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Top 10 Interesting Facts Of Al Ula That Very Few Know About

One of the popular location in Saudi Arabia to have become popular with tourists all over the world is the region of Al Ula. The region houses several ancient archaeological masterpieces that speak volumes about the rich history of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Ula is one of those locations in Saudi that to this day remains shrouded in mysteries. Which makes it a destination all the more worthy of the visit. Below is an interesting read on a list of interesting facts of Al Ula that very few know about.

Interesting Facts About Al Ula

The Incense Route

Top 10 Interesting Facts Of Al Ula That Very Few Know About

The first interesting fact about Al Ula is that the region is famous for its ‘Incense route’, which passes through the heart of the region. The route is an ancient trade route that has references in several archaeological finds made in the region.

UNESCO World Heritage

Heritage village, Al Ula

The next interesting fact is that in 2008, the region of Al Ula was the first location in all of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a UNESCO approved world heritage site.

Hub Of Global Tourism

Al Ula, Upcoming Hub Of Global Tourism In Saudi

The region of Al Ula is one of the main destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Which is going to become the perfect stage for attracting global tourism. Al Ula and several regions within the region have been gaining popularity with travellers from all across the globe.

A Living Museum

Al Ula, A Living Museum

The region of Al Ula is one of the largest living museums in the world. Al Ula is home to the largest collection of Nabatean tombs, ancient Arabic calligraphy, wall inscriptions and several other attractions which are in mint condition. Transforming the region of Al Ula into a Living Museum.

A Nabatean Relic

Al Ula, A Nabatean Relic

Al Ula is currently the largest area of over a hundred plus archaeological discoveries. One such location is the second largest collection of Nabatean tombs that is in Al Ula. 

The Ancient Wonder Of Saudi Arabia

Al Ula Viewpoint, Al Ula

Al Ula is one of the recent upcoming wonders of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the ancient wonders, home to some of the oldest civilizations in the Arab world. The area is home to the remains of ancient archaeological sites and ancient writings. These ancient treasure have withstood the test of time and have survived to this day.

Remain Of Largest Nabatean Civilization

Hegra, Al Ula

After Petra in Jordan which is the largest cluster of Nabataean architecture, the next location to have the second-largest collection is in Al Ula. The region is currently home to 120+ Nabatean archaeological structures. Which over the years just might rise in terms of numbers.

Home To Madain Saleh

Al Ula, The Home To Madain Saleh

The region of Al Ula is home to a tourist destination popularly known as Madain Saleh. One structure in Madain Saleh, since ancient times has been the sign of a bad omen. This stands backed by a reference to the structure in one of the religious books of Islam. Where Prophet Mohmmad himself had barred his friends from entering the place. Calling the structure home to bad news.

The Word ‘Saleh’ A Holy Reference

Madain Saleh, The Word ‘Saleh’ A Holy Reference

The word ‘Saleh’ or ‘Salih’ is a name that in Islamic religious texts refers to the Quranic Prophet Saleh. The word translates to ‘the cities of Salih’. 

Giant Artworks

Al Ula, Bottleneck

The last interesting fact about Al Ula are the massive pieces of art that call Al Ula their home. These natural wonders were able to survive the tests of time. The artists that are responsible for these masterpieces are wind and time. Some of the examples of these masterpieces are the Elephant rock, the bottleneck and the stone face.

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