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2023 Christmas & New Year: Explore 10 Destinations with Unique Festive Activities!

Christmas sparks fervor and celebrations worldwide, with different countries embracing unique traditions for the pagan festival. Some of these age-old customs have evolved, while others have stood the test of time. From Japan to Norway, Germany to Mexico, diverse nations engage in distinctive festive activities during the Christmas season. Explore the 2023 Christmas and New Year activities globally and discover compelling reasons to experience them at least once in your life.

2023 Christmas and New Year: Top 10 Unique Festive Activities

Japan’s Krispy Christmas

2023 Christmas & New Year: Explore 10 Destinations with Unique Festive Activities!

Japan, with its 1% Christian population, has a distinctive tradition: the crispy Christmas norm. Families forego the traditional turkey dinner in favor of heading to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet. Originating in 1974 with the catchy campaign “Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii!” meaning “Kentucky for Christmas,” the tradition has become entrenched, with some families pre-ordering their KFC buckets months in advance.

India’s New Beginning

A New Beginning In India

In diverse India, a common New Year tradition involves people taking to the streets or rooftops to burn an effigy of an old man as the new year approaches. Symbolizing the passing year, this ritual signifies making way for the new year, creating a unique celebration in a land of myriad beliefs.

Poland’s Heartfelt Wigilia

A Polish Tradition

Poland’s Christmas season is marked by Wigilia, a meticulously planned Christmas Eve supper with twelve courses, symbolizing each apostle. Families come together in a warm atmosphere to share traditional dishes like pierogi, barszcz, and Kutia. The breaking of the Christmas wafer, opłatek, symbolizes forgiveness and unity.

Denmark’s Shattering Experience

A Shattering Experience in Denmark

Denmark uniquely celebrates the New Year by collecting unused dishes throughout the year and affectionately throwing them at friends’ and family’s front doors on New Year’s Eve. The more broken dishes, the more popular you are considered. This quirky tradition symbolizes leaving the old behind and embracing the new, fostering community spirit as the clock strikes midnight.

South Africa’s Sweet Christmas

Christmas Malva Pudding from South Africa

In South Africa, where Christmas coincides with summer, a unique tradition involves the inclusion of Malva Pudding in festive feasts. This sweet caramelized sponge pudding, served with custard or ice cream, adds a touch of sweetness to Christmas celebrations under the warm African sun.

Canada’s Icy Fishing Custom

Ice fishing in Canada, a new year custom

In the Canadian winter, Ice Fishing marks the arrival of 2023. Despite freezing temperatures, locals enthusiastically drill holes into frozen lakes to reel in their New Year catch. Families and friends huddle around fishing holes, creating memorable moments amid the frozen beauty, showcasing the resilience of communities in winter.

Mexico’s Vibrant Christmas

A Mexican Christmas

Mexico celebrates Christmas with the vibrant tradition of Las Posadas. This nine-day celebration reenacts Mary and Joseph’s journey, symbolizing perseverance of faith and hospitality. Each night ends in feasting, pinatas, and traditional Mexican dishes.

Philippines’ Fruity Folklore

A Fruity Filipino Folklore

In the Philippines, New Year’s Eve, called “Media Noche,” is welcomed with a midnight feast featuring round fruits symbolizing prosperity. Loud noise-making at midnight, through fireworks and banging pots, aims to drive away evil spirits and usher in a prosperous New Year.

Ukraine’s New Christmas Tradition

A New Ukrainian Christmas

Ukraine celebrates Christmas with Sviata Vechera, a festive meal with twelve dishes representing the apostles. Unique traditions include leaving an empty place for deceased family members and predicting the future by observing melted wax patterns. In 2023, Ukraine celebrated Christmas on 25th December for the first time in centuries.

Colombia’s Quirky New Year

 A Colombian New Year

Colombians welcome the New Year with the quirky tradition of “Año Viejo” or “Old Year.” Life-sized dolls representing the old year are set ablaze at midnight, symbolizing burning away the past and embracing a fresh start for the New Year. Festivities include fireworks and a collective act of bidding farewell to the old.

Conclusion: Celebrating Diversity during the 2023 Christmas and New Year

The 2023 Christmas and New Year celebrations present a kaleidoscope of unique customs across the globe. From Japan’s KFC feasts to Colombia’s Año Viejo bonfires, each tradition reflects cultural richness. As we bid adieu to the old and embrace the new, let’s celebrate the diverse threads weaving our festive tapestry. Whether it’s the warmth of Las Posadas in Mexico or the sweet symbolism of round fruits in the Philippines, these global traditions invite us to share joy, love, and connection. Here’s to a world of festive wonders and a harmonious 2023!

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