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15 Heavenly Places To Visit In Switzerland You Just Can`t Miss

Switzerland is a countryside littered with lakes, ancient wonders, breathtaking mountain peaks and a whole host of great places to visit. There is so much packed into Switzerland that exploring the stunning beauty of this unforgettable Alpine gem is a discovery. The beautiful country with crystal clear lakes, towering mountains, little villages and a whole lot of chocolate and cheese is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. With so many top places to see in Switzerland, we put together the 15 best. Our guide will let you in on the best that Switzerland has to offer where there is something for everyone. So, read on for popular places in Switzerland you just can’t miss.

Best Places To Visit In Switzerland

The Matterhorn – a blissful mountain in the Alps

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn Switzerland is a mountain that stands at an impressive 4478 meters. It is a thrill for mountaineers to attempt the summit, one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. It is home to the highest cable car station in the Alps which offers incredible views of the mountain peak and beyond. The pyramid-shaped giant is one of the most popular places in Switzerland for photographers.

Why visit: Matterhorn Museum, Gornergrat Observation platform, Theodul glacier and more.

Insider tip: The Gornergrat train and the Klein Matterhorn cableway operate all year round.

Mt. Titlis – an incredible hill station in Switzerland

Mt Titlis

Mt. Titlis is at 10,000 feet above sea level, the famed mountain that offers cable car rides, skiing, and a cliff walk on Europe’s highest suspension bridge.  This is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland where you get a chance to explore the Ice Grotto glacier caves. Take the Titlis Rotair Gondola that weaves up to Mt. Titlis on a fascinating 45 minutes cable car ride and provides you with 360 degrees of panoramic views in the world’s first revolving cable car. This is one of the top summer destinations in Switzerland.

Why visit: Cliff walk, a natural ice cave, boat ride on Trubee, outdoor restaurant, panoramic views and more.

Insider tip: Make sure you wear good shoes and bring a warm jacket. Don’t forget your sunglasses.

Lucerne – a bucket-list Swiss city


The beautiful city is located at the northern tip of Lake Lucerne, one of the top places in Switzerland. Visit the century-old wooden chapel bridge (Kapellbrucke), and the famous Lion Monument (Lowendenkmal) built in honor of the Swiss guards who were massacred during the French Revolution. Among the other top tourist attractions in Switzerland is the Spreuerbrucke, a traditional wooden bridge of Lucerne. Head out to enjoy shopping in the Old Town and Pilatusstrasse for souvenirs, popular things to do in Lucerne. Pick the best time to visit Switzerland, which is the summer months.

Why visit: Lake Lucerne, The Museggmauer and its nine towers, The Chapel Bridge, Mount Pilatus, Gotthard Panorama Express and more.

Insider tip: Don’t forget to bring your camera as the Lake Lucerne region should be seen through the lens.

St. Moritz – a classy resort town

St. Moritz

The town boasts of the oldest bobsleigh run in the world and is a blend of glamour, sport and exotic natural views, a unique Alpine metropolis. This top place to visit in Switzerland is known for its reputed mineral springs that inspired the town’s spa tradition. Experience shopping thrills at Via Serlas for trendy fashions and go on to see Segantini Museum which displays the art of the renowned painter Giovanni Segantini. Try a funicular ride up to the mountain peaks or a cable car experience to Diavolezza among the popular places in Switzerland. 

Why visit: Shimmering lakes, fairytale forests, museums, boutiques, rich culture and more.

Insider tip: Visit the quaint towns and villages nearby the town for local cultural vibes.

Geneva – nestled between lakes and mountains


Visit the Palais des Nations which is the United Nations headquarters in Europe, a top attraction in Geneva.  Among the things to do in Geneva is to sightsee the beautiful Jardin Anglais (English Garden) that boasts of the famous Flower Clock. Admire the large fountain in Europe, the Jet d’Eau, a city’s landmark attraction. Lake Leman or Lake Geneva in Switzerland offers astounding views of natural beauty. Dive into the heart of this unique city with its thriving local life, nestled between the lake and the mountains. This is a famous family destination in Switzerland.

Why visit: Cultural melting pot, international organizations, Lake Geneva cruise, luxury watches and more.

Insider tip: The best time to visit Geneva is when the Switzerland weather is cool and breezy during summer.

Zurich – the financial capital


Stroll at leisure in the most populated city of Switzerland, Zurich. This is also the financial and cultural capital of the country and has been noted twice for its best quality of life worldwide. Proceed on a boat tour across Zurich Lake for about two hours, a top thing to do in Zurich. The boat makes brief stops that allow us to take in the beauty of the villages such as  Rapperswil, a popular place in Zurich. Here you can spend time in the medieval village with picturesque views. The ‘City of Roses’ is famous for the Rapperswil Castle that lies on the shores of Lake Zurich, among the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Why visit: Luxurious capital, high-end shopping, delicious chocolates, Lake Zurich, colorful architecture, Swiss Alps Switzerland and more

Insider tip: The fascinating city is perfectly arranged for sightseeing on foot.

Interlaken – sandwiched between two lakes


The fabulous landscapes, sparkling lakes and mountain backdrop views make an amazing experience. Stop at Grindelwald for a coffee break before proceeding on a cable car ride to the top of the mountain. Walk along winding pathways that lead to the ‘footbridge over the empty’. This is a daring walk along the bridge amid glaciers and beautiful scenery. You can visit Hoheweg Interlaken’s main street, home to several hotels, restaurants, cafes, local shops and night venues.  Interlaken in Switzerland is an astounding place to visit and very romantic.

Why visit: Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, hiking, surrounding mountains, beautiful summer sunshine and more.

Insider tip: Embark on a lake cruise and sail across the calm waters, soaking up the rays.

Jungfrau – an icy wonderland


Proceed to Lauterbrunnen by train and board another train to Mt Jungfraujoch. You have reached Europe’s highest railway station. The track leads through the mountains of Eiger and Mönch, up to incomparable panoramas of the surrounding peaks and the Aletsch Glacier. Visit the beautiful Ice Palace, enjoy a panoramic view from the Sphinx Observation Terrace and get breathtaking views of the Aletsch Glacier,  Europe’s longest Glacier. This is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland also known as the ‘Top of Europe’. 

Why visit: The Sphinx, panoramic views, ice palace, indoor viewing terraces, restaurants, Aletsch Glacier and more.

Insider tip: The Jungfraujoch is also home to the space-age-like weather station, The Sphinx, which is a must-visit.

Zermatt Mountain Resort – magnificent ski-beauty 

Zermatt Mountain Resort

Zermatt Mountain Resort is among the best winter places in Switzerland. The train ride to the resort would go through the city of Visp. The beautiful town is at an elevation of around 1600 meters lined with boutiques, shops, hotels, and restaurants and has a very lively ski scene. Enjoy views of the iconic pyramid-shaped and world-famous Matterhorn peak. The town is a car-free zone with a lot of outdoor fun activities, a Switzerland best place to see. Zermatt boasts  Europe’s highest ski resort. Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world congregate in Zermatt, to enjoy skiing in the Swiss Alps Switzerland. 

Why visit: Exotic landscape, nature, magnificent slopes for skiing, snowboarding, cyclist mountain trails and more.

Insider tip: Zermatt Alpin Center offers expert guides for climbers year-round that you can use.

The Glacier Express – for an amazing train ride

The Glacier Express

Board the world-famous Glacier Express, a fun thing to do in Switzerland. Get ready for the time of your life as you witness spectacular views of the beautiful landscapes. While onboard, you will be guided by commentary via headphones with an accompanying guidebook, so you don’t miss a single sight along the way. The Glacier Express is a direct train from Zermatt to St. Moritz, a journey of 8 hours across 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. Also referred to as the ‘slowest express train in the world’, the journey gives you ample time to feel part of the spectacular experience and is the most scenic sightseeing trip. View gorgeous mountainous terrains of the Swiss Alps Switzerland as you go past the Obara pass at 2033 meters above sea level. 

Why visit: Magnificent views, unique slowest train experience, varied landscape sight-seeiing and more.

Insider tip: The Glacier Express is among the 10 most beautiful train rides in the world and the menu is surprisingly gourmet and varied.

Engelberg – pretty little alpine town


This hidden place in Switzerland is a beauty where the expanse of the mountains are blissful. Ride on natural ungroomed terrain in one of the top places to visit in Switzerland for couples. Engelberg is famous as a mountain resort and offers a combination of sports facilities and fabulous alpine views. This village resort has a monastery at 1013 m, a top tourist attraction in Switzerland. It is one of Switzerland best places for outdoor enthusiasts with its sporty flair. Engelberg- Mt. Titlis is the top winter place in Switzerland known for its snow and breath-taking mountain views.

Why visit: Ski slopes, warm hospitality, chocolates & cheese, mesmerizing landscapes, Engelberg Abbey and more.

Insider tip: Best time if you are a fan of winter sports is January and February.

Rhine Falls – Europe’s most powerful fall

Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are located on the High Rhine, one of the top attractions in Switzerland. It is an amazing spectacle to see the huge volumes of water fall over the rocks across a width of 150 m. Don’t miss the journey to the Rhine Falls Basin where a footpath leads to the thundering waterfalls. You could take boat trips on the Rhine Falls, a highlight thing to do in Switzerland. View the top tourist attraction in Switzerland from the Schloss Laufen platform. You could take the Rhyfall Express from Schaffhausen to the Rhine Falls, a famous thing to do in Switzerland.

Why visit: Laufen Castle, Europe`s  thundering waterfall, sights and sounds of natural splendor, boat trips, Adventure Park and more.

Insider tip: Visit the elegant restaurant at the cliff top with a spectacular lift.

Swiss National Park – dramatic scenery and ski trails

Swiss National park

The oldest reserve in the Alps is located in the Engadine Valley and a popular place in Switzerland. It is more than 170 km of area filled with fast-flowing rivers, limestone crags and flower dotted hollows. View the dramatic scenery of forested mountains covered in a blanket of snow. Try the cross-country ski trails that are stunning in one of the best places in Switzerland. The park is located  on the border of Italy and is a nature-lovers paradise. Check-out more than 5000 species of wildlife that call the park their home and more than 1000 species of birds.

Why visit: Hiking paths, excursions, treki trails, wildlife, a family destination, nature park experiences, ecosystems and more.

Insider tip: There is a small 17 minutes film to watch at the visitors center, a good watch about the top family destination in Switzerland.

Bern – the dreamy Swiss capital


Bern is one of the best places in Switzerland and the capital city. It is famous for medieval architecture nestled along the Aare River. The top tourist attractions in Switzerland here include the Swiss Parliament, Old Town and the Federal Palace among others.  It is popular as the city of fountains and is beautiful with its historic centre. The picturesque Bern also offers the Bear Park, Rosengarten, the water fountains, The Cathedral of St. Vincent`s Gothic tower and more. Bern also spelt as Berne is located in the west-central part of the country, a popular place in Switzerland.

Why visit: World class art at Kunstmuseum, Old Town, Einstein Museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site and more.

Insider tip: Airbnb homestays are available for comfortable accommodation among plenty other options.

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Lausanne – a city on the Swiss Riviera


Lausanne is filled with cathedrals, castles, stunning scenery and more. This is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland with Renaissance and Baroque architecture in the Old Town. The scenic waterfront along Lake Geneva in Switzerland is mind-blowing. It is a hidden place in Switzerland like a hidden gem with an off-the-beaten-path place to visit. The city sits atop tree hills that look on the lake with spectacular views. Many writers over centuries have been inspired by its natural beauty and mesmerizing sights.

Why visit: Olympic Museum, Olympic Park, medieval facade, Gothic Cathedral,  Palais de Rumine Museum

Insider tip: Lots of wine is grown in and around the city, so don’t miss sipping on exquisite wine.

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