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Unveiling 9 Best Things To Do In Oman For An Extravagant Holiday In This Middle East Gem In 2023

In the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a mesmerising blend of the old and new. The land is home to a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and modern charms. For those planning an unforgettable holiday in 2023, we’ve curated a list of the top things to do in Oman, showcasing this Middle Eastern gem at its finest.

Things To Do In Oman – Top 9

Marvel at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Muscat)

Unveiling 9 Best Things To Do In Oman For An Extravagant Holiday In This Middle East Gem In 2023

Begin your journey in the vibrant city of Muscat, exploring the awe-inspiring Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. A masterpiece of modern Islamic architecture, this mosque combines artistic elegance and Omani craftsmanship. Its grand prayer hall, home to an impressive chandelier and intricate mosaics, is a sight to behold. Equally captivating are its beautifully manicured gardens. Visiting this mosque offers a deep dive into Oman’s cultural and religious landscape, making it a must-see highlight on your Oman itinerary.

Wander Through Nizwa Fort (Nizwa)

Nizwa Fort

Immerse yourself in Oman’s rich history at the Nizwa Fort which ranks next in the list of things to do in Oman. This impressive structure, located in the ancient city of Nizwa, offers captivating insights into Oman’s past. Its robust architecture, massive courtyard, informative displays, and panoramic views from the fort’s tower combine to transport visitors back in time. This site, with its combination of cultural richness and historical significance, is a must-visit for every history enthusiast exploring Oman.

Swim in Wadi Shab (Sur)

Wadi Shab

Venture off the beaten path to the enchanting Wadi Shab, a verdant oasis near the city of Sur. Renowned for its turquoise pools, secret caves, and cascading waterfalls, this tranquil retreat is a world away from the desert’s heat. An adventurous trek through its terrains, refreshing dips in the clear waters, and a chance to soak up the serene atmosphere make Wadi Shab a rewarding escape amidst nature.

Experience Wahiba Sands (Ash Sharqiyah Sands)

Wahiba Sands, things to do in Oman

Embrace the spirit of the desert at Wahiba Sands, an expansive landscape of towering golden dunes. This desert offers a thrilling dune-bashing experience and breathtaking sunsets, painting the sky with shades of gold and crimson. For a truly immersive experience, stay overnight in a traditional Bedouin-style camp, under a sky twinkling with stars. Wahiba Sands encapsulates the allure of desert life, making it an essential part of your Oman adventure.

Discover Jebel Akhdar (Al Hajar Mountains)

Jebel Akhdar

Situated in the Al Hajar Mountain range, Jebel Akhdar, the “Green Mountain,” presents a refreshing contrast to the arid desert. Known for its terraced farms, blooming roses, and verdant landscapes, it’s a treasure trove of natural beauty. Hiking through its scenic trails rewards you with spectacular views, and visiting local farms gives you a glimpse of the region’s unique agricultural practices, making it an enriching addition to your Oman journey.

Snorkel in Daymaniyat Islands (Al Batinah North Governorate)

Daymaniyat Islands

Dive into the vibrant underwater world of the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve. Home to stunning coral reefs and a diverse array of marine life, these waters offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. With the clear blue waters providing perfect visibility, you’ll have the chance to encounter turtles, rays, and myriad colourful tropical fish. The Daymaniyat Islands are a marine paradise that offers an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Trek Jebel Shams (Al Hajar Mountains)

Jebel Shams

Embark on an invigorating trek up Jebel Shams, Oman’s highest peak in the Al Hajar Mountains. Known as the “Mountain of the Sun,” it features rugged trails that lead to awe-inspiring views of canyons and dramatic gorges. This challenging hike is rewarded with breathtaking panoramas and a peaceful escape from city life. Jebel Shams is an essential experience for nature lovers and thrill-seekers exploring Oman.

Visit a Traditional Omani Village (Interior regions)

Omani Village

Experience authentic Omani hospitality in a traditional village. This visit offers a rare glimpse into Oman’s rural life, where age-old customs are preserved, and the pace of life is unhurried. Engage with the locals over a cup of Omani coffee and dates, learn about their unique traditions, and appreciate a simpler way of life. A trip to a traditional Omani village adds depth and richness to your Oman experience.

Explore Bahla Fort (Bahla)

Bahla Fort, things to do in Oman

Uncover the historical grandeur of Oman at Bahla Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. An epitome of Omani architectural finesse, the fort features imposing walls, labyrinthine passages, and ornate towers. As you wander through its historical corridors, you’ll gain insights into the region’s medieval period. This fort is a testament to Oman’s architectural ingenuity and is a must-visit for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike.


With its vibrant mix of culture, history, and stunning landscapes, Oman offers a myriad of experiences for the discerning traveller. From the bustling souqs and historical forts to the tranquil wadis and sprawling deserts, the best things to do in Oman cater to every interest. So, set off on an unforgettable journey in 2023 to this Middle Eastern gem and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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