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10 Hidden Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular and most visited metropolitans in the world. Although frequently explored by travelers from all over the world, the city still has many unknown and unexplored places. These hidden gems in Dubai are perfect for those who would love to explore the city from a distinct angle. Peel the layers of this city of gold and glamour and discover the unrevealed beauty the city beholds. Read on to know the top 10 hidden things to do in Dubai, UAE.

List of Top Hidden Things to Do in Dubai

1. Explore Coffee Museum

Coffee museum dubai

If you have a fascination with coffee, then you cannot afford to miss out on this wonderful coffee museum in Dubai. It is one of the hidden places in Dubai and is mostly known to locals and offbeat travelers only. From recipes to books and equipment to antiques, everything you find here has some serious connection to coffee. So, come here and sip on a refreshing cup of coffee as you go through the history of this brewed drink.

2. Enjoy Improvisational Comedy At Courtyard Playhouse

courtyard playhouse comedy

Another hidden place in Dubai that deserves to be noticed by every art and comedy lover is the Courtyard Playhouse. This playhouse is located in Al Quoz and hosts plays and comedy shows every week. It is perfect for those who would love to laugh their lungs out and enjoy the best of theatre plays. Wonderful ambiance and lively crowd add to its existing splendour.

3. Shop At Farmer’s Market

Dubai Farmer's market

The Farmer’s Market at Bay Avenue is one of the hidden places in Dubai and only popular amongst locals. It is here where you get to purchase locally-grown fresh vegetables and fruits. The market is fully air-conditioned and hence, it is quite a contrast to typical farmer markets. You can also bring your family along and have an amazing breakfast prepared completely from organic vegetables.

4. Try Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving

If you think Dubai is a desert outdoorsy region and you won’t find many sources to enjoy indoors, then you are mistaken. The city has a lot of indoor studios where you can get adventurous and ride high on an adrenaline rush. iFly Dubai is one of them where you can try skydiving. The vertical wind tunnels will allow you to feel the sensation of flying high in the air, though you fly only a few feet off the ground.

5. Explore The Trail Of Secret Restaurants

explore the trail of secret restaurants

Dubai doesn’t lag behind when it comes to offering superlative restaurants with the best of cuisines in the world. But if you are one amongst those who love walking past secret trails and exploring hidden restaurants, then visit the cafes and eateries in Al Barajeel Oasis Complex, Al Warqa, and Oud Metha. These hidden gems restaurants in Dubai serve a variety of dishes from across the globe and would appeal to you a lot.

6. Get Addicted To Indoor Surfing

indoor surfing

Only dedicated or aspiring wave riders know that on the Jumeirah Beach Road, there is an amazing studio that allows visitors to ride waves within a controlled environment. If dodging outdoor waves is something that you want to learn but haven’t yet amassed enough courage to do that, then you must visit this surf house. Here, you will learn all the techniques of a professional surfer.

7. Watch Dubai From Nasimi Beach

dubai skyline

Burj Khalifa is not the only place where you can enjoy the famous skyline of Dubai. There are several other places that serve as the best destination for photographers framing the picturesque Dubai. Uknown to many, Nasimi Beach on Palm Island offers great views of the Dubai skyline. It is a perfect spot to capture the scintillating views of the city. You can lay your eyes upon the best skyline in the world here.

8. Witness Rarity At Dubai Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden

Undoubtedly, one of the most precious hidden gems of Dubai, it is claimed to be the largest indoor butterfly garden in the world. And if you love watching butterflies as they spread happiness all around with their colorful wings, you must come to this one of a kind garden. It is home to more than 15,000 butterflies.

9. Take A Milk Bath

dubai milk bath

When Cleopatra can take a bath in donkey milk, you could also leave behind the regular water and make a jump in a pool filled with goat milk. The milk baths not only make your skin glow but also repair damaged tissues of the skin. It is on the list of one of Dubai’s hidden gems for this very reason. There are a lot of spas in the city that offer the milk spa service.

 10. Spend Romantic Time By The Lovely Al Qudra Lake

al qudra love lake

Located on the outskirts of Dubai is the gorgeous Al Qudra Lake that is more than just a water body. It is where you escape the bustling city and indulge in romances your partner amidst pristine surroundings. Apart from being one of Dubai’s hidden gems, it is also one of the secret places in Dubai for couples. The lake is not called Love Lake for anything. You can also witness numerous species of indigenous and exotic birds and camp around.

Spend your days full of secretive along with the most popular activities in Dubai, UAE!

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