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How to Visit South Africa Without Leaving Home?

South Africa is home to innumerable beauties that bless us with uncountable happy moments. From natural to historic, it has an untroubled charm across every landscape. But, unable to venture off to this awesome destination this season? Well, here is all you need to do. Following-given is the piece that would take through the lanes of South Africa. Take a sneak peek into its endearing world. The article is all here to take you on a visit to South Africa without leaving home or the couch. So, scroll down for more.

Visit South Africa Without Leaving Home: Here’s How?

What to Read?

visit South Africa without leaving home: What to Read?
Long Walk to Freedom

Written by the first black head of the state Nelson Mandela, the book is an autobiography. It describes his struggling life from childhood to adult age and shares an insight into his upbringing. It focuses on his journey from being regarded as a terrorist to the great freedom fighter. Read through the pages of this great story of passion, determination, courage, and patriotism.

Burger’s Daughter

Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer pens down the tale of a few anti-apartheid activists trying to dissolve the government. The novel takes you through the alleys of 1970s South Africa. It lets you understand the kind of struggle these activists faced. It details the true events and incidents that happened in the country during that period.

Cry, the Beloved Country

Another novel that would keep you glued with its intriguing political fictional events and stories! Cry, the Beloved Country was written by Alan Paton and is often hailed as one of the greatest novels ever written by a South African author. Take a read and glance at what defines the tragic history of the country. Understand with its deeply moving characters the prevalence of racial injustice in South Africa back in the day.

The Cape Town Book

As the tag line says, the Cape Town Book is a guide to the city’s history, people, and places. Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa and is an important center of trade, culture, and politics. Read through the pages of this interesting piece and learn in detail the evolution of Cape Town’s magnificence. Ranging from how the city survived different layers of time to how eras molded its lifestyle and status, understand everything.

What to Eat, Cook, Savor?


Often touted as the national dish of South Africa, Bobotie is a luscious delicacy prepared from minced meat, herbs, dry fruits, and spices. Though the dish brought to the country was Asian back in the day, it has become an important part of authentic South African cuisine. Prepare it at home and savor its tangy flavors and piquancy while watching your favorite show.

Bunny Chow
Bunny Chow

As the name suggests, Bunny Chow is all about buns prepared from hollowed loaves of bread. It is then stuffed with mixed curry containing different vegetables and meat. The dish was mainly brought to the country by Indian immigrants. Today, it is one of the most popular street foods in South Africa and is enjoyed with great interest by locals as well as foreigners.

Bitlong south africa

Biltong is one of the most loved and popular snacks in South Africa and is prepared after thinly-sliced meat is dried in the air. Dipped in vinegar and mixed with salt, spices, and sugar, biltong is high in protein and contains low fat and hence, it is equally famous amongst health freaks too. Go on a culinary tour of South Africa as you enjoy its everlasting tangy flavor.


Boerewors are sausages in a coiled shape made from lamb, beef, and other kinds of meat. It is quite a popular dish across South Africa and is known for its traditional tastes and flavors. The sausages are cooked on a barbeque and are savored across every corner of the country. Prepare it and get transported to South Africa with its distinct aroma.

What to Watch?

visit South Africa without leaving home: What to watch?

A beautiful crime drama that would blow your mind with its plot and cinematic execution, Tsotsi is a wonderful movie that showcases how strong bonds could be formed in difficult situations. The picture tells the story of a young thug who steals a car and ends up discovering a baby in the back seat. With lively and candid performances, the movie would keep your eyes wide open with interest till the end.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

If comedy is something you would definitely love to watch, then the Gods Must be Crazy is all you need to make your weekend happy. With its hilarious plot and interesting characters, go on an entertaining ride. The movie is all about a coca-cola bottle that drops from an airship and lands in the community of African tribes that thinks it to be some heavenly thing sent by god.


Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, Invictus is a sports biographical drama that shows how the revolutionary Nelson Mandela could unite his people with the help of a rugby match. It shows how he could bring the country together that is divided by racism. Hence, a must-watch drama that provides you great insights into the life of Nelson Mandela!

Cry Freedom

Set in the apartheid era of South Africa, Cry Freedom brings you a heart-touching story that compels you to think about how racist practices in the past have damaged society. Evoking a whole lot of emotions, the movie tells you how the white government in South Africa carried out racist agendas against black people and how black activists fought for their freedom from such discrimination.

What To Listen To?

visit South Africa without leaving home: What to listen to?
Weekend Special

Feel those South African vibes with this iconic song. Released in the year 1983, it is the first-ever song to get charted on Billboard’s Top 100. Since then, the song has been a significant part of South African music festivals and street shows. Listen to it while lazing on your couch and get transported to the Rainbow Nation.

Thuma Mina

A hit number by Hugh Masekela, Thuma Mina gained immense popularity after its release in the year 2007. The song translates to ‘I am here, Send me’ and revolves around self-sacrifice and responsibility. The song became more popular after it was used by the president Cyril Ramaphosa in his speech.

Waka Waka

The list of popular South African songs can never be complete without the famous Waka Waka by Shakira. The song takes you back to the 2010 FIFA World Cup when it was being hosted by South Africa itself. The song became an instant hit and garnered acclaim across the world. Millions of downloads made it a number one in several countries.

Enjoy Virtual Tours to South Africa’s Attractions

Kruger National Park
Kruger national park

One of the largest game reserves in the continent, Kruger National Park is the pride of South Africa for it houses incredibly rich wildlife and dramatic scenery. It is one place that would introduce you to the purity and serenity of nature. Tour the lush green grasslands of the park and explore the luxuriant corners of Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Kruger National Park houses the most magnificent species of plants and animals.

Cape of Good Hope
Cape of good hope

Feel the luxury of South African nature as you move past the coastal region of Cape of Good Hope. Roaring shores, tough cliffs, peaceful beaches and rocky mountain tops make up all the charm this place boasts of. Enjoy a virtual stroll through floral kingdoms and lounge in the soft sand by the sea. Cape of Good Hope is an amazingly gorgeous place in South Africa that would provide you with all the beauty and comfort.

Cradle of Humankind
Cradle of humankind

If archaeology and history are what you are looking forward to, then the Cradle of Humankind is one place that should be your calling. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most historic places, the Cradle of Humankind lets you understand the evolution of humans in the country. Ancient caves take you through the prehistoric corners of South Africa.

Table Mountain National Park
Table mountain national park

Another national park that unfolds several surprises for you! Table Mountain National Park overlooks the beautiful city of Cape Town and is a perfect place to explore the raw charm of nature while staying in an urban agglomeration. Blessed with rich vegetation and arresting landscape, the park boasts of its scenic presence and has umpteen spots to savor.

Travel like a Fellow South African With These Popular Phrases

Hallo – Hello!

Verskoon myExcuse me

Hoeveel kos dit? – How much does it cost?

Dankie – Thank you!

Ja – Yes

Nee – No

Plesier – You are welcome

Totsiens – Goodbye

Hoe kom ek in <Location>? – How do I get to <Location>?

Asseblief – Please

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