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15+ Breathtaking Things to do in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan wins the title of being the most breathtaking mountain station in Central Asia. This bonny nation dazzles its admirers with the ultra scenic sites. Clear waters flow down the alpine hills and follow the rugged gorges to fuse into the sublime lake. It is like listening to the symphonies of divine natural wonders. Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked locale that is incredibly mesmerizing and purveys epic tours in its calm and cosy embrace. So, read on to unravel all those things to do when in this beautiful country. 

Travel 101: Top Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan

1. Wow, An Alpine Beauty to Behold!

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Ala Archa National Park

Assorted shades of alpine greens with a white shining background paint the winter landscape of Ala Archa National Park. This mega spot is home to wondrous natural features that fashion the perfect panorama for you. So, witness the eternal love affair of running rivers, rough gorges, and embrace the fresh mountain air.  

Operating Hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: USD 5.37 per person

Pro Tip: It is recommended to carry thermos flask and drink warm water to maintain body temperature. 

2. Shop at the Bazaar of Bishkek

Love to shop? The bazaars in Bishkek have got it sorted for you. Stroll the market of Osh Bazaar and let the range items fulfil all your shopping fancies. Also, get your hands on the vast deals starting from home decor to authentic food items. Flaunt your pro-bargaining spirits to bet the best deals on Kyrgyzstan souvenirs here.

Operating Hours: 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, Daily

Entry Price: Free! Though, the parking fee is applicable.

Pro Tip: Bargaining is entertained in this bazaar. So, be prepared to put your bargainer-hat on.

3. Visit the Ravishing Rocky-Red Region

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Seven Bulls Rock

Explore the legendary locale of Seven Bulls Rock and capture its photogenic features on your camera. During spring, the flamboyant frames enhance the beauty of these panoramic rosy-rocks. Hence, explore this landmark attraction of Kyrgyzstan and stroll in its attractive spaces to experience awe. 

Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Daily

Pro Tip: Trek on the adjacent trail to get the best views of the rocky hills. 

4. Enjoy Hot Spring Therapy at Altyn-Arashan

Treat your body with a therapeutic bath in the hot springs of Altyn-Arashan, nature’s spa town. This alpine valley relaxes your body and calms your soul with its eye and body soothing delights. Plus, the additional fun trekking treats take you through the depths of its dense wilderness. So, get ready to explore the Kyrgyz splendour.

Operating Hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: USD 3.60 approximately 

Pro Tip: Go for a horse riding tour and explore the beautiful corners of the valley. 

5. Explore the Super-Scenic Spot at Ala-Kul

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Ala-Kul

Ala-Kul is simply a spectacular place to visit in Kyrgyzstan. Glacier streams cascading from the snow-capped hills look like water pouring from heaven. The reflection of clouds on the crystal clear lake appears like a beautiful painting of an artist. So, follow the craggy paths and sit on a hill-top to admire the dreamy views. 

Operating Hours: All time of the day. 

Price: USD 2.98 approximately 

Pro Tip: Make sure to wear a pair of hiking shoes as the paths are rough and rocky. 

6. Camp Amidst Greenery at Issyk-Kul

Spend a day under the clear sky amidst the picturesque setup of Issyk-Kul, the tenth-largest lake in the world. Wake up to the pleasing views of the dramatic hills overlooking the majestic environs. So, open the can of a wild camping experience, take a breath of freshness, and lounge away into the lap of nature. 

Operating Hours: All time of the day.

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Evenings near the beach area are a bit cold. So, make sure to carry warm jackets. 

7. Discover the Perfect Picnic Spot at Panfilov Park

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Panfilov Park

Reach the heart of Bishkek, near the Old Square at Panfilov Park. Your fun family time has just begun at this entertainment locale of Kyrgyzstan. The park is packed with pleasurable rides like the Ferris wheel, round pony rides, food stalls, and much more. So, make the day count and share memories and laughter with your family here. 

Operating Hours: 10 am to 11:30 pm, daily

Entry Price: USD 1.79 

Pro Tip: Littering in the premises is prohibited. Hence, always throw garbage in the dustbin.

8. Take a Hearty Stroll at Karagachovaya Roshcha

Get ready for some nature’s love at Karagachovaya Roshcha and fancy a leisure walk across the lush greenery. This is a house of impeccable wonders as it maps out the lush Kyrgyz greenery all along your tour. As an additional treat, you can also enjoy recreational sports with your family in its open grasslands.

Operating Hours: 24 hours 

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Go for some boating at its lake and pass by the adjacent colorful setups. 

9. Play Snow Games at Boris Yeltsin Peak

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Boris Yeltsin Peak

Frolic on the white sheet of serenity at Boris Yeltsin Peak and adore the snowy landscape. This mount peak of Tian Shan Range has magic in its air that heals your mind and spirit. So, witness the extraordinaire. Let yourself out in the open and meet your fun side amidst the snow games.  

Operating Hours: Mostly during the day time. 

Tour Price: *Varies

Pro Tip: Trekking here is really tough as the paths are covered with heavy snow. So, make sure to carry all the professional trekking gadgets.

10. Trek to the Top of Küngöy Ala-Too Range

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Küngöy Ala-Too Range

Once a bright mind quoted, ‘the best views come after the hardest climbs’. And, Küngöy Ala-Too Range, the Kyrgyz mount range, stands true with the most spectacular views of nature’s rawness. So, trek to decipher your inner capabilities and behold the alpine charms. 

Operating hours: 24 hours (Trekking only in the day time)

Tour Price: Price may vary.

Pro Tip: While you pass through the mountains, make a stop at one of the hilltops and capture serenity.

11. It’s Ski Time in Chunkurchak

Over 80% of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous areas and Chunkurchak, the visually appealing hill spot offers compelling alpine ski adventures. The snow sheets are a perfect ski route that fills you with an adrenaline rush. So, leisure in the snow world and talk to the cool winds.

Operating hours: Ski Activities take place during the day time.

Price: Varies 

Pro Tip: Set your camp base on the hilltop and start your mornings with the serene natural views. 

12. Games, Movies, and Fun at Cosmopark

Cosmopark is a jaunty station of Kyrgyzstan with movie theatres, bowling alleys, and a kid’s amusement park. It is an entertainment locale and a quintessential family hangout zone. So, begin with the fun bowling games, share laughter at the movie theatre and conclude your day with a hearty meal. 

Operating hours: Wednesday to Monday from 9 am to 1 am | Tuesday 9 am to 1:30 am

Entry Price: Less than a USD

Pro Tip: It is a perfect party place so plan a whole day and take part in fun events. 

13. Visit the Historic Burana Tower

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Burana Tower

Burana Tower stands solo in Chuy Valley amidst the green grasslands. This 9th-century landmark minaret exhibits Kyrgyz history in its small museum. So, climb the magnificent tower and enjoy beautiful sceneries from the top of its stairs. After you finish the exhibition, just sit and enjoy the calmness of its surroundings. 

Operating Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, Daily

Entry Price: USD 2 approximately

Pro Tip: It is prohibited to touch any of the displays here. 

14. Adore the Alpine Views at Köl-Suu

Köl-Suu is one of those mesmerizing places to visit in Kyrgyzstan that flaunts poise features of the graceful environs. The lake is perfect for kayaking and you can also enjoy horse riding on the bordering land. So, access this alpine lake vai easy car ride and make your day magical. 

Operating Hours: All day (activities only during the day)

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Do not go for kayaking alone. It is better to go with someone experienced. 

15. The Fantastic Architecture of Holy Trinity

Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan - Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral is an authentic historical attraction of Kyrgyzstan renowned for its eye-catching architecture. Its orthodox Russian textures and designs make it a fascinating church to visit. So, capture its antiquity and observe its architectural highlights like green-roofed towers and almost-golden onion domes. 

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm | Sunday 6:30 am to 3 pm

Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Do not make loud noise once you are at the church premises and dress modestly.

16. Praise the Extraordinaire at the Museum of Fine Arts

When listing top things to do in Kyrgyzstan, we can not miss out on the fascinating art exhibitions. The Museum of fine arts is a top art-lovers location in Bishkek. Its galleries exhibit historic Kyrgyz artefacts, super impressive paintings, and excellent sculptures. So, admire the craft of creative minds and decode the hidden meanings. 

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 6 pm | Monday Closed

Price: USD 1.19 approximately

Pro Tip: Do not touch any painting or sculpture to secure its originality. 

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