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15+ Fun and Adventurous Things to do in Jamaica

Take a Caribbean holiday to Jamaica, the island nation with amazing beaches. To get a full experience of the island as a tourist in Jamaica, visit the museums, eat Jamaican food and of course, sip a cocktail on the beach surrounded by beautiful vistas. Visit the land of water, wood, and amazing adventures. We have the most adventurous and fun things to do in Jamaica things. Let’s feel inspired!

Top Things To Do In Jamaica

1. Take a Boat Tour to the Luminous Lagoon

Visit the spectacular lagoon which sparkles at night. The luminous lagoon stretches all along the wetlands of Trelawny. Take a night boat tour from the glistening Marina to the lagoon. The glowing microorganisms called dinoflagellates combine with the freshwater to give off a ‘glow in the dark’. Take your once in a lifetime chance to swim the glittering lagoon water for sensual pleasures.

Timings: Based on the tour

Average Price: $25.00 (adults) | $12.50 (children)

Pro Tip: Glistening Waters is the only night time Falmouth Jamaica attraction.

2. Get the Best Ride of a lifetime at Mystic Mountains

Image Credits:

If you are an outdoor adventure lover, then bobsledding the Rainforest Mystic Mountain is an inviting Jamaica thing to do. Go up to the peak of the mountain and come twisting down in a brake controlled sledge that runs on a track. Hold on as you plunge 3280 feet of twists and turns. You could even try the canopy ziplining and SkyExplorer for more thrilling adventures. Try the Anancy’s web rope course, Reggae Rock Climbing Wall, Infinity Pool, Raggamuffin, and other activities.

Timings: Based on the tour

Average Price: $52.54 per person 

Pro Tip: Book online a guided tour to get unlimited rides for all the activities in the Mystic Mountain.

3. Go on a Raft along the Martha Brae River

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A popular Jamaica thing to do is the famous Jamaican activity of river rafting. Transport yourself on a raft made of bamboo down the stream of the popular Martha Brae River in Falmouth. You could even try rafting the Rio Grande River in Portland. The rafts are operated by experienced and professional raft captains. So, head down the stream and feel the excitement of splashing water and cool breeze.

Timings: Based on the private tour

Average Price: $65 per raft

Pro Tip: It is recommended to book a licensed raft captain for a great experience.

4. Enjoy A Swim with the Dolphins At Dolphin Cove

As a tourist in Jamaica, a must-visit attraction is the Dolphin Cove. The famous Marine Park has three locations – Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Moon Palace. Swim with the dolphins, interact with them in their natural environment, now this is a fun Jamaica thing to do. The trained dolphins entertain you with water tricks and stunts. They have a reputation for charming their guests.

Timings: Day activity

Average Price: $169 per person

Pro Tip: You could interact with sharks and stingrays too.

5. Be Smitten by Dunn’s River Waterfalls

Image Credits:

The spectacular falls in Ocho Rios is a popular national attraction in Jamaica. Watch how the waterfall cascades down 183 meters in a naturally terraced manner. The staircase makes it perfect for climbing for tourists in Jamaica. Make sure to wear the correct footwear provided to climb the giant stairs. This famous Caribbean tourist attraction receives plenty of visitors each year. Take the help of a tour guide who knows the topography of the waterfall and will keep you safe. 

Timings: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

Average Price: $23

Pro Tip: Special shoes are sold at the venue. Don’t forget to bring along your waterproof camera.

6. Gorge into Delicious Ackee and Codfish

Image Credits:

The Jamaica cuisine of ackee and codfish is a national dish. You could have the fruit also with saltfish. The ackee fruit is interestingly imported from Ghana in Africa. The fruit is served with tasty salted codfish sauteed in vegetables. When the fruit ripens, the pod breaks to reveal the yellow fruit. It resembles scrambled eggs when cooked. The tasty Jamaica traditional food can be made with exotic spices and herbs.

Timings: depends upon the restaurant you go to.

Average Price: $4.97 for Grace ackees

Pro Tip: Try the Jerk meal, a popular chicken Jamaican food served with homemade sauce. Slow cook it on a grill to taste the flavours of the spicy Jamaica cuisine.

7. Dive Deep From the Edge of Rick’s Cafe Cliff

One of the diving hot spots in Jamaica is Rick’s Cafe cliff. A fun Jamaica thing to do is to stand at the edge of Rick’s Cafe at 35 foot above and watch amazing sunsets. You could also do the daring dive for an adrenaline rush. Dive into water below from the cliff, one of the popular activities for a tourist in Jamaica. Rick’s Cafe and Bar serves great food and makes the outing memorable.

Timings: 12.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Average Price: $10 per person

Pro Tip: You could even climb the trees on the cliff for a higher dive.

8. Swim On Horsebacks in the Caribbean Sea

Image Credits:

Enjoy a fabulous Jamaica thing to do, in resorts such as Half Moon. Trained thoroughbreds take you for a swim in the cool water on their backs. Their powerful legs make them swift swimmers. Ride on the horseback through the Caribbean Sea for an amazing time. Horses enjoy it as much as tourists too. There are other equestrian activities as well such as horse riding on the beach and more.

Timings: 10.30 am | 1.30 pm (starting time)

Average Price: $99

Pro Tip: You get to spend a total of two hours with the horses.

9. Go Guided Hiking to Jamaican Blue Mountains

Image Credits:

Enjoy a hiking expedition up the Blue Mountains amid amazing diverse flora and fauna. The majestic scenery and the natural outdoor environs will leave you spellbound. The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica. It is a popular tourist spot for camping and hiking. Tourists in Jamaica stay in hostels and inns nestled in the hills to make the hiking trip comfortable. View dramatic scenes from the top of the sea below to make the journey unforgettable.

Timings: Day tour

Average Price: $142.72 (private tour)

Pro Tip: Visit the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Try the famous Blue Mountain coffee, a famous Jamaican beverage.

10. Grab a Beach Umbrella at Montego Bay

Image Credits:

Montego Bay also known as Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club is the most famous beach in Jamaica. With white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise blue ocean waters, get your suntan lazing at the gorgeous beach. The beach is fringed by trees with facilities like a beach bar, changing rooms, showers, and a restaurant. There are also club rooms for members. Chairs, umbrellas, and snorkel gear are available for rent. The beach is part of the Montego Bay Marine Park that can be explored by the snorkelers.

Timings: All Day

Average Price: $6 (beach umbrella)

Pro Tip: Dr Alexander James McCatty donated the beach property to a bathing club in Montego Bay.

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11. Visit the Bob Marley Museum

Image Credits:

The museum is dedicated to the renowned reggae musician, Bob Marley. Located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston, this is the place of residence of the great musician. Look at the home and recording studio of the legend as you tour the museum in Kingston. Get a peek into the life of an iconic man. The tour also includes a video presentation. Explore the rich memories and mementoes of the great Jamaican. Take the Bob Marley Museum Tour, an interesting Jamaica thing to do.

Timings: 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Average Price: $25 (adult) | $12 (child  4 to 12 years of age)

Pro Tip: The tour duration is 1 hour 15 minutes. The museum is closed on Sundays.

12. Grab Breathtaking Scenes at Island Gully Falls

Image Credits:

Explore hidden caves and enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal blue waters. The magnificent Blue Hole & Island Falls is nestled in the hills of Ocho Rios. Be amazed by crystal clear water coming down the mountains and lush greenery. Jump into the waters of the cascading waterfalls and enjoy the turquoise blue waters. If you feel adventurous, try the rope swing jump into the cool waters. Have lunch at this exhilarating falls and have a fun-filled day.

Timings: Day Tour

Average Price: $70 per adult

Pro Tip: Book a tour that includes live commentary and Jamaican lunch in Ochos Rios.

13. Take a Rum Tour of the Appleton Estate 

Image Credits:

Travel to the historical Appleton Estate that creates the world’s smoothest rums. Wander the gorgeous landscapes during a guided tour. You even get to create your blend with the guidance of a master distiller. The experience gets more fun with a chef-tasting rum adventure accompanied by a multicourse meal. Spend the day listening to stories about the locale and the island’s role in rum trade. This is a spirited Jamaica thing to do.

Timings: Based on the tour

Average Price: $50 per person

Pro Tip: The Appleton Estate rum distillery is in the gorgeous Nassau Valley.

14. Explore the Jamaican Terrain on an ATV

Image Credits:

The fun of a Jamaican holiday never ends on the West Coast Land experience. Choose an adventure tour that suits you and explore the beautiful Jamaican countryside. A fun-filled day awaits you as you zoom by in a fully-powered ATV paired with an aerial view. Look out as you go past the lush rainforest over the rocky terrains, through mangroves and among treetops. Combine the adventure with a therapeutic soak in a natural mineral bath. Add more fun by combining horseback riding and ziplining activities.

Timings: Day tour

Average Price: $182 per person

Pro Tip: Bring along a change of clothes, good sneakers, swimsuit, insect repellant, towel and cash.

15. Journey the Jamaican Gem in Mayfield Falls

Image Credits:

The unbelievable Jamaica thing to do is to immerse yourself in the 44 mineral pools and 21 natural whirlpools. Journey along the longest river walk in the breathtaking world of Mayfield Falls. Dare to explore the natural and mysterious wonders of an underwater cave. Fill your day packed with thrilling adventure in one of Jamaica’s hidden gems. Enjoy the guided walk up the river and have an astonishing holiday. You could also take a short hike and indulge in rock climbing.

Timings: Day tour

Average Price: $86 per person

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to bring your camera and water shoes.

16. Get spooked out at Rose Hall Great House

The former home of Jamaican white witch Annee Palmer will for sure captivate you in the world of mystery and murder. Listen to eerie tales reported over years and gain an insight into the grandest of Jamaican great houses. It is told that the famous Witches Brew helps spirits disappear, so do try the famous rum cocktail. Sense the aura of black magic in the mansion as you enjoy a candlelit evening tour of the Rose Hall Great House.

Timings: Night tour

Average Price: $39 per person

Pro Tip: See the beautifully restored antiques and decor from the 18th century.

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