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16 Top Expert-Recommended Places To Visit In Austria

Austria invites you with its stunning cities, picturesque landscapes and Alpine wonder. There are many best places to visit in Austria including Salzburg, Vienna, Bregenz and more. Have a wonderful time relishing the lavish desserts and the rich culture. Indulge in mind-blowing experiences and visit the top tourist attractions in Austria. We have put together among the best places in Austria tucked away in the Alps that are expert-recommended, so your next vacation you will remember forever.

Best Places To Visit In Austria

Krimml Waterfall – a famous tourist attraction in Austria

Krimml Waterfall

This is Austria’s highest waterfall and a top place to visit. There is an exciting hike of a 4 km trail to reach the waterfall that takes you through multiple observation platforms. Ideal for nature and adventure lovers it takes around 1.5 hours to reach the highest tier of the waterfall. This is the best place to visit in Austria with your loved one and is a mountainside waterfall at a height of 1247 feet. The falls are located in Zillertal, just 50 km from Innsbruck.

Ideal for: Nature, Outdoor Adventure 

Best months to visit:  April to October

Pro-tip:You can also visit the Water World Krimml Museum as part of the tour.

Worthersee – Austria`s summer  paradise


One of the most visited tourist attractions in Austria is Worthersee. Spend a few days in the favoured summer spot that welcomes you with churches and a beautiful Worthersee Lake. This is the hometown of Porsche and provides plenty of  things to do from canoeing, spelunking, swimming and more. Catch a thrill in the colourful Griffen Stalactite Cave, and Gmund, the birthplace of Porsche. These are among the best places to visit in Austria.

Ideal for: Adventure, Couple place in Austria

Best months to visit: October, January, February

 Pro-tip: You can reach Worthersee on a train ride from Vienna that takes 5 hours.

Salzburg – a charming city


Salzburg in Austria is an ideal place to visit with family. The City of Mozart features countless tourist attractions in Austria from a broad selection of museums, special events and excursions.This stage of the world is famous for the Salzburg Festival and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The classic movie ‘Sound of Music’ is filmed in and around the city where you can discover original shooting locations. Get on a Hop-on Hop-off tour or the Rickshaw tour to experience one of the best places in Austria.

Ideal for: Photography, Music, Architecture, Nature

Best months to visit: September to October

Pro-tip: Save money on tour tickets if you book online.

Graz – immerse in well-preserved history


This is the second largest city in Austria and is Europe’s best-preserved Old Town. There are numerous museums, baroque and renaissance style buildings that are a history lover’s paradise. There is a unique hill in the centre of the city which is a popular place in Austria for panoramic views.  Indulge into Austria history in Graz with six universities here. Relish pumpkin seed oil to prep your dishes with that you can pick up from here. Graz is a must-visit.

Ideal for: Food Lovers, History, Education

Best months to visit: April to September

Pro-tip: Caylend Restaurant is one of the best places to relish local cuisine.

Bregenz – stroll around beautiful lake vistas


One of the best places to visit in Austria with kids, Bregenz is located on the eastern edge of Lake Constance. This is among  the most visited tourist attractions in Austria. You get breathtaking views of the Swiss and German Alps. Take a cable car ride  up the Pfander Mountain for splendid vistas of Lake Constance. Meander along a hiking trail, experience operas at the floating lakeside platform and visit the history and art in the admirable museums.

Ideal for: Nature, Culture

Best months to visit: July to August

Pro-tip: You could relish flaky pastry Apfelstrudel amid the views of the Alps with the kids.

Wachau Valley – taste the finest wine

Wachau Valley

Among the top places to visit in Austria in December is to sample the local wine. This sweet elixir keeps you warm when Austria weather is cold. Visit a local winery such as Wachau Valley where you can spend almost 9 hours on the tour. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the winery and embark on a wine tasting tour, especially when the weather is plummeting. You could also visit the UNESCO Heritage town of Durnstein on the tour.Visit magnificent monasteries, castles and architectural delights in the valley of Austria history.

Ideal for: Nature, Wine Connoisseur, History, Architecture

Best months to visit: December

Pro-tip: You could take the Wachau Valley cruise from Melk to Krems that takes approximately 1 hr 45 minutes for scenic views.

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Vienna – city of glorious palaces and museums


Vienna is a city steeped in grandeur and culture, one of the best places in Austria to visit. Walk down the Ringstrasse Boulevard, a great evening place in Vienna. Enjoy lovely coffee at the cafes and wander the beautiful parks that line the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Vienna is home to Beethoven, a best place in Austria whose magical music grows on you. Take a hop-on hop-off bus tour of the city, one of the best things to do in Vienna. Visit the ornate St Stephen Cathedral, wander at the famous Opera House or take a tour of the Opera House, some of the best places in Vienna.

Ideal for: Architecture, History, Food, Culture

Best months to visit: April to May | September to October

Pro-tip: Indulge in a culinary experience on a walking food tour to get introduced to famous markets and local cuisine.

National Park Donau Auen – for a journey into the wild

National Park Donau Auen

One of the top tourist attractions in Austria, this is a wildlife photographer’s paradise. The National Park Donau Auen was recognised in 1996 as a national park. It covers an area of 93 sq km and is home to numerous species of animals and plants. Apart from birdwatching, you can indulge in kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. The beautiful park invites you to its tranquil vistas with a lake in the heart of the park. There are plenty of buses you could take from Vienna to reach the amazing place to visit in Austria with kids.

Ideal for: Wildlife Enthusiasts, Wildlife Photography, Nature, Birdwatching

Best months to visit: April to May 

Pro-tip: It is best explored on a bicycle tour which you can pre-book into.

Alpbach – for skiing wonders


This is one of the best places to visit in Austria in winter. Explore the scenic European villages tucked away in the Austrian Alps that offer Alpine traditions and lifestyles. Alpbach offers the best skiing and sledging experiences on the majestic Alpine slopes. Explore among other things to witness picturesque wooden farmhouses and beautiful cattle fields. The locals will display their skilled craftsmanship as you embrace the popular place in Austria.

Ideal for: Adventure, Winter Sports, Architecture

Best months to visit: August to September | February

Pro-tip: You get a wide range of accommodation that you can book online.

Innsbruck – an iconic couple place in Austria


Fall in love with a romantic destination with its brightly coloured edifices with the backdrop of the majestic Alps. Unwind as a couple in a thermal spa or spend the night away pub hopping. Take a memorable horse-drawn carriage ride and visit the haven for an Austrian honeymoon. The top place to visit in Austria never ceases to amaze you with its colourful aura and elegance. Don’t miss one of the best couple places in Austria to visit on your tour.

Ideal for: Winter Sports, Imperial Architecture

Best months to visit: December to April (winter season)

Pro-tip: Innsbruck is a popular winter destination in Austria for the snow-capped Alps.

Austria Hofburg Palace – spectacular imperial architecture

Hofburg Palace

One of the top tourist attractions in Austria is Vienna`s Imperial Palace. Here you will find a great deal of European history which has been the seat of the Habsburgs. Today this best place in Vienna to visit is used as an official seat of the Austrian Head of State. Exploring one of the largest palace complexes in the world is a famous thing to do in Vienna. The attraction has a distinctive architectural legacy and styles from Gothic to Renaissance, baroque to Rococo. The Royal Chapel is the oldest part that dates back to the 13th century.

Ideal for: History, Imperial Architecture

Best months to visit: Summer Season

Pro-tip: Experience a Sunday mass service in the presence of the famous Vienna Boys` Choir.

Bad Gastein – your R & R spa town

Bad Gastein

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Austria is the spa town located in the High Tauern Mountains. The spa town is covered by spectacular forests, mountain cliffs and landscape. Wander to see the amazing  Belle Epoque architecture, especially the famous Grand de l`Europe Hotel. This 11 story building is an iconic landmark and was constructed 110 years ago. Catch the sights of the Bad Gasteiner Waterfall and experience thermal baths in a dozen of resorts.

Ideal for: Nature, History

Best months to visit: June, July, August

Pro-tip: You could try a radon therapy believed to treat tissues and respiratory systems.

Zillertal Alps – for outdoor trails

Zillertal Alps

A top Austria tourist attraction is the Zillertal Alps along the border of Austria and Italy. It offers one of the best outdoor trails and landscapes in central Europe. Watch the amazing glaciers, around 85 of them, some of which are over 11000 feet above sea level. The Hintertux Glacier is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Austria and is open 365 days a year. Due to its altitude it offers skiing and hiking all year being only one of the two ski resorts in the world to be open all year. A popular thing to do is experience the hundreds of miles of outdoor trail through the High Alps Nature Park.

Ideal for: Nature, Adventure, Mountaineers, Hikers

Best months to visit: February, August, September

Pro-tip: You could book a beginners hikers tour , if you are not used to long-distance hikes.

Salzkammergut – wonderfully wild and untouched


This is one of the most beautiful parts stretching from Salzburg in Austria to the  Dachstein Mountains. The ‘Sound of Music’ was filmed in and around the city with its sparkling lakes, alpine valleys and dramatic rolling hills. This is a family place in Austria to visit for its scenic beauty and loving vibes. Often called the ‘lake district’  the region has over 30 lakes including Atter, Traun, Mond, Wolfgang and Hallstätter. Based on the Austria weather conditions the best time to visit here is September.

Ideal for: Nature, Adventure, Music Lovers, Outdoor Sports

Best months to visit: September to October

Pro-tip: Look out for ice formations that fill the Ice Cave on Dachstein Mountain during winter.

Hohenwerfen Castle – 11th century majestic fortress

Hoenwerfen Castle

Above Werfen city and just 40 minutes south of Salzburg in Austria is the majestic castle and fortress. The 11th century tourist attraction is surrounded by Berchtesgaden Alps and the Tennengebirge Mountains. The castle is something like a fairy tale and has seen many wars in Austria history. Today you can visit it as a museum where many rooms are refurbished with an interesting weapon collection and falconry on display. It is easy to drive to the castle from Salzburg or hop on a train at Salzburg Hbf for a 45 minutes train ride.

Ideal for: History, Adventure, Nature

Best months to visit: April to November

Pro-tip: It is well worth visiting the Eisriesenwelt Cave, as it lies nearby.

Gesause National Park – stunning nature and wild rivers

Gesause National Park

One of the new and best places in Austria is in a region of ridges, valleys and forests. The beautiful Gesause National Park is in a perfect location  where hikers can take an adventure in one of the six mountain peaks that cover over 2000 metres of the park. The beautiful setting in Austria is what you will sight-see if you manage to reach  the 2369 metres in height and reap its benefits.  The stunning natural area with wild rivers, great bio-diversity and mountain rock faces is among the top places to visit in Austria.

Ideal for: Rafting Connoisseurs, Adventure, Hikers

Best months to visit: May to October

Pro-tip: The park is washed by the Enns River, which is a favourite rafting spot in the summer months. You could book a rafting tour for amazing outdoor experiences.

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