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10 Most Incredible Staycation Spots in India

Enjoy a vivacious staycation in India. Step out of boredom to join the world of leisure, joy, safety, and beauty. Further, prepare to rejuvenate at the most gorgeous staycation spots in India and spend time admiring the blossoming beauty of the serene nature. Also, experience life like a celebrity in the extraordinarily opulent setups. Hence, laud the exquisite decors and revel in the exceptional chambers for a zestful holiday.

Best Staycations Spots in India for Eco Retreat Lovers

1. The Tree House Resort, Jaipur

This 4-star sanctuary is otherworldly as it offers intimate encounters with the lush green beauty of India. So, admire the enchanting views from your well-facilitated accommodations. Moreover, the finely-crafted decor appears homely.  Its safe, private, and fun scenes are the prime highlights. 

  • Location: Chandwaji, Jaipur, India
  • Facilities: Standard Room, varied fun activities, flavorful Indian cuisines, forest access, top-class amenities, and much more.

2. Vythiri Resorts, Kerala

This 4-star resort is a replica of the cozy embrace of nature covered in luxury. In addition, it offers an exquisite jungle getaway. Further, the animated surroundings of the dense mountain trails look fab. So, get on your trekking boots and explore the rich Indian flora and fauna.  

  • Location: Wayanad, Kerala, India
  • Facilities: Spa, Ayurveda center, multi-cuisine restaurants, coffee shop, health club, swimming pool, gaming room, Tv salon, kids park, natural pool, and much more.

Best Staycation Spots in India for Beach Lovers

3. Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray, Puducherry

Sophistication sits on the laps of this shiny beach resort. Also, it is easily accessible from Puducherry Airport. Its classic spots treat you with complete coastal feels and upscale displays. So, wake up to the melody of lively sea waves and exotic palm trees. Further, admire the enrapturing sunrise views from your beachfront accommodations. 

  • Location: Pondicherry, India
  • Facilities: Jacuzzi, Infinity Pool, Spacious Rooms, Spa and Wellness Center, and much more.

4. ITC Grand Goa, Resort and Spa

The ITC Grand is a promising Resort & Spa offering true Goan delights. The hotel is embellished with stunning Indo-Portuguese styles. On top of that, the vintage setups project unmatched excellence. So, treat yourself with world-class experiences and amusing activities.

  • Location: Goa, India
  • Facilities: Golf, Cycling, Archery, Fishing, Spa, Kids Pool, Gift Shop, Well-Organized Accommodations

Best Boutique and Spa Staycation Spots in India

5. Jungle Retreat, Masinagudi

The hotel is fashioned exactly the way you would imagine an exotic jungle retreat would be. Besides, the majestic ambiance and well-equipped amenities are fairly engaging. So, enjoy warm services and rejuvenate amidst the wilderness. In addition, stay in the fab and cozy rooms that reminisce the wonders of nature. 

  • Location: Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Facilities: Pool, extraordinary massage services, special diet menus, amazing accommodations, and much more.

6. Ri Kynjai – Serenity by The Lake, Shillong

The resort is a ‘wow-place’ to be at. Further, it features spacious hut-style cottages and many exceptional facilities. Also, the locale is just a drive away from Shillong. Besides, the ethnic Khasi hospitality is the flag bearer of its extravagance. So, leisure in the luxe amenities and praise the charms of this boutique hotel.

  • Location: Shillong, Meghalaya, India
  • Facilities: Beautiful treks, boat rides, island picnics, Golf sessions, Live Music, Relaxing Spa Treatments, and much more.

Best Staycation Spots in India for Mountain Lovers

7. Wildflower Hall, Shimla

The resort is a marvelous mix of cozy comfort and stunning scenery! Also, the furnished rooms open the doors to majestic Himalayan views. Hence, it is completely under the spell of natural magnificence. Further, the hilly hotel is flooded with the fragrance of the cedar forest. So, enjoy a memorable holiday in nature’s embrace away from the city chaos. 

  • Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Facilities: Premier Valley View Rooms, Deluxe Suites, spa, cafe, massage center, fun activities like hiking or mountain biking, and much more.

8. Ging Tea House, Darjeeling

The serene staycation is set amidst the majestic mountain areas. In addition, it is soaked up in the charms of encircling natural beauty. Enjoy the cool breeze with soft rays of the sun that make your mornings refreshing. So, stroll in the garden, trek in the mountains, and enjoy the promising atypical facilities. The place also boasts of embellished colonial architecture in every corner.

  • Location: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India 
  • Facilities: Blue Lady Suits, Spring Suite, Nature Day trips, Mountain trekking, Air-conditioned rooms, amazing dining experiences, and much more.

Best Luxury Staycation Spots in India

9. The Oberoi, Bengaluru

Dwell like royalty with a 5-star staycation in India. The grand hotel is located in the heart of Bengaluru. The luxurious chambers of this hotel spell perfection. Its prepossessing decor is also one of its prime highlights. So, admire the unrivaled aura and revel in Oberoi’s signature standard plus enjoy the celebrity treatment. 

  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Facilities: Spa, Room with Attached Balcony, a lavish pool, on-call helping staff, amazing pool-side dining areas, parking place, and much more.

10. Taj Palace, New Delhi

The luxury house is an epitome of perfection because it is spread over six acres of gorgeous greenery and, the grand facades are fashioned with modish Mughal architecture. The palace graciously also holds around 403 elegant suites. Not just that, its elegant interiors and exceptional facilities are a sheer wonder. You can also savor your taste buds with traditional Indian cuisines to Continental-European cuisines in its private dining spot. 

  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Facilities: Deluxe suites, a relaxing spa, a huge pool, lush green spaces, en-suite bathrooms, private dining room, parking area, Wi-Fi, and much more.
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