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How to Cope with Cancelled Trips and Being Housebound?

The world is coping with one of the worst pandemics. The worldwide lockdown means several cancelled trips and being homebound for months. For a frequent traveler, being homebound is a nightmare. Just like there is a day after tomorrow, life would be back to normal and fun like it used to be. In the meanwhile, here are a few tips you could use on how to cope with the anxiety and stress of cancelled trips and being homebound for months.

Staycations and Super Domestic Deals

Coping with cancelled trips and being homebound for months - staycations

International routes might not be the top choice, but how about ultracheap domestic deals on a superfun staycation? Luxury hotels, expeditions, a safari that ensures social-distancing, and more are a great way to look forward to a fabulous holiday. Take advantage of travel companies offering discounted pricing on rescheduling cancelled trips not only for the fall and winter but through the next year as well. No more cancellation fees and flexible reservations will make sure you get a good deal on your next trip. Remember, staycation deals are back in Singapore, Dubai, Africa, Japan and more. So, get your smile back on and look forward to a tranquil atmosphere in a luxury resort soon.

Happiness Chemicals

Coping with cancelled trips and being homebound for months - Family time

You must have heard of dopamine (the reward chemical), oxytocin (the love hormone), serotonin (the mood stabiliser), and endorphin (the painkiller). Yes! These are four chemicals that help you with positive emotions throughout the day. While the cancelled trips and being homebound for months can make you feel stressed, triggering these chemicals surely balances it. Celebrate little wins, hug family and loved ones, participate in laughter exercises, nature walks, meditating and yoga, watch a comedy show, spend time in self- care, use essential oils, and hold hands of someone in need. These are just a few of the activities you could indulge in and for sure your happiness quotient is sky-bound.

Refund, Reschedule, Book

Coping with cancelled trips and being homebound for months - Refund or Reschedule

Remember being homebound means being safe. However, anxiety and disappointment are imminent with the refund and cancellations formalities that you will need to navigate with the airlines and hotels. Let’s look at the positives here. Airlines are offering a choice of cancellations or future flight credits that can be used at a later date. Many airlines offer flight change waiver that extends to the end of the year. Future travel can be cancelled and changed without a change in fee in most airlines too. For refunds, most airlines provide an online form and quickly process your request if you are eligible. So, wait for it as we would get to holiday in a new pandemic free world real soon. 

Hello, Virtual Tours!

Coping with cancelled trips and being homebound for months - Virtual Tours

Explore and research the world during the lockdown with a few virtual travel experiences. Unfortunately with travel restrictions in many parts of the globe, you could satisfy your travel craving with virtual tours. Also, there are billions of online discussion forums, social media sites, movies streaming on travel to feed your interests. Explore the Grand Canyon, get interactive 360 degrees views of the Everest, go on a pilgrimage to the pious Islamic Kaabah, dive virtually in an underwater adventure at the bottom of the Red Sea, be awestruck by the panoramic views of the active volcanoes and more. Hop aboard a virtual travel journey and have a wonderful time.

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Destinations Open To Travel?

Take a look at the destinations that have reopened their cities for travel. Select from countries in Europe and several Caribbean Islands. The Prado and the Louvre have welcomed back visitors with little to zero possibility of cancelled trips. Morocco, Greece, Georgia, New Zealand, Portugal and more are some of the fabulous destinations to consider. Domestic flights are adding to travel routes and air travel is beginning to rebound. No matter what the second half of the year has in store for us, keep your wanderlust alive. Always remember to carry a travel insurance plan for unforeseen health emergencies so you are covered adequately and feel safe. Also always research the latest developments on travel bans, restrictions and SOPs before traveling as the situation is ever-changing. 

Off-beat Travel Experiences

Luxury road trips, glamping, private beach homes, staycations, and more are a wonderful way to escape the travel blues. Wilderness camps, safari expeditions in Africa, and luxurious wellness resorts are other holiday experiences you can consider. The world has just got more expressive with the pandemic and it has redefined what travel and luxury mean. It is more about safety, privacy, and unique experiences. Try weeklong luxury RV rentals, luxury spas, boutique travel, glamping in the wilderness, and elite stays at luxury resorts. There are also Airbnb and smaller boutique hotels you can trust where service is more relationship-based and within budget.

Traveling will never be the same again. How? You will experience cleaner air, serenity, and happier wildlife. Bon Voyage!

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