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Dubai Expo 2021 Saudi Arabia Pavilion: Top 5+ Attractions You Just Can’t Miss

Expo 2020 Dubai welcomes you with global splendour where over 190 participating nations showcase their pavilions. The dedicated Country Pavilions, each with its unique theme is the pride of the exposition. The Dubai Expo 2021 Saudi Arabia Pavilion is a galvanic mammoth structure. Know more about the exquisite work of the talented Saudi artists that bring to the world a unique journey. Here is a list of the top 5+ attractions that you can’t miss while visiting the Saudi Arabia Pavilion at the exposition. Excited? Read on.

Dubai Expo 2021 Saudi Arabia Pavilion Attractions

1. KSA Pavilion LED Screen 

ksa Pavilion LED Screen

Enter the pavilion with anticipation of an adventurous experience and you will be thrilled. The 68 square-meter curved LED screen welcomes you to a technological journey of the natural wonders of the kingdom. This attractive display of Arabian ecosystems takes you through the natural spaces, beautiful coasts, sparkling seas, dramatic deserts, and majestic mountains of Saudi Arabia. Steep into the heritage and the diversity that makes the kingdom a tourist’s delight. The digital screen experience starts at the facade of the pavilion itself and you can enjoy larger-than-life visuals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. The Escalator Ride Display

Escalator Ride Display

Experience 14 cultural landmarks as you ride on an escalator inside the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. The kingdom boasts of acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as At-Turaif District in Ad-Diriyah, Hegra Archeological Site in AlUla, Historic Jeddah, Al-Ahsa Oasis, and Rock Art in the Hail Region among others. Be smitten by the fabulous display of an audio-visual guide and they take you through an exploration of 23 other destinations. Take in the knowledge of world-Giga projects such as the sustainable development of King Salman Park, Diriyah Gate, and Qiddiya.

3. The Digital Water Curtain & Discovery Centre

The Digital Water Curtain & Discovery Centre

The 32.234 meters digital water curtain is embedded with interactive points where you can soak in the digital experience. The images and displays are mesmerizing and the interactive features are mind-blowing. If this isn’t enough to keep you enamored, the interactive digital map at the Discovery Centre is yet another fantastic attraction. The digital map of Saudi Arabia is an added advantage for potential investors and partners to network and make business deals. The data showcases with a touch the benefits of nature, tourism, culture, arts, history, and more that KSA offers.

4. Vision Art Exhibition

Vision Art Exhibition

The ‘Vision’ is an art exhibition that has the largest interactive light display. Stare at the audio-visual wonder where 7798 lights come alive. The renowned Saudi artists curated it and presented to the visitors the wonders of Saudi culture. Inside the art exhibition is a virtual sphere with a diameter of 30 meters that will levitate above the ground. The spectacular attraction is a record-breaking highlight at Dubai Expo 2020. The dazzling interactive flooring has nearly 8000 LED lights that makes this one of the largest displays of light in the world.

5. KSA Pavilion Design

KSA Pavilion Design

The pavilion is a splendid avant-garde building design. The window-shaped edifice is massive and projects out from the ground. The one-of-a-kind design has the edifice at a precarious angle and occupies a dominating 13000 square meters. The US Green Building Council has awarded the state-of-the-art architecture with a Platinum rating in LEED at the Expo 2020 Dubai. The Saudi Arabia Pavilion is the second-largest pavilion at the expo and is home to three Guinness World Record attractions. The theme imparts the values and splendour of the various landmarks and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. The 13 unique regions of the pavilion is an unmissable discovery that unfolds.

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6. Day and Night Unique Experiences

Day and Night Unique Experiences

Just imagine the fact that the Saudi Pavilion will not appear the same during the daytime and nighttime. Amazed? The distinct experience is a majestic spectacle at night. Enjoy the various outdoor events during the day as you see your reflection throughout the many glittering mirrors. The pavilion offers fun-filled events, performances, educational activities, and entertainment for kids and adults alike. Saudi craft making, Sustainable Energy Activities, and family shows with Saudi stories are crowd-pullers. At night the facade dazzles with sound and light shows that turn the experience into a delight. 

The KSA Pavilion is definitely a winner at the Dubai Expo 2020 that will awe you with Arabian magic.

Interesting Facts: Country: Saudi Arabia | Architect: Boris Micka Associates| Location: Opportunity District | Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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