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Travel Agency In South Africa That Rank Amongst The Top 10

South Africa is a land of many wonders and opportunities for people looking for a change of scenery. South Africa is one of Africa’s most popular countries, with each region offering something unique to its visitors and locals alike. Locals of the country will always talk about the inclusiveness that their country has to offer to everyone. But, the locals who have been in the country since birth and wish to see the rest of the world. A search for the best travel agencies seems to lead them astray. The need for an effective and genuine travel agency. Has led us to create this interesting read on travel agencies in South Africa that rank amongst the top 10.

Best 10 Travel Agency In South Africa

10. Abang Africa Travel

Travel Agencies In South Africa That Rank Amongst The Top 10

The tenth on our list of travel agencies in South Africa is Abang Africa Travel. It is one of the few well-estaiblished tour operators in the country of South Africa. The travel agency arranges for Cape Town tours and holidays to South Africa. The travel agency has set itself quite firmly in the market and enjoys a rich response from its clients. Guaranteeing you an awesome experience no matter which travel pack you choose with them. Furthermore, the travel agency is also known for doing safari’s in South Africa and several of the neighbouring countries as well.


9. Cape Town Day Tours

Cape Town Day Tours, South Africa

The ninth on our list of travel agencies in South Africa is Cape Town Day Tours. This travel agency is probably the only travel agency with the maximum number of local activities and tour deals in town. They do not just deal in South African tour packages also offer several other African holiday packages. Cape Town Day Tours offers tour packages ranging from marine, to islands, to wines, to shark cage diving. You name it and this particular travel agency has it all.


8. Sure Maritime Travel

Sure Maritime Travel, South Africa

The next on the list of travel agencies in South Africa is Sure Maritime Travel. The motto of the company is “local roots, global reach”, which explains a lot about the company and its capabilities. Furthermore, this tour operator specializes in activities that accommodate different adventure water sports. The travel firm prides itself on the several lodging opportunities that it has to offer. Also, if anyone is looking for corporate deals for travelling abroad or just a team bonding activity. They have packages ranging from individual to corporate travel.


7. Explore Sideways

Explore Sideways, South Africa

Next on our list of best travel agencies in South Africa is the ultra-luxurious company known as Explore Sideways. This particular travel agency specializes in organising not just Cape Town tours, but also specialist and private tours. To give you a sense of the extra luxurious life that exists in South Africa. The travel agency gives the choice to its customers to select from the given collection or custom tailor their own package deals.


6. Kabura Travel & Tours

Kabura Travel & Tours, South Africa

Kabura Travel & Tours is the next one on the list of travel agencies in South Africa. The travel firm boasts of having the most options for different styles of tour packages. The firm has packages for every individual with their own unique needs. Like a honeymoon, adventure, guided safaris, budget, luxury and many more. The firm specializes in Cape Town tours and holidays in South Africa. In addition, the travel agency also offers several tour packages to the surrounding countries and the other countries on the African continent.


5. Pentravel Port Elizabeth

Pentravel Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The next travel agency in South Africa is Pentravel Port Elizabeth. The travel firm boasts of travel packages that cover a myriad of natural landscapes. Like cruising the vast ocean, a resort on a private beach, vacation in hilly lodges covered with snow and many more. Moreover, the travel firm takes pride in following and promoting responsible tourism. And take certain measures to ensure the impact on tourism is greatly reduced through travel and tourism. The travel firm is tied up with an NGO known as TreadRight. Which focuses on the protection and preservation of cultural sites in South Africa.


4. Springbok Atlas Tours and Safaris

Springbok Atlas Tours and Safaris, South Africa

The next on the list of travel agencies in South Africa is Springbok Atlas Tours and Safaris. The travel firm is set in the heart of Cape Town and specializes in tours of the local neighbourhoods in South Africa. Moreover, the tours generally include locations that are offbeat and do not witness a lot of footfall. While these spots do not witness a massive footfall but are a hit amongst the locals. With whom you can enjoy the local cuisine, culture and traditions.


3. Travelwings

Travelwings, South Africa

The next on the list of travel agencies in South Africa is the one known as Travelwings. The firm has recently gained massive momentum in South Africa. And offers everything from pocket-friendly deals to luxury deals to solo deals and family deals. Another important part about the firm is its struggle for perseverance in achieving excellence in the travel industry. The firm has garnered major loyalty from its loyal customers in South Africa. That seems to adversely affect the prosperity of one of the best travel agencies in South Africa.


2. Viva Safaris

Viva Safaris, South Africa

The next travel agency is a firm that stands in a league of its own. They began back in 1991 with safaris of the Kruger national park. But, soon they found that there were several travellers like them who shared similar interests as theirs. Consequently, the passion grew into a full-scale lodging/camping/safari business and became one of the best in South Africa. At the moment within the game reserve, they own more than 5 lodging facilities that range from basic to ultra-luxurious. All the properties are under their management. That ensures the highest level of service, hygiene and excellence in these properties. Hence, making them one of the best in the game.


1. African Eagle Day Tours

African Eagle Day Tours, South Africa

The best travel agency in South Africa as per our experience and as per a private survey. Gave us better clarity as to why the general public felt that African Eagle Day Tours is the best in the region. This travel firm is currently making its way into the South African market and creating new ties with clients and investors. They have well established themselves in the African sub-continent and are slowly and steadily spreading their wings to different parts of the world. In addition, the travel firm over the last few years has managed to achieve excellence in the travel and tourism sector. And all this while adopting new modes of tourism like ecotourism to help support the environment. Many of their said initiatives are on reducing carbon footprint and the betterment of nature.


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