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21 Best Places To Visit In Abha : What To See & Do

Are you a nature enthusiast? Is Saudi Arabia on your travel bucket list as it should be? If so, Abha in the Kingdom is a must-see which lies at an elevation of 2200 meters above the Red Sea. While most of the tourist places in Abha are closed in the winter season, do plan your trip accordingly. This cultural gem of a city awaits you and lies at the southern end of the Red Sea coast. It is a fabulous destination to explore in the mountainous part of Arabia. We list 21 tourist places to visit in Abha, the capital city of the Aseer Province of Saudi Arabia. Be inspired for an exemplary escape in the mountains!

Top 20+ Places To Visit In Abha

High City – walk in the clouds

21 Best Places To Visit In Abha : What To See & Do
Source: Welcome Saudi

Spend time in the newly developed High City which is one of the best Abha places to visit. Take a stroll in the beautiful city and acquaint yourself with the breezy air and magnificent settings. Check out the many cafes, restaurants, and an art wall in the centre of the town to enjoy the most visited Saudi Arabia tourist attraction.

Location: 6169 King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Shifa, 2970, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Al Muftaha Art Village – heritage highs

Al Muftaha Art Village

Al Muftaha Village Abha is known for the finest traditional Aseer architecture. Stroll on a walking tour and feel the cultural vibes. The works of local artists and craftsmen speak of historic tales which are awe-inspiring. The historical village is a highlight Saudi Arabia tourist attraction and is home to a mosque with incredible calligraphy graffiti.

Location: Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Lake Abha Dam – a mountainous scenery

Lake Abha Dam, places to visit in Abha

The 300-metre Abha Dam is a fantastic tourist attraction with majestic mountains that act as a backdrop. Walk around the dam surrounded by dense forest and indulge in several water sports adventures and more. The tourist attraction also plays a vital role in protecting the region`s terrain. The dam overlooks the Al Sadd Garden, another top Abha place to visit.

Location: Aseer Province, Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Shada Palace – takes you back in time 

Shada Palace
Source: Wafy App

Among the museums in Saudi Arabia, the mud-walled Shada Palace and Museum is among the best tourist places in Abha. It was the main ruling palace in Abha, Saudi Arabia and was established around 1820. It has now been converted into a museum and houses a variety of fascinating local handicrafts, household items and more. The tourist attraction is a true reflection of the architecture of Saudi Arabia, making it a must-visit when in the city.

Location: Abha, Saudi Arabia

Green Mountains – sparkle at night

Green Mountains, places to visit in Abha

Among the top tourist places in Abha is the incredible Green Mountains, especially at night, due to the green lighting surrounding them. The terrain is also called Jabal Thera and is a top tourist attraction. Enjoy a cable car ride and take in the scenic beauty. It was initially a military headquarters and is today a must-see Abha place to visit.

Location: Abha, Saudi Arabia.

The Al Dhabab Walkway – dramatic escape 

Al Dhabab Walkway, places to visit in Abha
Source: Wafy App

The scenic walkway is like a walk in the clouds. As the name, Dhabab (fog) suggests, experience the fog-engulfed walkway that stretches along a dramatic escarpment. The breathtaking views make this a top place to visit in Abha. There are kids’ playgrounds and seating areas to take in the mountainous views at leisure.

Location: Al Dabab, Abha 62522, Saudi Arabia.

Jabal Sawda – the tallest mountain in Saudi

Jabal Sawda

This unmissable Saudi Arabia tourist attraction is just 30 km from Abha. The place welcomes you with breathtaking vantage points as it is one of the tallest mountains in Arabia. The Al Souda village is nearby and accessible by cable car rides. At an elevation of 3133 metres, it is claimed to be the highest point in Saudi Arabia, a top tourist attraction. 

Location: Aseer Mountains, Saudi Arabia.

Aseer National Park – escape into nature

Asir National Park

If you are a nature lover, then, this is one place you simply must visit. A top tourist attraction in Abha, the Aseer national park offers incredible scenic views. Feel like you are literally in the clouds with fresh air to breathe and rejuvenate with. The park is a strong recommendation to plan your itinerary accordingly when on a tour of Abha. You can witness from the park Jebel al Sawda, the tallest mountain in Saudi Arabia whose scenes will take your breath away.

Location: Aseer Region, Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Rijal Alma Village – capture the charm 

Rijal Alma Village, places to visit in Abha

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the best places to visit in Abha. Just 1.5 hours from Abha, the charming village is known for its picturesque beauty and classical landscapes. Witness ancient structures and explore the Aseer region which is a natural man-made beauty.

Location: Aseer region, 45 km from Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hababla Valley – sights from the sky

Al-Hababla Valley, places to visit in Abha

Enjoy a cable car ride to witness the beauty of the Al-Habala Valley which is located 20 minutes from Abha. It is possible to access the village only via ropes and pulleys and hence it is also known as the hanging village. It is among the best of Saudi Arabia’s tourist attractions for mesmerizing views from the top. Take in the beauty of a waterfall, stunning mountains, cafes and more.

Location: 20 minutes from Abha, Saudi Arabia

Rijal Alma Museum – a landmark heritage spot

Rijal Alma Museum

Visit the top tourist place to visit in Abha which is famous for Arabic traditional architecture. The museum in the village was built to preserve the regional heritage of the local inhabitants. It is also called “Men of the Brightest Heritage Museum” and is located in the middle of the village. The village has stunning scenery and is today on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage. 

Location: Rijal Alma Province, 31 mi west of Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Shamsan Ottoman Castle – unwind into the past

Shamsan Ottoman Castle
Source: Wafy App

This majestic edifice is a top tourist attraction just a 10 minutes drive from the Abha City Center. The historical aspects and the glimpse of a by-gone past are fascinating. Explore this fine example of historical beauty that feels like a fairytale experience. Catch exotic views from the castle, especially at sunrise and sunset. The massive gate at the entrance, engraving on the walls and astounding architecture will keep you spellbound.

Location: Shamasan District, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Raydah Escarpment Reserve – a bird watchers’ paradise 

Raydah Escarpment Reserve

Spend time on nature’s lap and gazing at the diverse array of winged beauties that adorn the reserve. The colourful wings of the birds are a treat to your eyes. This is among the best places to visit in Abha nestled about 15 km from the city. Enjoy the cool climate of the reserve embellished with greenery and picturesque scenes. The tranquil surroundings will leave you spellbound as you beat the heat.

Location: Off Al-Sooda Road, 15 km from Abha.

The Art Street – behold Arabic creativity 

Art Street Abha
Source: Almosafer

The Art Street of Abha is a top tourist attraction which is lined with magnificent Jacaranda trees. Artists from across the country meet here to share their creativity and colourful pieces of art. Visit the illuminated walkway at night amid a serene ambience. There are art galleries, numerous cafes and restaurants, so you can have a fun day.

Location: King Khalid Rd, Al Muftaha, Saudi Arabia.

Al Rashid Mall – for shopping pleasures

Al Rashid Mall, places to visit in Abha

Among the best places to visit in Abha, the newly built Al Rashid Mall is a perfect spot for a shopping experience. It offers retail outlets, a bowling facility, a food court, cinema halls and more. Indulge in fine cuisine or spend quality time with your children on a family outing. You can easily spend a few hours here.

Location: Firas Ibn Al Nudur Street, Saudi Arabia.

Souq Al Thullatha – a traditional marketplace 

Souq Al Thullatha

This fine marketplace offers a traditional shopping experience, especially for jewellery and souvenirs. It is also called Tuesday Market and is a perfect place to embrace local hues in Abha. Come closer to Aseer culture and wander the market for spices, traditional clothes, honey and more. This is a top place to visit for shopping in Saudi Arabia.

Location: Al Muftaha, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Al Raqadi Museum – historical gem

Al Raqadi Museum

Al Raqadi Museum is among the best places to visit in Abha, where you can take a historical tour of the place. It is a gem of a place, home to many heritage artefacts. You can also buy souvenirs, handlooms, handicrafts and more. You must confirm visiting hours earlier with the concerned authorities to avoid disappointment.

Location: Thirah, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Abu Kheyal Park – nature’s bounty

Abu Kheyal Park
Source: Welcome Saudi

This tranquil tourist attraction is among the best parks in Abha to visit with family. The large expanse of greenery has benches and a children’s playground that offers spectacular city views. It has an in-house restaurant called Jorry where you can enjoy refreshments and a few local delicacies. Home to various species of flora and fauna, the park is especially beautiful during sunset.

Location: Al Shifa, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia.

Bees Tower Honey Refinery – cafe & coffee

Bees Tower Honey Refinery

This is an amazing cafe which is a 10-minute  drive from Rijal Alma. Sip into an amazing cup of coffee amid enjoyable scenic beauty. Don’t forget to buy pure honey from an interesting place to visit in Saudi Arabia. You can reach the attraction which is about a one-hour drive from Abha. A wind power turbine near the cottage makes for an interesting spot for a insta worthy picture. There is also a Rose Garden nearby for incredible views which is another place to visit here.

Location: Al Batilah 63455, Saudi Arabia.

Al Salam Park – rejuvenate in the freshness

Al Salaam Park, places to visit in Abha

The large recreational park is a fun-filled place to visit in Abha. The green spaces, playgrounds, fountains, seating area, lush trees and colourful flowers make the park among the best places to visit in Abha. There is a mini zoo as well as other entertainment facilities to bring your family on a memorable outing.

Location: Abha region, Saudi Arabia.

Cable Car – see Abha from the sky

Abha Cable Car

Enjoy a 20-minute ride each way in the cable car, which is the best way to experience the Sarawat mountainous views of Abha. The cable car route is for a length of 600 meters on its way to the Habala village. The iconic cable car takes you up to the clouds and deep through cultural routes such as Rijal Almaa and Al Habala. The routes operate seasonally and only during the summer. Book your reservations to experience fascinating views from vantage points, which is one of the best places to visit in Abha.

Location: Abha Al Jadidah, Abha 62512, Saudi Arabia.

Useful Pro-tips

  • Mix and mingle with the locals to learn about the beautiful culture and history of the place. People are friendly and welcoming.
  • The weather is unpredictable so pack right as Abha lies amid a mountain range.
  • Taxi services such as Uber are limited, especially at night.
  • Carry along your camera as phones may not be a good substitute for photographs due to poor signals.
  • Avoid visiting during the winter months as the weather becomes chilly and cold. The best months to visit for ideal weather are January to May and mid-September to mid-November.


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