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10 Magnificent Places To Visit In Morocco

The word “extraordinary” is the identity of Morocco. This prepossessing North African delight is lined with vibrant souks, authentic fine-dines, atypical monuments, and elated party-zones. By the banks of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco invites you to mindblowing Arabic charms, eccentric experiences, elaborated executions of hypnotic architectonics, and much more. Venture the Moroccan tourist attractions and inject the wow-element to your escapade. We have carefully assorted the 10 top fascinating places to visit in Morocco during your trip. 

10 Magnificent Places To Visit in Morocco

1. Marrakesh – Hub of astounding experiences 

Marrakesh - places to visit in Morocco

The vibrant city is an amalgamation of varied contrasts and one of the top places to visit in Morocco. The authenticity is best portrayed by its colorful souks, awe-inspiring Arabic delights, and the essence of the Berber Empire. Marrakesh is vividly a house full of magnificence and the bustling city exhibits a large medina which is a popular Moroccon attraction. 

Things to do in Marrakesh: 

  • Visit the traditional souks.
  • Visit the cultural Moroccon tourist places.

Marrakesh attractions: Jemaa el-Fna, Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace, and many places.

2. Casablanca – Sum of Modern and cultural spectacles

Casablanca - places to visit in Morocco

The city is an eccentric blend of Morocco’s culture and exquisite western spectacles. The commercial hub has an affair with the Atlantis ocean as it touches the sparkling shores with its bold beachline with love. The well-crafted architecture, quirky design, and striking styles make it a famous place in Morocco amongst all the art admirers.

Things to do in Casablanca:

  • Enjoy scenic views of the city.
  • Discover its rich history through art centers and appealing monuments.

Casablanca attractions: Hassan II Mosque, Rick’s Café, Cathédrale Sacré Coeur, and many places.

3. Fes – The historical city

Fes - places to visit in Morocco

Fes is one of the best places in Morocco and crowned as an attractive cultural capital of the country. The 1,200 years old Maghreb city is wrapped with ornate structures, elaborate mosques, mausoleums, traditional wood-carved museums, and an old-world atmosphere. 

Things to do in Fes:

  • Discover a rich history.
  • Witness the excellence of the Parisian-flavoured streets.

Fes attractions: Nejjarine Fondouk, Marinid Tombs, Borj Nord, and many places.

4. Essaouira – City for G.O.T Enthusiasts!

Essaouira - places to visit in Morocco

History, Art, and GOT are the keywords of Essaouira’s definition. This seaside town is the best place to kill-the-heat of Morocco and a wonderland for the ‘G.O.T fans’. Click, post, and fill your feed with likes. The bustling fishing port houses cool sandy beaches, historical landmarks, and upscale fine-dining for a memorable gastronomic experience. 

Things to do in Essaouira:

  • Stroll on the gorgeous beaches.
  • Take part in thrilling water activities.

Essaouira attractions: Plage d’Essaouira, Essaouira Citadel, Sqala du Port d’Essaouira, and many places.

5. Chefchaouen – Paint the town “Blue”!

Chefchaouen- places to visit in Morocco

Forget Monday, Tuesday, or any blues in this zestful blue city. Traverse the marvel of hypnotic architectonics and encounter amazement. This fascinating small city is Morocco’s point of interest amongst the locals and tourists as the alluring landscape is encompassed by the fabulous mountain trail that is a sheer sight for the sore eyes.  

Things to do in Chefchaouen: 

  • Shop hand-picked Moroccan souvenirs.
  • Enjoy delectable delicacies with marvelous views.

Chefchaouen Attractions: Ras El Ma, Chefchaouen Medina, Kasbah, and many places

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6. Tinghir – The city of dramatic contrasts

The city is tightly embraced by the pronounced Atlas Mountains and the stunning Sahara Desert. The old French town is an entertainment hub and the best place to visit in Morocco. Spent a night in the luxurious desert camps, enjoy a comfortable camel ride, experience sandboarding, and explore much more. Take a mind-cleansing stroll in its rustic narrow streets and splendid flower gardens.

Things to do in Tinghir:

  • Go hiking!
  • Experience the life-in-sand and encounter Arabic delights.

Tinghir attractions: Todra River, Garganta del Todra, Gorges du Todgha and many places

7. Rabat – The mind-capturing capital

It is the coastal capital-city and a famous tourist spot in Morocco. The ancient richness is clearly portrayed by its scenic gardens, Roman ruins, unfinished mosques, ornate Alaouite-style mausoleum, and much more. The city serves you with the best gastronomic experiences and marvelous spectacles of the old-world charm.

Things to do in Rabat:

  • Sight rich history in its museum.
  • Spend a memorable evening on the beautiful beaches.

Rabat attractions: Hassan Tower, Kasbah of the Udayas, Royal Palace of Rabat, and many places

8. Agadir – The heart-stirring resort town 

The famous Moroccan tourist town is an epitome of wellness. Visit Agadir for a chilled and relaxing holiday experience. Stroll on the beautiful waterfront, go for a deep-five in the ocean, or sight the staggering sunset views in the evening while enjoying your taste-enriching meal. 

Things to do in Agadir:

  • Hike in the National Park.
  • Check out the vast history at the museum and the creative craft of the medinas.

Agadir attractions: Souk El Had, Agadir Medina, Agadir Medina, Souss-Massa National Park, and many places.

9. Tangier – The charm of Europe in Morocco

The Morrocan city reflects the essence of the European marvels. The town fascinated the visitors with its rich historical vibes, mysterious caves, exquisite architecture, and extraordinary views. The bohemian cafes and louche bars are the major hangout spots of the city. The nightlife is fun and lively here.

Things to do in Tangier:

  • Explore bohemian-style cafes.
  • Stroll in its narrow alleys and buy souvenirs from the traditional souks.

Tangier attractions: Hercules Caves, Cape Spartel, Tangier American Legation Museum, and many places

10. Ouarzazate – The fantastic desert land

The dramatic European city illustrates amazing Hollywood-style desert scenes. The classic structures are built with great craft and unique designs. This amazing place to visit in Morocco lets you capture Arabian beauty. Hop from one spot to another and unravel the astonishing hidden secrets of its ancient attractions. 

Things to do in Ouarzazate:

  • Tour the Hollywood sets, Atlas Film Studios.
  • Try authentic flavors and shop your heart out in the local markets.

Ouarzazate attractions: Taourirt Kasbah, Kasbah of Tifoultoute, Cinema Museum, and many places

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