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The Perfect Girls Trip Awaits

No Boys Allowed, Obviously!

Can’t wait to read this blog? (Aww thanks bestie!) Well, you’re either (a) planning a trip with your girl gang or (b) desperately in need of one. Either way, we’ve got you! Get ready to take notes because everyone deserves to live their dream movie-montage lives at least once. Or, maybe even thrice! After all, girls just wanna have fun! That’s why we’ve scoured the digital world to find the best places for an amazing girls trip. Bar-hopping the night away? Check. De-stressing by the beachside? Heck yeah. Sipping coladas by the pool? Of course!

And if you can’t hustle your girls to take that long-awaited girl’s trip right this second, don’t sweat it. We’ve got three great tools that you can use to make this epic girl’s trip your girl gang’s priority. Enter manifesting, FOMO, and Pinterest!

So, hurry up and get started on *the talk* already because your dream vacation is calling! No time to waste sitting hunched over at your desk when you can chill at the beach with your girls by your side and bottomless mimosas in your hand! Without further ado, here’s a list of destination suggestions for the ultimate girls’ trips for your handy-dandy reference. So, go ahead and start planning! Live your best lives but don’t forget to pack SPF or else we’ll yell at you.

SPAIN – Best For Beachside Sipping

The Perfect Girls Trip Awaits

A true girls trip calls for spicy margaritas and poolside drinks, am I right or am I right? So, with that in mind, dare I recommend the picture-perfect Spain? 

Spain is capital-S Stunning, and drinks aren’t the only thing worth obsessing over. Spain is known for its mouth-watering culinary delights, wild beauty, adrenaline-pumping bullfights, beautiful architecture, pristine beaches, etc. Pro-tip; Be ready to throw your diets out the window! This is the destination where your girl gang can chow down on some of the best food you’ll ever eat. Make sure you try the world-famous paella valenciana. *Chef’s Kiss*

Moreover, you’ll be mesmerised by the gorgeous vistas, the majestic mountain ranges, the warm Mediterranean waters, the historical cathedrals and of course, the delicious food. With its dive bars, artisan clothing shops, and quaint bistros, Spain has been making its mark as the capital of cool. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Spain offers luxury living at its finest. Life is a fiesta here, and you are all invited. 

DUBAI – Best For An OTT Long Weekend


Show us a more luxe girls getaway destination than Dubai, the city of Gold. (Um, a major flex!) A true oasis for travellers, Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is opulence personified. Nestled next to the Persian Gulf Coast and surrounded by the desert on the other side. The geography of Dubai is just as fascinating as the city itself.

Known for its remarkable architecture, glittering skyline, luxurious hotels, magnificent shopping malls, indulgent spas, and impeccable hospitality, Dubai embodies a mysterious fusion of deep-rooted traditions and futuristic vision encapsulated in a fascinating desert splendour. The City of Gold has (almost) everything you and your gals need for an OTT holiday trip. Glitz and glamour galore!

FRANCE – Best For Cultural Connoisseurs

All set to live your ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ fantasy?

Pack your best blister-proof walking shoes because trust me—you’ll need them with ‘the cobblestone cruisin’ to be experienced in this centuries-old destination. Presenting France, the epitome of bucolic bliss, fine cheese, gentle pastures, romantic chateaux, intoxicating vineyards, delicate petits fours, perfectly manicured landscapes… umm, I could go on forever. As the back-to-school crowds filter out, take advantage and stroll through the quintessential French villages and vineyards in peace. You can select from a myriad of wine tours, led by local winemakers. Translation; You can stroll, sip and chomp the finest cheese paired with a glass of house red strolling through the aromatic vineyards.

So, begin your day with an authentic French breakfast and head to the banks of the Seine to soak in art, fashion, and the world’s best food and wine. Spend a day admiring the iconic art pieces at the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay. Take your girlfriends on a date with history at Versailles. Don’t forget the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the world-famous avenue Champs-Élysées, and more. They will serve as the perfect backdrop for your #SistersBeforeMisters pic. France is a dream come true for travellers around the world, thanks to its strollable streets, incredible food scene, and quaint little shops

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MALDIVES – Best For Going All Out

Maldives, girl trip

If you and your gang are looking for the ultimate place to revive, rejuvenate, and relax with a hefty side of adventure, take a trip to dreamy Maldives right now. This is the place to go ALL OUT! Whether you’re a novice to scuba diving or part mermaid, Maldives is known for its vibrant marine life, unbelievable underwater views, and wide range of water activities. You can even go swimming with nurse sharks and dolphins. Don’t forget to dive deep to say hello to turtles and schools of fish. One time I saw a trio of seahorses! I kid you not! 

Not really your vibe? Don’t fret!

Does your heart yearn for the warm embrace of a tranquil beach and that sun-kissed glow? Well, you do have the option of relaxing on the beach all day! Hey, no judgement here! If, like us, your sole aspiration involves unwinding upon the sandy shores, then booking a luxurious beachside property will fit the bill! And when you’re ready to ‘rise & shine’, hop on to the jet skis parked beside your overwater villa and jet off to a sun-soaked day of aquatic adventures.

MALAYSIA – Best For De-stressing, Pronto


Ready to surf your troubles away? Few destinations are as picturesque as Malaysia. If you’ve ever thought of Malaysia as an untouched paradise, you were right! This very remote (very gorg) remote group of islands squeezed between azure blue waters is idyllic for more reasons than just one! With hundreds of islands, tranquil beaches, prime surf spots, coral reefs, and gorgeous hiking trails, everything about Malaysia screams idyll and serenity! 

Now, assuming you’ve settled into your luxe over-water villa and are ready to explore, here are some of the island recommendations to make this the #bestgirlstripever. Start by making your way to Lankayan Island & Layang Layang Island for an insane snorkelling and whale-watching experience. Adventure seekers can visit Kapas Island and Payar Island for thrilling Jungle treks! Take a trip to Penang Island and Pangkor Island to get a real taste of Malaysia and relish the Malay cuisine.

For a much needed dose of sanity, visit Tenggol Island and Lang Tengah Island. Or if you’re long overdue for a pampering sesh, Mataking Island is the place to be! Go off the grid with your gals and book an overwater villa at the island’s iconic waterfront resort. The relaxing massages are a can’t-miss, just like the views of the island. The best part, though, you can easily spend at least a week in this paradise! All you need is the might of Zeus to plan your all-girls getaway! So, get planning!

NORWAY – Best For Whimsical Wanderers

Norway, Girl trip

From cruising the fjords and wild camping to cities full of culture and incredible food, this destination wears all its garbs with élan. Enter Norway, an adventurer’s wonderland, a photographer’s inspiration, a painter’s muse, and a culture vulture’s utopia. This Scandinavian slice of heaven-on-earth is graced with an abundance of stunning natural beauty and rich culture. And Norway’s official travel guide describes it perfectly, ‘Nature by day, culture by night’. You’ll be in awe of its magnificent Midnight Sun and transcendent Northern Lights.

Even a train ride in Norway is a thing of beauty. Every frame is full of scenic landscapes, vibrant hues, and natural wonders. The motherland of the Vikings, Norway has an amazing outdoor culture where long treks and camping under the stars are more common than you think. In fact, camping is a family affair and hiking the challenging Besseggen Ridge is considered a rite of passage and age is just a number. Traditions are a treasured part of Norwegian culture and are intricately imbibed into day-to-day life. The country displays its love for art and culture via museums, theatre and numerous cultural festivals. 

Norway deserves to be EXPLORED. This is the place where you can go out and about, stuffing your bag of memories with swoon-worthy Insta shots, unforgettable sights, unique experiences, and the pictures of a perfect girls trip. After all Norway’s splendour is bestowed with a bit of magic and this is your chance to experience it.

BALI – Best For Spiritual Sisters


Listen up girls! It’s time to graduate from that ‘too cool for school’ spring break vibes and get ready to embrace the serenity of Bali, a destination that screams sybaritic splendour and Edenesque bliss. Bali is perfect for girls who treasure their inner peace and are looking for a dose of spirituality during their vacation. Because, let’s be honest, you can’t get closer to spiritual paradise than Bali. With its soft, shimmering beaches throwing a kaleidoscopic haze of blues, lush paddy fields, and stunning waterfalls, it’s hardly a surprise that the island is a hot spot for spirituality seekers. You can book a stay at any of the indulgent wellness retreats and spend your days trying relaxing wellness treatments at the spa, attending traditional healing ceremonies, or taking private yoga lessons. But that’s not all! 

Although it may be tempting to hole up in your dreamy resort, the natural beauty of Bali has a certain allure! So, when you’re ready to explore and enjoy amazing adventures, you can choose from guided snorkel tours, a hike through the Mayan jungle, sampling the local delicacies, savouring some of the freshest seafood, and more. Bali is a haven of peace, privacy and indulgence, making it an ideal Zenscape for you and your girlfriends. Before you know it, you’ll be spending the day lazing around on the sandy beaches with a Bintang or fresh coconut in hand. Just a warning note: Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave! So without further ado, book your tickets now!

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ZANZIBAR – Best For Zen-Seekers


The allure of Zanzibar is timeless. White sands and turquoise waters ring the island, and African, Indian, Arabic and Persian influences intertwine in Stone Town to form a rich cultural backdrop. 

‘Exotic’ barely covers the timeless allure of Zanzibar. Mirage-like beaches with salt-white sand and turquoise waters encase the island. This mythical, UNESCO-listed stone town is an ancient melting pot where African, Indian, Arabic and Persian influences intertwine to form a rich cultural background. Perfect for those who love to explore the outdoors, Zanzibar is nothing short of an enchanting destination. The warm, spicy aroma of the cloves fill the bazaars while majestic Gothic churches harmonise with elegant domed mosques and intricate Persian hammams. After spending your days strolling through the streets (and getting all of those Insta-worthy pics for all you ‘Insta Aficionados’), take a peek into the underwater world of Zanzibar. Swim, snorkel or just lounge the hours away, while shoals of luminous fish meander through coral gardens and playful dolphins dance offshore.

Pro tip: Send it to your group chat immediately with tentative dates and watch your dream vacation unfold. 

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