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10 Fun and Interesting Things To Do In Paraguay

Paraguay is warmly cuddled by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia in the stunning cradle of South America. This incredible country is a pristine projector of splendid serenity, classic antiquity, aesthetic craft, and grand facades. In short, Paraguay is the house of magnificence that interests every travel-freak. So, come and unravel the Paraguayan delights that are unconventionally bedazzling.

Top Things To Do In Paraguay

1. Revel in a Cheat-Day at Market 4

Things To Do In Paraguay - Market 4

Tour and connect to the local vibes of Paraguay at Market 4, the ideal spot to seek art authentics. At this huge market, you get a variety of ethnic handicrafts, local fruits, and flavourful street delights to appreciate. So, spend a day relishing the local’s favorite flavors and shopping scenes. 

Location: Asunción

Operating hours: Operates mostly during the daytime.

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Fresh fruits are the center of attraction here, so make sure to grab them for your journey back home. 

2. Test Your Muscle Strength at Cerro Kõi

Next, on our list we have the impressive Cerro Koi, a natural junction to admire the ravishing red rocky features. Small and unique hexagon-shaped stone trails embellish the corner of the park. Plus, the fun, short and easy hike tours and climb adventures offer thrill in the calm of nature. 

Location: Ruta Aregua, Areguá, Paraguay

Operating hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: The hike is really easy but to stay safe make sure to wear trekking shoes. 

3. Behold the Dramatic Cascades at Monday’s Falls

Things To Do In Paraguay - Monday's Falls

You’ll fall in love with this Monday blue! At Municipal Park Monday, the unpredictable surprises of nature are highly admirable. The fast-flowing cascades here are just exceptionally intriguing and you can enjoy the fall from its river level. So, get along with your family and have fun at this pure Paraguay attraction. 

Location: Calle Saltos del monday, Pdte. Franco 7000, Paraguay

Operating Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

Entry Price: USD 6 per person

Pro Tip: Avoid taking the kids here as the heights and rough routes can be dangerous for them.

4. Admire Past Grandness at La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná

Experience Paraguayan antiquity at the stunning Holy Trinity of Paraná. Built in the 18th-century, Misión Jesuítica de la Santísima Trinidad is a well-preserved UNESCO site. This landmark facade is known for its rustic features that take you through its classic tale of splendor. So, admire the detailed presentation of this landmark Paraguayan monument. 

Location: Trinidad, Paraguay

Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday 7 am to 8 pm and Thursday to Sunday 7 am to 9 pm. 

Entry Price: USD 3.78

Pro Tip: The best time to explore the site is during the evening as the cold breeze around the area is pleasant. 

5. Enter the Brazilian Land in a Step!

Things To Do In Paraguay - The Friendship Bridge

Reach the Brazilian city in a couple of steps and get the best of both worlds. The Friendship Bridge is a Paraguayan attraction that displays a warm relation with its neighbour, Brazil. The encompassing view is outrageous and signifies harmony and togetherness. So, enjoy the perfect evening in and around the nation, plus enjoy the eventful tour. 

Location: Puente Internacional de la Amistad, Cd. del Este, Paraguay

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Price varies

Pro Tip: Get the required documents before entering Brazil and always carry your passport and visa details. 

6. Romance by the Refreshing Ypacaraí Lake

Declare your love in the stunning serenity of Ypacaraí Lake. Behold striking contrasts of the natural beauty all through the day and get bedazzled. Enjoy a refreshing swim, go for a lovey-dovey boat ride, and leisure on the shimmering sand all evening with your partner. Let the dancing trees, gushing winds, and lively waters be the witness of your love.

Location: Paraguay

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: The evening is undeniably the best time to explore Ypacaraí as the view of the orange sun kissing the horizon is truly majestic.

7. Dwell in the Setups of Kavaju Camp

Things To Do In Paraguay - Kavaju Camp

Experience unconventionally engrossing camping delights on the spectacular campground of Kevaju Camp. Get along with the fellow campers and soak in the natural beauties of day and night. Enjoy continental breakfast, go trekking, and relax in the hot water tub for an absolute me-time. So, live in the embrace of nature and cherish the pretty vistas. 

Location: Paraguay

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Tour Price: Depends on the number of people. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to carry first aid and mosquito repellents for an instant cure. 

8. Wild Leisure at Botanical Garden of Asunción

Meet and greet the rare species that reside in the Paraguayan lands and see them in their lazy noon mood. Hear the gossip of diverse birds, watch the baby elephants play, and go through the routine of all the wild animals. 

Location: Av Primer Presidente, entre Ruta y Av. artigas, Transchaco, Asunción, Paraguay

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 6 am to 7 pm | Monday closed

Entry Price: USD 1.63 per adult USD 0.82 per child

Pro Tip: Visitors can even feed the animals. Just make sure that while feeding, proper distance is maintained. 

9. Praise the Arts at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Asunción

Things To Do In Paraguay - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Asunción

Explore the creative works of Paraguayan artists at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Here, the collection of fine paintings, sculptures, and craft pieces are exceptionally awe-inspiring. Observe and admire the aesthetics of each creation. Also, listen to the contemporary artist’s narrative through each art presentation. 

Location: Eligio Ayala 1345, Asunción, Paraguay

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm | Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: This museum holds an art history of 100 years, thus, the collection here is diverse, from old to new, only the best is displayed.

10. Let the Fun Begin at Manantial Park

Manantial Park is a wondrous locale for activity lovers. This extraordinary Paraguayan attraction offers unlimited recreation options in varied spaces. So, go for a refreshing swim, camp under the sky amidst the greenery, or venture into the zoo section. That’s not all, the exhilarating game options make your day fun. Enter the world of extraordinary experiences and revel to the fullest. 

Location: Av Elsa Graf, Hohenau 6290, Paraguay

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm

Entry Price: USD 2.27

Pro Tip: It is a perfect spot for family tours. But, it can be quite crowded so make sure to take care of your belongings.

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