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Top 9 Places For Solo Female Travel In 2023 : Fun Things To Do & More

All you ladies out there are you willing to head out on a solo travel adventure? This is an exciting and unique experience and we will help you check out the safest and best places to visit to travel as a solo woman traveller. Travel includes discovering cultures, making new friends, exploring adventures, witnessing attractions and so much more. Here is a list of  9 countries that we recommend for solo female travel in 2023, for a sense of renewed wanderlust.

Solo Female Travel In 2023: Top 9 Places

Dubai, UAE

Top 9 Places For Solo Female Travel In 2022 : Fun Things To Do & More

Dubai caters to all and is one of the best places to visit as a woman. With crime rates down in point figures and with glitzy and glamorous attractions to keep you entertained. The happening cosmopolitan city is home to plenty of ex-pat communities and is one of the best country for solo female travel in 2002. 

  • Explore highlights such as the landmark Burj Khalifa with a visit to the 124th-floor observation deck.
  • Indulge in the magical Desert Safari with BBQ and dinner onboard the Dhow Cruise along the shimmering Dubai Marina for a wonderful sightseeing experience of the Dubai skyline while embracing Arabic hospitality. 
  • Savour international cuisine at the fancy and high-end dining venues. 
  • Don’t forget to shop at one of the world-class malls i.e. The Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates and more.

Finland, Europe


Finland is a paradise for nature lovers also popular as the land of the midnight sun. This is another best country to visit solo as a woman. The exquisite European destination ranks number one according to the World Economic Forum as the safest country for female solo travel. 

  • Take a day trip to Turku for the best cultural and historical buildings. 
  • Visit the Santa Claus Village in Lapland and tick off a bucket list attraction of the Northern Lights.  
  • Spend time at the Chocolate Factory in Porvoo and explore the picturesque landscape of the perfect medieval town. 
  • Gorge delicious quality food in the supermarkets and the city`s market hall to sample local staples.

Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Saudi Arabia, Solo Female Travel in 2022

Discover Saudi Arabia to sightsee the iconic cities of Riyadh, Al Ula, Jeddah and more. New Saudi beckons with breathtaking attractions such as Al Masmak Fortress, National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Bujairi Park and Diriyah Museum among others. Strict Islamic laws have softened and gender segregation isn’t a major issue anymore. This is a perfect place for solo female travel in 2023

  • Explore Bujairi Park, a National Park in Diriyah, one of the top attractions here to experience nature and picnic vibes. 
  • The At-Turaif Historical site is a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s culture. Or travel to AlUla, a magical place of heritage and natural wonders.
  • Drive to Jabal Al Raqssat with the help of a tour guide to a wide variety of rock inscriptions that are remnants of traces of ancient cultures and religions. 
  • Relish traditional dishes that are wholesome and hearty that pair well with Arabic coffee.



Recharge in the fascinating country made up of idyllic islands, museums, coastal towns and a mosaic of landscapes. This is yet another best country to visit for women. Greece is very safe and the locals are warm and welcoming.

  • Feel lucky to be among natural beauty again at Lake Plastira surrounded by chestnut and oak trees. 
  • Walk around the island of Thira, Santorini covered with Cycladic homes that soak in the Greek sunlight.
  • Visit the Acropolis in Athens made of sparkling marble, marvel at the Doric columns and more. 
  • Have a meal at the Greek tavern and relish pies, kleftiko and horiatiki paired well with a glass of wine to enjoy your evening. 

The Maldives, South Asia

Maldives, Solo Female Travel in 2022

The Maldives, a nation island on the Indian Ocean is one of the perfect places for solo female travel in 2023. Book a luxury resort and head off solo, a holiday you may just need. Wake up to pleasant sea breeze and exotic ocean views in the Maldives which promises ecstasy and Maldivian charm. There are room offers for singles, ferry rides that are easily accessible and plenty of activities to enjoy solo.

  • Head out to soak in the pleasures of a spa treatment and explore the different watersports and excursions on offer. 
  • Splash in the freshwater outdoor swimming pool or feel a sense of inner wellbeing at the several yoga sessions held on the island. 
  • Experience dining by the ocean with mesmerizing views and soak in the solitude. Treat yourself to the best island resort holiday, solo.
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New Zealand, Oceania

New Zealand

New Zealand ranks top as the number one destination to visit for a female traveller by The Travel Women. An outdoor wonderland with beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains and a burgeoning food scene, New Zealand truly is your best country to visit solo. Getting around is easy, locals are friendly and the native language is English.

  • Witness spectacular places in the Coromandel Peninsula such as Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach with underlying geothermal hot springs. 
  • Take a break by the little lake called Lake Taupo and go on the legendary trek up 12 miles across dramatic natural scenery at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. 
  • Visit the Hawkes Bay Area, the second-largest wine region specializing in Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 
  • Experience the glacier-sculpted Fiordland National Park which protects some spectacular scenery and is a World Heritage Site.

Iceland, Europe


Iceland with the world’s most awesome vistas lies just outside the Arctic Circle. Reykjavík, the capital city is home to bars, restaurants and every corner buzzes with the excitement of off-the-venue acts, making it just the right place for solo female travel in 2023. 

  • Watch the gathering of seals and the floating blue icebergs. 
  • Reynisfjara Beach is astounding with its basalt columns and black sands.
  • The island nation is among the best places to visit for gushing waterfalls, underground ice caves, Aurora Borealis and towering volcanoes. 
  • Strokkur Geysir (after which all geysers get their name) is the most popular fountain geyser in the country and the world over.

Canada, North America

Canada, Solo Female Travel in 2022

Go on a holiday with the friendliest people in the world. Canadians ensure that their country is one of the best country to travel for women. Here are a few fun solo escapades to explore in beautiful Canada. 

  • Skiing, ice fishing and ice climbing in Alberta, the winter wonderland is a stand-out experience. 
  • The perfect place for solitude with thousands of lakes and white-sandy beaches, Winnipeg welcomes the solo traveller to a multi-day canoeing adventure. 
  • Enjoy the many cafes in Old Montreal and visit museums and restaurants among beautiful people that are incredibly fashion-forward and friendly. 
  • Explore spectacular landscapes in a country surrounded by multiculturalism.

Switzerland, Europe


Swiss travel is easy, safe and convenient for solo female travel in 2023. Backpacking, hiking, walking tours, cultural tours, pub crawls and more await you. 

  • Take a hiking expedition in The Rugen, Interlaken. Which is a quick 30 to 40-minute hike to the top for amazing views of the city. 
  • Join others in the Interlaken walking tour to discover hideaways and beautiful surroundings along with the history of the place. 
  • Take a tour of Mount Titlis in the Ice Flyer, a top attraction in Engelberg.
  • Witness epic waterfalls in Oeschinensee at the canton of Bern. A popular lake with rock cairns that you can walk under.
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