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21+ Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

Looking to go on a road trip with your friends? Then you need a perfect mix of spontaneity and planning to make the road trip adventurous. As the trip nears, the excitement sets in, and a planner would ensure a cherishable journey. Road tripping has become quite the popular choice to travel after the pandemic. It is safe and comfortable both. Read on to find out 21 easy and updated ways to make your road trip awesome.

21+ Updated Ways to Make Roadtrip Awesome

1) Plan a Good Itinerary 

Ways to make Road Trip awesome: Itinerary First

The best road trips are those that have a good itinerary planned. It is always sensible to plan a good itinerary for the road and the destination both. Determine the travel time, mileage, maps, and other suggestions to customize your road trip.  Also plan a multi-stop route to allow time to stretch, have fun at pit stops, and to stay alert. A break of at least 15 minutes every two hours is great.

2) Check Out The Best Road Trips In The World

The Great Ocean Road Tour – Australia, Route 66 – USA, Pacific Coast Highway – USA, The Ring Road – Iceland, The Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland are just a few names of great car trips to take. If you get a chance, then pick one that is decked with landscapes, attractions, interesting pit stops, and stunning views. Prepare a budget with a road trip cost calculator and splurge as per it.

3) Download Road Trip Route Planner Apps

A useful way to manage your road trip with friends or family is through the road trip planner apps. The apps help navigate the route from your smartphone, discover the best experiences, save money, and get the best accommodation there is. Google Maps is a great google road trip planner, Waze is a good speed tracker, while there are many more apps that help you find the best things to do on the way. 

4)  Get Along a Real Map

While Google Maps is an awesome app especially for driving directions, it’s a lot more fun to track your progress on a real map. Carry along an atlas, if you may, with printed maps and trace your route as you drive along. Keep the map as a souvenir of sorts that can be proudly hung in your office or bedroom, a good way to never let the memories die. Not to mention, there are zones where the internet connectivity can get limited, that’s when these hard copies come in handy.

5) Check The Car Thoroughly

Take a thorough check of your vehicle before driving off to a staycation. We recommend getting the car serviced (if it is near due) before hitting the road. The important checks include the fuel tank, lights, mirrors, tires, oil and fluid levels. It is a great way to ensure your car is ready for the long haul. Head out to the mountains, lakes, beaches, etc., but make sure your vehicle is in the right condition for travel. It is wise to carry a spare car key too.

6) Travel Documents and Other Essentials

 Make sure to keep all the necessary documents in the glove box of the car from registration, insurance, license, pollution card, and any other paper you may need. Also remember to pack in clothes, travel pillow, gadgets, travel games, audiobooks, umbrellas, toilet rolls, bug spray, water bottle, flashlight, spare money, and an emergency medical kit. It also helps to keep a list of emergency numbers of contacts you may need to use.

7)  Get Familiar With Rules Of The Road

It is always a good idea to get familiar with the road rules of the state, especially overseas. As you would agree, rules and local traffic laws vary from state to state. Rules regarding pedestrians, right turn at the signal, use of mobile phones while driving, and more can be quite confusing at first until you get the prior knowledge about them. Keep away from trouble and stay safe. Follow the rules and SOPs.

8) Carry An Essential First-Aid Kit

An emergency road kit for small medical emergencies is a must item to include. Pre-pack or assemble a kit so it is customized to your needs. Families with children should include all the necessary medications that could last the trip. It is highly recommended that you keep the number of health emergency services and highway services on speed dial.

9) Stock Car Tools And Other Items

Getting stuck with a flat tire is common roadside trouble. It may not always be possible to change the tire so you could include a tire inflator and sealant in your emergency car kit to allow you to reach the nearest stop. Keep a gallon of coolant, motor oil, a toolkit with screwdrivers, a set of new wiper blades, and other car tool items in the vehicle. Do not forget the car travel adaptors.

10) Get A Good Night’s Sleep

‘Highway Hypnosis’ is very common, especially on a long road trip when one tends to doze off on the wheel. To make sure that you can endure the long journey, get at least two nights of good sleep for a minimum of seven hours each. The journey can get exhausting and being rested prior to travel is always a good tip to remember before you begin your road trip.

11) Pack Your Gadgets

Be sure to have the right technology that can keep you powered up. Make sure the vehicle has the right power outlet, a USB port so as to charge your phone, laptop, camera, etc. whenever needed. A multi-utility car charging strip is recommended. Pack a Bluetooth device to take any important phone call on the go without having to compromise on safety.

12) Get Amazing Sunset and Sunrise Views

Chase a beautiful sunrise before dawn or drive along beautiful coastlines to watch the sun disappear into the horizon. It’s a shame not to click awesome pictures that you can get home. Whether it’s a drive for a staycation or a vacation, make sure your camera and lens work well. Bring zoom lenses in the 24-200 mm range and plan the shots you need to capture. Download the fabulous images and cherish the memories for a lifetime.

13)  Bring Along Good Music

You just can’t hit the highway without some good music to entertain you and your loved ones. Whether it is a road trip to a staycation or a few hours’ drive, good music will keep you alert and smiling. Sing along from the 90s favorites, rap pop, classic rock, summer tunes, and more to make the road trip upbeat and energetic. Spotify, Pandora, audiobooks, and podcasts are a good way to stream tunes and entertainment.

14) Stay Entertained

Find some interesting old fashioned games to keep everyone happy such as guessing games, movie quizzes, or songs. There are plenty of apps as well that you could download such as Road Trip Travel Games, Rory’s Story Cubes, Spaceteam to name a few. This will make sure your drive is awesome and fun-filled for your co-passengers as well. Don’t forget to carry special road trip games for kids if your munchkins are tagging along.

15) Pack Some Healthy Snacks & Water

Health foods like almonds, carrots, and fruits are always packed with vitamins and energy. A good way to stay alert throughout the long drive is to munch on mini-snacks such as these. Do not forget to stay hydrated. Hence, keep plenty of water stocked, preferably in large cans and bottles. Ensure kids get snacks, potty breaks, and some exercise during a long drive.

16) Click Instagram Worthy Pictures

Post along with the hashtag ‘road trip’ as you click fabulous pictures and videos of your journey. Collect beautiful mood shots and share the unbelievable moments in a story template. You never know, your post may just get viral. Make the road trip or staycation into a story and spice it up with interesting ‘Travel Instagram’ captions.

17) Collect Souvenirs Along The Way

Pick along souvenirs to remember the journey such as umbrellas, coasters, drink labels, flags, coins, chopsticks, masks, calligraphy, and more. Keep a diary and note the various memorabilia as you experience them and make new memories. Add sunshine and love to the travel by making a ‘gift basket’ of all the experiences and activities along the way.

18) Leave Room For Little Discoveries

Don’t get stuck with research and hence avoid any changes on the road trip. It’s always a happier feeling to let yourself have some time for unplanned adventures. It’s a great thrill to discover unplanned sights, cities and venues that you may be previously clueless about. You cannot be let down for sure if you don’t know what to expect. A little room for surprises along the way is a sure gem to make your road trip awesome.

19) Carry Along With a Gas Card

A road trip for long hours would mean buying a lot of fuel. Don’t forget to collect your free fuel points and exchange it against hotel vouchers, grocery discounts, and other promo deals that you may have in store. Apply online for a gas credit card as well that will earn you points and cash backs at the pump station. This is easy to use the card, simply swipe it at the fuel station and enter a PIN to earn your credit points.

20) Sign Up For A Roadside Car Assistance

Imagine your car breaks down on a lonely highway, a possibility that could happen to anyone. It is a good idea to become a member of AAA, CAA, or a member of a roadside assistance insurance program. Keep the number handy. In case of a breakdown, you get services of 24-hour assistance if the vehicle becomes disabled during your drive.

21) Buckle Up Safe

Last but not the least, make sure that everyone buckles up with their seat belts that will keep the passengers safe. In many countries, not using a seatbelt is a punishable offense, and it is highly recommended to drive safe and seatbelted. Bon Voyage!

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