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Dubai Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion: Top 5+ Spectacular Reasons To Visit

The Expo event has been held every five years since the world’s first expo in London in 1851. Dubai Expo 2020 offers invaluable insights and solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges. The mega event is around the three theme districts of mobility, opportunity, and sustainability. The global event redefines the world’s design and architectural agenda with the motto “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The startling Country Pavilions with innovative architecture and themes is the pride of the global event. The popular Pakistan Pavilion is a jaw-dropping spectacle in an area of 35,000 square feet that is unmissable. We tell you why? So, here are the top 5+ spectacular reasons to visit the Pakistan Pavilion.

Dubai Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion Attractions

1. Pakistan Pavilion Theme

Pakistan Pavilion Theme

Dubai Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion covers an area of 3251 square meters in the Opportunity District. The theme of the pavilion is ‘The Hidden Treasure’ curated by Noorjehan Bilgrami, a famous Pakistani artist. This unique theme will tell a story of Pakistan poetically that will weave the past, present, and future. It will reveal the history, culture, and traditions from the dawn of civilization to the present. They display the presentation across the different sections of the pavilion. From vibrant handicrafts to stunning terrain experiences, the hidden treasures of the country are the major highlights of the pavilion.

2. Pavilion’s External Facade

Pavilion External Facade

The spectacular facade of thousands of glass units is of different sizes and colours. It creates an optical illusion as you walk into the unique structure. Rashid Rana is the famous artist behind the multicoloured facade that is a crowd puller. They are individual units that are thousands in number. While they may look similar, they are fractionally different from one another by colour and size. You get to see the magical reflection of a hypnotic design and glitter. It represents truly the multi-faceted side of Pakistan from its various seasons to culture. They adorn the pavilion door with hand-beaten copper triangles under a ceiling, an absolute wonder. This is one of the top reasons for you to visit.

3. The Inner Journey

the Inner Journey

Experience the ‘inner journey’ of eight key spaces that showcase Pakistan’s best-kept treasures from the dawn of civilization to the present day. See the miniature artworks of Navid Sadiq, a visual artist inside the walls of the pavilion that tell of the rich history of Pakistan. Get to see displays of earthenware pottery, toys, and jewellery that are replicas from the Indus Valley Civilization era made some 5000 years ago. Witness spectacular brass sculpture based on Mehrgarh’s pottery and designed by the artist Fahim Rao. Stay amazed at the meticulously painted timeline by Sadiq that showcases the different historical eras in the miniature style.

4. The Dhaaba

Pakistani restaurant called ‘The Dhaaba’ is a culinary journey of the country’s authentic centuries-old cuisine to savour. This custom-made restaurant is a popular crowd-puller where you get to taste the delicacies and specialities of the region. This is where you will experience the culinary flavours of ‘real Pakistan’ and imbibe the vibrancy of a bazaar. The food court or ‘The Dhaaba’ is where you can try Pakistani food as you embrace the boundless hospitality and immerse yourself in the engaging flavours and aroma. They designed the ambience to reflect its cuisine and the culture of Pakistan. Engage in the variety of mouth-watering dishes and feel inspired by the gastronomic journey as you listen to the folk music of Balochistan.

5. The Sheesh Mahal: Pathway of Mirrors & More

the Sheesh Mahal Pathway of Mirrors
*The picture shown above is for illustration purpose only

Venture into a narrow passage of the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ for the dazzling light and shadow presentation. The show depicts the revival of the Ayina-Kari craft on a large scale. Be transported to Pakistan’s breathtaking landscapes and understand the Mohana and the Kalasha communities who live in the region. A dark passage leads you to the heart of the pavilion where Pakistan’s sacred spaces are filled with drums, bells, and the whirls of a red-robed dervish. Light sparkles through the wooden jali (walls) and fresco panels inspired by the Wazir Khan Mosque. Witness a stunning film that captures the beauty and grace of the various mosques, churches, temples, and gurudwaras. This is where diverse spiritual traditions co-exist peacefully as you get to know the ‘Real Pakistan’.

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6. The Souvenir Shop at The Bazaar

Souvenir Shop at The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a great attraction where you can purchase gifts and mementos as a remembrance of the occasion. Pick souvenirs from a shop that sells arts and crafts that are unique to Pakistan. This is your chance to take home a bit of Pakistan. The souvenir shop displays for sale unique art and craftwork that is a great buy. As you wander through the hidden treasures of the pavilion, the souvenir will ensure that you remember this one-of-a-kind experience. Each piece is unique to Pakistan and reflects the essence of Pakistan culture. The array of cultural memorabilia in the shop is a great experience.

Come away from the Dubai Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion with a lasting impression and a visual treat, a truly captivating experience.

Interesting Facts: Country: Pakistan | Architect: Al Jabal Engineering | Location: Opportunity District | Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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