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10 Invincible Destinations for Solo Travellers

‘Travel far from others to get closer to yourself.” Wise words said by a solo traveler. People travel to explore and welcome change. But, solo travelers roam in search of the self. So, be your guide, challenge your fears, walk on the unplanned paths, and embrace surprises. Below, we have the perfect combination of the top destinations for solo travelers across the globe. So, are you ready to experience the magic of being solo and carefree? We’d say, ‘Yes! Bring it on’

10 Top Destinations For Solo Travellers


Destinations For Solo Travellers - Maldives

The Maldives sings the symphonies of your fancies. This beach destination is world-renowned as the traveler’s paradise. Every morning and night spent here feels heavenly. So, spend some ‘me-time’ at one of the Maldivian luxe resort spas amidst the turquoise waters and shoo all your stress away. 

Top Attractions: Meeru Island, Malé Atoll, Kuramathi, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip: 

  • It is recommended to go for early morning tours as the view of beautiful nature is simply therapeutic. 


Destinations For Solo Travellers - Africa

Kenya is fierce and lively! It is a destination for the fearless thrill-seekers. The country is renowned for its safaris that offer an insight into the majestic world of wildlife. This golden land is covered with fields that are the hiding sheds of the predators. So, get ready to embark upon a journey of unpredictable scenes. 

Top Attractions: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Mount Kenya, Diani Beach, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip: 

  • The best travel recommendation for Kenya is to go camping under the clear sky. It seems discomforting but quite exciting. 


Welcome to Dubai, the world of glam and sophistication. It is a hub of uncountable exciting adventures for solo travelers as it offers a series of fun activities. The concrete miracles, entertainment zones, and sparkling events are an absolute delight for every tourist. So, pack your bedazzling outfits and explore the city of gold. 

Top Attractions: The Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, Ski Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Must go skiing at the ski center and visit traditional souks to capture the real Dubai. Make sure to book a safari to add thrill to your escapade.


Destinations For Solo Travellers - UK

London is generously warm and welcoming. The city spells class with its praise-worthy architecture and a history of over two millennia. But, the best things to check out in London are its cafes, cuisines, and delectable street food. Maple syrup on pancakes, sugar-coated donuts, and cheezy delights are just what you need here. So, feast like there is no tomorrow while you create a vlog about London’s history.

Top Attractions: Oxford Street, Richmond Park, Leicester Square, and many other places.

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Opt for a hop-on hop-off city bus tour to explore London like a local.


Paris is the city of love but there is much more to its soul. A tour to Paris is like witnessing a  musical theatre show in a  broader aspect. Every monument, street, structure, or building has a story behind it. It is a place where solo people discover a new love for the self and life as a whole.

Top Attractions: Musée d’Orsay, Champs-Élysées, Moulin Rouge, Pastry and Wine Tours, and more. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Pre-book your day and night tours in advance.


Want to party and mingle at the sea? Bangkok is the answer for you. The sky-high urban complexes facing the serene beaches houses rooftop bars and lounges, and offer a lively nightlife. Get ready to enjoy a night full of fun and rise with the beauty of the tropics for a fulfilled holiday.

Top Attractions: ASIATIQUE The Riverfront, Pratunam Market, Khlong Mon, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Visit Bangkok’s art galleries, cultural centers, and religious centers to decipher the city’s charms from its core.


Destinations For Solo Travellers - USA

We all have heard about the tales of Las Vegas and casinos and loud party scenes. But, the city offers many amazing activities to take part in. Capture the best of this glittering city through a photographer’s lens. Check out its dramatic and intriguing cultural shows. Also, get the best culinary experiences possible and be a part of the gala parties for ultimate fun. 

Top Attractions: Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel, Metropolitan Gallery/Art Museum Las Vegas, 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Explore the amazing tourist attractions of Las Vegas like lively streets, theme parks, luxury resorts, and much more.


New York is a glam city! It is friendly and diverse when it comes to traveling. The ultra-urban ambiance of the city makes your experiences even more memorable. The shopping centers and malls house the top brands and amazing eating outlets offer you an eventful day. Also, the broadway shows held in its theaters catch the fancies of an art enthusiast.

Top Attractions: Times Square, Coney Island, Radio City Music Hall, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Do taste the street food of New York, especially the hot dog and local’s favorite cheese sandwiches. 


Rio De Janeiro is a festive locale with amazing shows that take place every now and then. Its impeccably gorgeous beach areas are a perfect spot to tan up a bit and later enjoy the beauty of the sunset. So, pack your beach attire and relax in the embrace of nature.  Or, explore the dense forested areas and hills that are perfect for hikers. 

Top Attractions: Christ the Redeemer, Tijuca National Park, Arpoador, and many other places. 

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Enjoy the sea cuisines as a bonus that are an absolute treat to the taste buds.


Destinations For Solo Travellers - Canada

Toronto, the Canadian city is a mecca of soaring skyscrapers and many iconic landmarks. Winters are truly magical in Toronto and offer fun and exciting skiing experiences throughout the season. Toronto has something to offer everyone, whether a laid back soul, a nature lover, or an adventurer. So, make the best of your holiday here.

Top Attractions: Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Scarborough Bluffs Park, and many other places.

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Catch a game of ice hockey if you can during your trip here.

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