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Festivals in Dubai: What to Celebrate in March?

Dubai is the land of expatriates and hence, the city celebrates festivals of all kinds. From regional celebrations to global observances, Dubai honours hundreds of events and fairs every year. In the month of March too, the city lights up with a series of beautiful, hyped, and globally-famous festivals. If you are planning to visit this desert hi-tech city during March, then here is a list of all the festivals you can look forward to in Dubai. Go on and make your excursion memorable.

Most-Awaited Festivals and Events in Dubai in March

1. Art Dubai

Festivals in Dubai in March - Art Dubai

If there is an art lover in you that never rests and is always on the lookout for something extraordinary, then Art Dubai is the ultimate fair in Dubai you must look forward to. Founded in the year 2007, it is one of the most hyped and globally-renowned festivals in the Emirates. The event honours great artworks from the contemporary as well as the modern period. Hence, thousands of people from different countries attend it to witness and admire masterpieces from the art world.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Take a look at the greatest of paintings, sculptures and other artworks and admire their brilliance.
  • Learn about the importance of art in the world and its evolution in the modern world.
  • Come across great artists, leaders, and writers from across the globe.
  • Attend educational workshops and be a part of the internship and volunteer programme.
  • Admire the beautiful venue of Madinat Jumeirah and take wonderful photos.

Where? Madinat Jumeirah

2. Dubai World Cup

One of the most awaited festivals in Dubai that is attended by thousands of people from across the globe, the Dubai World Cup is a horse racing competition wherein the best of jockeys and owners from different countries play their stakes. The prize money at the Dubai World Cup goes beyond $10 million. Attend it and watch racers at loggerheads to reach the finish line. It is one of the most loved events in Dubai.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Watch the best of horse races and cheer for your favourites.
  • Mingle with the exuberant crowd and have a great time chilling outdoors.
  • Enjoy an amazing weekend with your family and kids.

When? Last Saturday of March

Where? Meydan Racecourse, Dubai

3. The Taste of Dubai Festival

Festivals in Dubai in March - Taste of Dubai

Though the Taste of Dubai isn’t an official festival in Dubai, it is celebrated with great fervour every year. All the foodies from around the country and beyond gather at one place and revel in lip-smacking delicacies. The festival is attended by celebrity chefs from around the world who serve their signature dishes. Restaurants offer great discounts. Additionally, shopping areas are organized and several entertainment kids show also fascinate the crowd.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Savour Arabian delicacies prepared by the best of chefs in the world.
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Dubai as you take your taste buds on a world tour.
  • Indulge in shopping at the dedicated areas.
  • Also, Get an opportunity to relish great dishes from around the world at reasonable prices.

Where? Various Locations

4. The Dubai International Boat Show

One of the most significant and popular festivals in Dubai in March is the Dubai International Boat Show. As the name suggests, the event is all about the showcase of beautiful yachts and luxury boats from around the world. Engage in this wonderful celebration and enjoy its chill vibes. Also, lay your eyes upon a series of magnificent boats that ooze sheer brilliance and opulence.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Witness the best of yachts and boats from around the world and admire their luxury.
  • Besides this, enjoy the liveliness nurturing at the harbour and take beautiful pictures.
  • Partake in music and entertainment shows.

Where? Dubai Harbour

5. UAE Awafi Festival

Festivals in Dubai in March-UAE Awafi festival

Though the festival is celebrated at an hour drive away from Dubai in the sparkling sands of Ras Al–Khaimah Desert, it is worth your visit. The festival is observed every year to honour the cultural heritage and the ethnicity of the Emirates. The celebrations include cultural shows and exhibitions and numerous competitions.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Enjoy different shows based on the culture, lifestyle, and traditions of the Emirates.
  • Stroll through the market and exhibitions and take home beautiful souvenirs.
  • Indulge in savouring local delicacies and enjoy varieties of coffee.
  • Also, partake in dune biking and car racing competitions.

Where? Ras al-Khaimah Desert, UAE

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