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Best Souvenirs In Dubai: What And Where To Buy?

Dubai, the shopping haven is also called the Middle East’s ‘City of Gold’. You are in an Emirate with limitless shopping options in its gorgeous malls and souks, including DSF Dubai. You cannot visit Dubai and come back empty-handed. There are several souvenirs to buy in Dubai from traditional buys, jewellery, Arabic lanterns, to interesting footwear, spices and more. We help you choose the perfect souvenirs to carry back memories of your holiday. Here are the most popular souvenirs to buy in Dubai and where to buy them from. Happy Shopping!

Best Souvenirs In Dubai: What And Where To Buy?

Arabic Dallah for a Traditional Cup of Coffee

Best Souvenirs In Dubai: Arabic Dallah

A traditional coffee pot designed is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Dubai. These beautiful coffee pots are also known as ‘dallah’. Usually made of copper and rimmed with gold and silver, this is quite a souvenir to take home. These pots can also be used for decorative purposes as well. Don’t forget to buy pre-packed Arabic coffee beans especially if you are a coffee lover.

Where to Buy? Dubai Souks, The Mall of Dubai (Dubai Mall), Dubai Coffee Museum, supermarkets, Wafi Mall in Dubai

Average Price: Starts from $5.44 upwards

Camel Milk Chocolate for Your Dessert Tooth

A favourite buy especially for children, camel milk delicacies are a must-buy. The enticing taste is unique to the chocolates and is produced by only one company, Al Nassma. Plus, there are a lot of varieties to choose from such as whole milk, macadamia, dates, cocoa, and spiced. Look for the most recommended ones that are in the shape of camels.

Where to Buy? Al Nassma kiosks at The Dubai Mall, The Palm, Bab Al Shams Hotel, Camelicious camel farm, Emirates  Tower Hotel, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Camel Company Outlet at Outlet Mall Dubai, Dubai online duty-free, Burj Al Arab

Average Price:  From $11.98 to $44.92

Arabic Perfumed Oil to Soothe Your Senses

Best Souvenirs In Dubai: Arabic Attars

Arabic Attars is a traditional item popular for its aromatic fragrance. It is a widely famous souvenir in Dubai, and it contains alcohol-free oils prepared from plant sources. The various scents and sizes come from a wide range of Attar options. Look for special ones that are a blend of various scents. The perfumed oils are available for men and women.

Where to Buy? Souks in Deira, shops in The Mall of Dubai (The Dubai Mall), Neemah at The Dubai Mall, Ghawali at The Dubai Mall, fragrance shops in Outlet Mall Dubai, airport shops, Swiss Arabian in Downtown Dubai, Wafi Mall, Outlet Village Dubai

Average Price: From $24.50

Arabian Dates that are Full of Iron

Pick up excellent quality dried fruits and dates, available in many malls and date souks. Arabian dates are a specialty and are a popular gift during Ramadan. Dates are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, copper, and other nutrients. Pick this little power snack, a favourite souvenir to buy in Dubai. Additionally, you will find plenty of assortments to suit your taste while you shop for Arabian Dates in Dubai.

Where to Buy? Carrefour Dubai Mall, Dates Souk, Dubai City Centre, The Walk JBR, Festival City, The Mall of Dubai (Dubai Mall), Al Naeem Mall, Town Centre Jumeirah

Average Price: Dates per kilo from $9.53 to $68.06

Gold Jewelry for the Royal in You

Best Souvenirs In Dubai:  Gold Souks in Dubai

The ‘City of Gold’ is a perfect destination and the best place to buy souvenirs in Dubai. From necklaces to bracelets and bangles, you can buy plenty of gold ornaments. Furthermore, the prices of jewellery are also relatively lower than any other city. You can buy diamond and platinum jewellery at reasonable prices too. Do a bit of bargaining and you can get a real good deal.

Where to Buy? Dubai Gold Souk, Gold and Diamond Park, Jewelry Stores in Malls

Average Price: $110 per gram (varies)

Dubai Spice for Your Gourmet Recipes

A perfect souvenir to buy in Dubai is the Dubai spices. Bring home a bit of Dubai with the flavours and magical aromas of the spices. If you are into cooking, then you must experience how the spices can add flavour to the taste of the cuisine. These are also ideal gift options and are sold in the markets at very reasonable prices. Also, look out for an array of small shops that sell brightly coloured spices from overflowing bags and sacks.

Where to Buy? Spice Souk, Supermarkets

Average Price: $2.72 to $6.81 per pack (varies)

Sheesha Pipe to Keep the Party Rolling

Best Souvenirs In Dubai: Hookah Pipe

The best place to buy souvenirs in Dubai is the Dubai Souks and Carrefour Dubai Mall for sheeshas. This is a truly Arabian culture to take home. Shisha smoking is an Arabian tradition that you could try. You get beautifully designed pipes of various sizes and designs. An attractive souvenir to buy in Dubai, some of the sheeshas come with two pipes as well.

Where to Buy? Carrefour Hypermarkets, Smokers Centre outlets, Dubai Souks

Average Price: From $13.61 to $100.73

Intricate Lanterns for a Romantic Interior

A traditional Middle Eastern lantern or a Moroccon lamp is a great souvenir to buy in Dubai to take Arabic hues back home. It is a perfect addition to the decor that will brighten up your living space. Made from copper and tin, you get intricate patterns and colourful lanterns. Place it on a table or hang up the lamp for brilliant sparkles of light. You can get cheaper versions in glass and aluminium. Emirati homes have Arabic lanterns as a common decor item.

Where to Buy? Karama Souk, Dragon Mart, Homes R Us

Average Price: From $8.17 to $136.12

Arabic Incense Holders for a Burst of Fragrance

Look out for incense holders that usually contain myrrh or frankincense. Take home a sweet and rich fragrance, a perfect souvenir to buy in Dubai. Rich bejewelled containers with fragrant smoke is a welcoming gesture in the Arab world. You could buy them at most malls and also at the Deira Souk. A great buy is an electric incense burner that can easily be plugged to your car’s charger.

Where to Buy? Spice Souq in Old Deira, Malls of Dubai

Average Price: $5 upwards

Arabic Footwear for a Unique Style-Quo

Best Souvenirs In Dubai: Textile Souks

A fabulous buy is the Arab styled shoes that come in a whole range of colours. Shoes for women come with little cloth balls and colourful beads. You also get the women’s version with heels. Men shoes are often slim fit that tapers at the toes. Wear the traditional Arab styled shoes and ensure that you take home a comfortable and colourful souvenir from Dubai. Choose from a traditional slip-on variety or the completely covered ones. 

Where to Buy? The Cloth Souk (Textile Souk), Al-Karama, Old Souk of Dubai

Average Price: $13.61 to $27.23

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