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10 Incredible Reasons To Visit Africa Next

Tired of being homebound and desire to rejuvenate in the lap of nature, safety, and wilderness? then the African continent is the place to be. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Africa.

10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Africa For Your Next Holiday

1. Into the Wild On A Wildlife Safari

Explore the wilderness on an African safari. Enjoy glamping, exotic game drives, and more in the lap of undisturbed nature. If you are an adventurer and nature lover, then this is one of the most incredible reasons to visit Africa. Traverse the world’s most diverse flora and fauna. Be amid nature with its healing powers and splendid biodiversity.

2. A Trip To The Table Mountain

There are plenty of beaches, outdoor activities, hiking, paragliding, cage dives, and more. But the best reason to visit Africa is Cape Town, the ‘Mother City’ of South Africa famed for its iconic Table Mountain. Capture spectacular views of the glittering Atlantic from atop the perfect plateau. Cape Point is a core reason why you should visit South Africa. Get enchanted by the beauty of a floral kingdom.

3. Explore Johannesburg’s Coolest Neighborhood

Another reason to visit Africa is Johannesburg. Maboneng, voted by Forbes in June 2018 as one of the best neighborhoods in the world, is in Johannesburg. Relax and rebound in the lively rooftop bars, culinary scenes in restaurants, fine art galleries, museums, and amazing markets.

4. Go On A Heritage Tour To Nelson Mandela Museum

To remember Nelson Mandela, the ‘Father of this Nation’ is another reason to visit Africa. Visit Qunu for a heritage tour and unravel the life of one of the greatest men in history. Mandela’s hometown is a quiet and peaceful village with a large pink house built for the Mandela family. Visit the Nelson Mandela Museum to see world-renowned photographs of the famous leader.

5. A Luxurious Blue Train Ride

The luxurious train is another reason to visit Africa. The 27-hour journey from Pretoria to Cape Town and back is a delight in this Blue Train. The experience offers comforts such as bathtubs, enjoyable rooms, butler service, a cigar lounge, and an open bar. Pamper yourself at the gift shop that sells diamonds on this wondrous break.

6. For The Love Of Authentic African Food

Relish good biltong, a spicy beef snack, or Durban chicken curry with basmati rice for the most unique gastronomical delights. You could also try the apricot blatjang, a South African chutney, and end with a Malva pudding dessert to get the taste of apricot jam. These are just a few dishes to indulge in and pamper your taste buds.

7. In The Embrace of The Sun, Sand, and Sea

Africa has 18,950 miles of coastline that offers an array of beaches and plenty of sunshine, a wonderful reason to visit Africa. Mnemba Island, Bom Bom Island, Quirimbas Archipelago, Lamu Archipelago, Port St. Johns are just a few destinations in Africa with crystalline water beaches. Also, enjoy the underwater world, colorful fish species, and more here.

8. Indulge In Exquisite Tastings

Visit Africa to get a taste of stunning wine concoctions that are impossible to resist. ‘Winelands’ in South Africa offer fabulous landscapes and rugged coastlines that are a paradise for wine lovers. Also, the vineyards in Africa boast of century-old traditions. Cabernet Franc, David & Nadia, AA Badenhorst, De Toren are just a few brands to enjoy.

9. Explore One Of The Seven Wonders of The Globe

A sight to behold, the 1.7 km wide waterfall from a vertical drop of 100 m is the greatest spectacle to witness. Victoria Falls is a natural wonder, another reason to go to Africa. Sandwiched between Zimbabwe and Zambia, this true nature’s beauty has between 20,000 and 700,000 cubic meters of water falling per minute. The open savannahs, majestic wildlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes welcome you to Africa.

10. For The Love Of Safety And Comfort

Lastly, Africa is your best choice as it offers large expanses of outdoors and also a safe tourism experience. The destination is home to those regions that are least impacted by the pandemic. Even as the world grapples with the virus where cold waves set in, the African sun showers a ray of hope.

Pack your bags for Africa is calling!

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