang Museum, The Bank Mandiri Museum, the Maritime Museum, and many more Jakarta attractions.

Recommended for: Tourists

Location: Jakarta Old Town

Average Price: $0.31

Timings: Open all-day

Pro tip: Do visit the art galleries and other buildings in the area.

6) Visit the National Museum Jakarta 

things to do in jakarta_visit National Museum

An interesting place to visit in Jakarta is the National Museum that prides itself on displays of historical relics, geology, and an amazing number of objects of historical importance. An important Jakarta tourist spot if you are into history. Learn about Indonesian history, traditions, and the prehistoric culture that dates back to the first century AD. 

Recommended for: Tourists, history lovers

Location: Kecamatan Gambir

Average Price: $0.10

Timings: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday closed)

Pro tip: Look for stone inscriptions and statues that date back to the prehistoric era.

7) Have a Shopping Extravaganza at Taman Anggrek Mall

One of Jakarta’s main attractions is the luxurious mall where 500 shops are located on seven floors. Shopping here is a great thing to do in Jakarta Indonesia. You get whatever you need from clothes, shoes, appliances, furniture, toys, and more. An interesting place in Jakarta to visit that will not disappoint you.

Recommended for: Families with kids

Location: Grogol Petamburan

Average Price: Premium buys

Timings: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

Pro tip: The name of the mall translates to ‘Orchard Garden Mall‘.

8) Get a Suntan in the Marvelous Beaches at The Thousand Islands

things to do in jakarta_Thousand Island Beaches

Scattered in the bay of Jakarta is a popular place to visit near Jakarta, The Thousand Islands. Escape from Jakarta city on any of these fabulous tropical islands and plunge into the blue seas. The best of the archipelago include Pari, Onrust, Putri, Macan, Pelangi, and more. Go cruising between islands and enjoy the ocean water. Snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful bay views is an exciting thing to do near Jakarta.

Recommended for: Families with kids

Location: The Thousand Islands

Average Price: Beach visit free

Timings: All-day

Pro tip: Look at visiting about ten islands at best. Although, there are 110 islands to experience, which is a bit too much to do.

9) Admire the Art at the National Gallery of Indonesia

things to do in jakarta_National Gallery of Indonesia

A prominent Jakarta Indonesia tourist spot, this landmark displays many of Indonesia’s wonderful works of art. Some of the popular paintings also include artists from other parts of the world such as awesome artwork done by the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and the French optical art masterpiece by Victor Vasarely. 

Recommended for: Art lovers

Location: Medan Merdeka Tim

Average Price: $20

Timings: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Pro tip: Popular here also is the landscape painting of Indonesian culture and tradition done by Raden Saleh.

10) Visit the Attractive Landmark of Istana Merdeka

things to do in jakarta_Presidential Palace visit

Visiting the presidential palace is one of the top 5 things to do in Jakarta. This beautiful palace is made of a white Neo-Palladian style built in the 19th century. It is in a huge 17-acre site, a wonderful Jakarta Indonesia attraction. It is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Located on the north side of Merdeka Square, enjoy your day admiring the Indies Empire architectural style.

Recommended for: Tourists, Art lovers

Location: Kecamatan Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat

Average Price: $1

Timings: 24 hours

Pro tip: The Merdeka Palace is just one of the six presidential palaces.

11) Indulge in Indonesian Traditional Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

things to do in jakarta_Ancol Dreamland

Taman Mini is a fabulous Jakarta sightseeing house in Indonesia that showcases Indonesian history, culture, and art. There are 26 replicas of traditional houses that represent the different cultures of the country in a stunning visual manner. This interesting place to see in Jakarta will keep you educated and interested in the cultures of yesteryears that have gone by. Have a great time in one of the favorite Jakarta Indonesia tourist spots. 

Recommended for: Tourists, history lovers

Location: Kota Jakarta Timur

Average Price: $1.25

Timings: 7.00 am to 10.00 pm

Pro tip: There is a large artificial lake in the middle of the park called Indonesia Miniature Lake

12) Have a Super Day with Kids at the Ancol Dreamland

Disclaimer: Image taken from

Ancol Dreamland is a resort destination located at Jakarta’s waterfront, the best thing to do in Jakarta with kids. It is an integral part of Ancol Bay City and a popular thing to do in Kemang Jakarta. The famous water, amusement park and theme park with imagination themes of African, America, Indonesia zones are enthralling. Have a great time at the beachfront that is one of Jakarta’s main attractions.

Recommended for: Kids, families

Location: RW.10, Ancol. Pademangan

Average Price: $1.56

Timings: Open 24 hours 

Pro tip: It is owned by the PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk. A must-try is the Dunia Fantasi theme park rides.

13) Have Splashing Fun with the Aquatic Animals at the Sea World

One of the best places to see in Jakarta is the Water and Amusement Park with entertaining feeding shows, a touch tank, and amazing sharks to see. A fun thing to do in Jakarta with kids has over 500 species of animals that also includes the white crocodile exhibit. Experience the beauty of marine life that is also a learning edutainment for the children about the conservation of marine life.

Recommended for: Kids, families

Location: North Jakarta

Average Price: $5.31

Timings: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Pro tip: Witness beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish in the touch pool.

14) Take a Journey to the Kite Museum

Witness here the fascinating art of kite making. Be awestruck by the assortments of kites the museum displays and get to learn about kite making. A different and enjoyable thing to do in Jakarta. The tour takes you to the theatre of the museum where you can learn invaluable information about kite festivals. This interesting place in Jakarta lets you have your try at kite making, umbrella painting, and even make your own kite.

Recommended for: Kids, families

Location: Pd. Labu, South Jakarta

Average Price: $0.94

Timings: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Pro tip: You could find out about the schedule of exhibitions held here or the next kite festival. 

15) Spend Some Time at the Monas Tower

Monas Tower is a National monument and a popular Jakarta attraction. The tower is at a  grand height of 132 meters, a fascinating Jakarta tourist spot. The oblique tower has a 50-kilogram foil of gold on the top and a flag, map, and a copy of the papers of the proclamation of independence. Visit the many areas of the tower such as the Independent Room, National History Room, Fountain Attraction, and the Park Area. This landmark site is one of Jakarta’s main attractions.

Recommended for: Kids, families

Location: Kecamatan Gambir

Average Price: $1.80

Timings: 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Pro tip: The monument showcases the history of Indonesia from existence until the date of the construction of the tower.

16) Learn about the Universe at the Taman Ismail Marzuki

Another interesting place to visit in Jakarta is the Art Center, also popularly known as TIM. Wander around the arts, cultural and science center in a complex built on a huge nine hectares of land. Explore art theatres, cinemas, exhibition hall, galleries, library, and an archive building. Learn about the diverse culture of Jakarta. Make this tour an interesting learning thing to do in Jakarta. Kids would particularly love the Jakarta Planetarium that features an exhibition hall for astronomy.

Recommended for: Kids, families

Location: Cikini, Jakarta

Average Price: $0.81

Timings: 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Pro tip: The sun observation program is free and open to the public Tuesday to Friday.

17) Feel the Spiritual Vibes at the Jakarta Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Jakarta. An interesting place in Jakarta, you can witness the gothic architecture in this serene place of worship with three altars and spires. One of the must-visit Jakarta tourist spots, pick a candle given free to light, and say a prayer. It has been a place of worship for devotees since 1901. A top thing to do in Jakarta especially if you are a Catholic is a visit to the sacred Roman Catholic Jakarta Cathedral. 

Recommended for: Tourists, Catholics

Location: Katedral No.7B, Ps. Baru, Kecamatan Sawah Besar

Average Price: Free

Timings: 6.00 am to 12.00 pm | 3.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Pro tip: Try not to visit on weekends due to rush to attend mass, unless of course, you are a devotee.

18) Enjoy Some Open Space at the Merdeka Square

This landmark Jakarta sightseeing spot is a trapezoid that measures 1 sq. km. Stroll along the majestic square away from the rush and enjoy the views of the focal point of the city. The Dutch called it the Kings Square while the Indonesians called it Merdeka which means independence. The main entrance is from the south side and it measures one square kilometre.

Recommended for: Tourists

Location: Center of Jakarta

Average Price: Free

Timings: 6.00 am to 12.00 pm | 3.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Pro tip: It is considered one of the largest squares in the world.

19) Feel blessed at the Grand Istiqlal Mosque

The Grand Istiqlal Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in Southeast Asia that took 17 years to complete. Come, visit the religious massive mosque in Jakarta that can hold up to 1,20,000  devotees at the same time. A grand Jakarta tourist attraction especially for the devotees of the Muslim faith, feel awestruck by the prayer hall that has a spectacular 45-meter dome. It is supported by multilevel balconies and columns. Feel a sense of peace in this beautiful place of worship. 

Recommended for: Tourists, Muslims

Location: Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Ps Baru

Average Price: Free

Timings: 4.00 am to 12.00 pm (Sunday closed)

Pro tip: The mosque was officially opened on the 22nd February 1978.

20) Chill and Enjoy the Shores at the Ancol Beach

Unwind on the beautiful beach of Jakarta with fabulous ocean views and blue skies. Cooldown by taking a dip in the sea and enjoy the many facilities and shopping stores around in the area. The beach is a tremendously fun thing to do in Jakarta. Enjoy a meal on the beach with the convenience of several restaurants around. Catch the stunning sun views as you toast to a good life and feel close to your loved ones. 

Recommended for: Beach lovers, tourists, families

Location: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Average Price: Free

Timings: All-day

Pro tip: Located in Ancol, the beach is easy to access.

21) Admire the Largest Chinatown at Glodok

Glodok is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world and a famous Jakarta tourist spot. Imbibe the history, culture, and architecture of the place with visits to the many temples and other Chinese structural buildings in the area. This amazing Jakarta thing to see is in the district of Taman Sari Jakarta. This was once the main entrance to the kingdom.

Recommended for: Tourists

Location: JI. Pinangsia Raya, Kec. Taman Sari

Average Price: $6

Timings: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Pro tip: Glodok comes from the word ‘Golodog’ that means house entrance. 

22) Amaze Yourself at the Waterbom Park

Get ready for some amazing time in the famous Waterbom Park. Spread across a large expanse with water slides winding itself into the cool pool below, try these adventurous things to do in Jakarta. Fall in love with the greenery of the landscape, where you and your children can play, enjoy the rows of shopping outlets, grab a drink, or refreshment along the way. This is a must Jakarta place to visit to make memorable moments with your kids. 

Recommended for: Families with kids

Location: Daerah Khusus Ibukota 

Average Price: $50

Timings: 11.00 am to 6.00 pm | 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on Sunday

Pro tip: It is also known as Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk Water Park.

23) Get Rockin into the Night at Dragonfly

Disclaimer: Image taken from

Dance to the music all night to the beat of talented deejays in Dragonfly, a fabulous place to visit in Jakarta at night. With heavy influences of Asian culture and a beautifully designed building, this bar will not disappoint you. Enjoy terrific music with the cutting edge sound system where you can dance your blues away. Be a part of the popular thing to do in Jakarta nightlife at the trendy bar and make some great memories. 

Recommended for: Youngsters, couples

Location: Graha BIP Ground Floor Lobby, JI. Gatot Subroto, Kota Jakarta Selatan

Average Price: $124.84

Timings: 9.00 pm to 4.00 am (closed on Mon, Tue, Thurs & Sun )

Pro tip: Make sure you bring plenty of money as the drinks are expensive.

24) KidZania Indoor Theme Park Extravaganza

This exciting educational indoor theme park is an attractive place to visit in Jakarta with family. Kids could try the flight simulator, be a beautician at a beauty parlor, a lap around the race track, decide to be a magazine seller, window cleaner, or perhaps just squish on the noodle dough. Here is where your child can explore through entertainment and enjoy the entire KidZania City as they take up many exciting jobs. A simple, safe, and fun things to do in Jakarta with kids. 

Recommended for: Youngsters, kids

Location: Pacific Place L6-601 Sudirman Central Business District

Average Price: $14.67

Timings: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (Mon to Thurs) | 9.00 to 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Fri to Sun)

Pro tip: Look for less crowded hours mostly in the afternoons.

25) Explore the Mystical Basuki Abdullah Museum

Disclaimer: Image taken from

The art museum is a Jakarta tourist attraction that houses paintings of the late Basoeki Abdullah. The painter is a renowned artist in Indonesia. Interesting to note that as per his will his paintings, collections, and a portion of his residence be given to the state. The museum is the best place to visit in Jakarta to learn about the painter’s life and art. Study each painting with precision for the best experience.

Recommended for: Art lovers

Location: Kota Jakarta Selatan

Average Price: $0.12

Timings: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm (Mon to Fri) / 9.00 am to 3.00 pm ( Sat – Sun)

Pro tip: The famous painter was born in 1915 and died in 1998.

26) Visit the Pasar Seni Ancol Art Market

The Ancol Art Market is a unique tourist attraction in Indonesia Jakarta, a place that has dozens of stores that sell paintings in various forms of art. You can purchase unique quality paintings, sculptures, and puppets. It is a good idea to take home souvenirs to remember your holiday in the art market. Do remember to strike a good bargain and cut some good deals here in the market. This definitely is an interesting place in Jakarta.

Recommended for: Art lovers

Location: Taman Impian Jaya, Jalan Lodan Timur 

Average Price: Cost of the buy

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Mon- Fri) / 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (Sat, Sun)

27) Have A Fun Time At Dunia Fantasi

A fun thing to do in Jakarta is a visit to Dunia Fantasi, the Disneyland of Jakarta. Have a super time with your family trying out rides such as The Niagara Flume, The Halilintar Twister to name a few. Take a stroll of the Puppet Castle and the Star Wars section. Enjoy views of the city from the largest Ferris Wheel and stroll through the day in this famous amusement theme park. It is a must-do thing in Jakarta with kids.

 Recommended for: Kids

 Location: Taman Impian Jaya, Jalan Lodan Timur 

 Average Price: $1.75

Timings: Open 24 hours

Pro tip: There is a range of over 30 rides, enough to keep you in joy and thrill all-day.

28) Soak in Some Sun On The Tanjung Lesung Beach

The best thing to do near Jakarta is to swim, surf, and be merry in the Tanjung Lesung Beach. Just a 3-hour drive from Jakarta you enter the special economic zone with a theme park, marina, and a fabulous beach. Take a swing at the golf course built by Jababeka, visit the Ujung Kulon National Park and enjoy natural settings of the beach. Soak in the native culture and surround yourself with colorful coral reefs, flora, fauna, and Krakatau here.

Recommended for: Families, couples

Location: Tanjung Lesung

Average Price: Beach visit free

Timings: All-day

Pro tip: You could book a private vehicle or else public transport is available to reach here from Jakarta.

29) Day Trip to Puncak Safari Park

Another thing to do near Jakarta is to head south to visit the city of Bogor. Visit the beautiful botanical garden herein an expanse of 210 acres with over 14,000 varieties of tropical plants. Be amazed at the French roses and orchids. Go on to see the Safari Park Cisarua Bogor take a tour of the jungle and be close to wildlife. A great place to visit near Jakarta Indonesia is a visit to the Puncak Plantation to relax in the countryside scenery. This is the perfect tour to take with the family.

 Recommended for: Families, tourists

 Location: Puncak Highland, Bogor

 Average Price: $18.00 per traveler

 Timings: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Pro tip: You get an opportunity to learn about the industrial process involved in making quality tea.


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