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Know All About the UAE Mission To Mars

The United Arab Emirates is famous for all the world-class luxury and amenities across the globe. Often touted as a dreamland for millions of globetrotters. Undoubtedly, the nation has gained exceptional success in various fields.

And with the Emirates Mars Mission 2020 launched on 19 July, the UAE adds a new shining feather in its cap as it steps in the world of interplanetary voyages. It surely is a great achievement to be proud of for the mission is one of a kind in the Arab World. It serves as a major milestone in the space journey of the UAE and hence, would impact the country on a global platform.

So, let’s move on and learn more about the historic UAE Mission to Mars.

The Onset of the Mars Mission UAE

the UAE Mission to Mars: Hope Mission 2020

The journey of the UAE mission to Mars commenced in the year 2013 when an idea of the UAE participating in space programs developed in a cabinet meeting. Within no time, the thought converted into action with the approval of the president of the country for the government was quite keen on showcasing the world its astronomic capabilities.

The mission was named ‘Hope’ and the spacecraft held responsible for carrying out the operation is H-II A. Though it was a Japanese rocket launched near Kyushu in Japan, the space center (MBRSC) of the UAE designed and managed it.

The Mars UAE Spacecraft, Its Launch and Completion

United Arab Emirates first mission to mars

Powered by three 600 watt solar panels, the Hope Spacecraft took off at Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan. It has headed towards the Mars planet and is about to reach the orbit in February 2021. The spacecraft would stay there and collect the data for 2 years.

The total data accumulated during this period would amount to 1000 GB. And more than 200 institutions across the globe would analyze the data. This Mars car weighs 1350 kg approximately and is about the size of a small four-wheeler.

The Major Objectives of the Hope Probe UAE Mission

Arab world Mars mission

The Hope Mission UAE aims at studying the Martian atmosphere, its dynamic changes. The Mars car would survey the climate of the planet for future development and life. It also looks forward to providing opportunities to the Emirates engineers and also demonstrates to the world the potential of the UAE. The operation is intended to inspire the Arab world and those who have considerable interest in space science.

How Would It Impact the UAE and the Arab World?

UAE Mars Mission

The Hope Mission would encourage the new generation to get inclined towards space ventures. With this, the techno-face of the UAE would develop even further.

This opens a new world and inspires those who are considerably into the mysteries of the universe. The UAE Mars Mission Team would also motivate those who have substantial interests in star formations and planetary movements.

Moreover, the success of the mission would complement the country’s economic growth. It would also open new dimensions for the space agency to focus on tracking Mars maps and life on the red planet in the solar system. The new-world advanced space technologies would evolve and further motivate the scientific workforce.

Innovations lead to advancement in society and augment the domain of economic prosperity. Moreover, this satellite to Mars UAE might even end up discovering the Martians.

Fingers Crossed!

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