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Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan – His Personal Life, Significant Achievements and More

The sudden demise of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan on 13th May 2022, the president of the United Arab Emirates and a significant global leader, has left the world in a state of shock. From being the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to the president of the UAE, he played a prominent role in the development of his country. He carried out incredible policies in the favour of the United Arab Emirates. He was one of those who put the UAE on the world map and made it a strong nation.  No wonder leaders from across the world are offering condolences on his passing.

During his term as the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the president of the UAE from 2004 to 2022, he took numerous bold steps to strengthen the economy and politics of the country. Sheikh Khalifa was popular for his peerless leadership skills, which he learned from his father. He was a man of profound knowledge and understanding and was renowned for being wise, modest and generous in the political spectrum. 

Timeline Of The Significant Posts He Held During His Life:


1st Feb 1969 – Nominated as the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

2nd Feb 1969 – Became the Head of the Department of Defence in Ab Dhabi

1st July 1971 – Appointed as the ruler of Abu Dhabi

23rd Dec 1973 – Became deputy prime minister in the second cabinet

20th Jan 1974 – Appointed as the First Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council

3rd Nov 2004 – Elected as the President of the United Arab Emirates

Below given are some of his outstanding achievements:

abu dhabi
  • Sheikh Khalifa was the one who built the non-oil economy of the United Arab Emirates. He focused on the use of technology to turn Abu Dhabi and several other places into modern and advanced worlds.
  • With utmost dedication, he steered the country through an era of weak politics and economy and made the UAE a strong and stable nation through his international policies. He strengthened ties with the USA and several other countries.
  • During his tenure as the president of Abu Dhabi, he implemented several monumental projects in the Eastern Province. These consequently helped in the improvement of agriculture in the region.
  • Sheikh Khalifa also established the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in the year 1976. It today serves as an stable income source for its residents.
  • He is also credited with the formation of UAE armed forces and the establishment of Abu Dhabi Defence Force.
  • The tallest man-made building in the world, Burj Dubai was renamed to Burj Khalifa on 4 January 2010 to honour his stature and achievements.

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