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Top 9 Things To Do In Austria On Your Upcoming Summer Vacation

As the great Hermann Bahr once said “Austria is not a country, it’s a state of mind”. Rightly so, the country lies in the heart of Central Europe on the other half of the Eastern Alps. 62% of the Alps constitute the country of Austria providing the land with an abundance of snowy landscapes. The unique location makes the country a favourite destination among skiers and other snow adventure activity seekers. Embark on an adventure with an interesting read on the top 9 things to do in Austria on your upcoming summer vacation.

Things To Do In Austria – Top 9

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Top 9 Things To Do In Austria On Your Upcoming Summer Vacation

Imagine a Disney movie which takes you to a small and colourful town that exudes tranquillity and awe-inspiring beauty, welcome to Hallstatt. This quaint yet mesmerising town will make you run along the alleyways with colourful buildings. The small town is home to other attractions including an ice cave, a salt lake and a salt mine. One can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Alps and the town, from 5Fingers, which lies 400 meters above sea level offering a tranquil view.

A Eulogy Of Mozart’s Work


The great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian from Salzburg. His 12th-century family home now serves as a museum honouring his journey of falling in love with music. The museum houses the remnants of Mozart’s first musical instrument a violin. Mozart underwent the sacrament of Baptism at the Salzburger Dom Cathedral, which displays other historical musical organs. Some other unique things to do in Austria, Salzburg may include visiting St. Peter’s Abbey a popular tourist attraction. 

Savour Austrian Delicacies

Savour Austrian Delicacies, things to do in Austria

Germany’s influence and its proximity to Austria have a direct influence on the local cuisine found here. Some popular local dishes in Austria include the Weiner Schnitzel, Viennese Apfelstrudel, and Sachertorte. Austrian cuisine is equivalent to Viennese cuisine, however, every region in Austria offers unique variations. Austrian cuisine is a medley of fresh ingredients wrapped in a wholesome goodness of love and hospitality.

Unwind In A Thermal Spring


Northwestern Austria is home to the town of Bad Gastein, popular for its thermal springs. Since the dawn of the 7th century when this location was discovered, it has been popular among visitors. Initially, it was the Romans, the aristocrats and the royal family. It was one of the popular getaways for Empress Elisabeth, as she was often found relaxing and rejuvenating in the spring waters. The different pools of thermal baths offer a view of the snow-covered Alps in an experience like none other.

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Get Fast & Furious


Imagine crossing the barriers of sound as you glide across runs of snow, well it won’t be that fast, but rest assured it would be fun. In the province of Salzburg at a height of 2100 meters above sea level lies the Widkogel Arena. Home to the longest toboggan run with a staggering stretch of 14 km, taking an average of 30 minutes to complete the track. Individuals have been known to have gone flat on the toboggan during a night run, as floodlights light the run till 10 pm. Sliding at speeds of 90 km/h while gazing at the starlit light skies in the Austrian countryside. Now that sounds like a rush of adrenaline waiting to happen.

Try Going Down A Hill

Try Going Down A Hill, things to do in Austria

Well not literally, but you can enjoy a nice skiing adventure at St Anton am Arlberg. One of the exciting and hair-raising things to do in Austria is to go skiing down an icy mountain. Being Europe’s popular skiing destination, do not miss out on this icy adventure in Austria. The St Anton am Arlberg resort has been a popular skiing destination since 1901. The resort offers 300+ kilometres of perfect pistes (ski run of compacted snow) and 200 km of powder snow. Advanced skiers prefer this particular resort for long stretches of run which makes for a good practice run.

Unleash Your Hiking Spirit


Deep lush valleys with trails leading through them, winding across mountainous trails make for an epic hiking experience. Austria is Europe’s most likeable location with trails going in crisscross pattern around beautiful lakes and mesmerising mountain ranges. The most popular and one of the top things to do in Austria is to take up the hike of Tirol. It is one of the best with over 24,000 km of marked trails divided into 33 stages ensuring a hiking experience like never before. A hike across the Lechtal Alps along the Eagle Walk is not for the faint of heart, however, it offers a hut-to-hut hiking experience.

Frosty The Snowman


An icy adventure pops up whenever you plan a trip to Austria, as it is one of the top reasons to visit the country. One destination that stands out from the rest in Austria is a resort that lies 3440 meters above sea level. The Pitztal Glacier in Austria is one of the highest glaciers in Austria and houses the highest ski resort and funicular in Austria. The height of the resort is such that the winter sports season runs from September to May because the snow cover lasts longer owning to the altitude. So if you’re travelling with kids, this resort is perfect for building Frosty the Snowman.

Dive Into The Underworld

Dive Into The Underworld, things to do in Austria

Don’t worry it was just meant to catch your attention, what we recommend you do is cave exploration. A few km on the outskirts of Salzburg lies Eisriesenwelt, the largest ice cave in the world. The cave is a staggering 42 km deep that makes its way into the Hochkogel Mountains. The massive entrance of the cave ensures that cold winds from outside in winter and the same inside the cave in summer, do not let the ice melt. Hence maintaining a below-freezing temperature inside the cave year-round. The only way to enter the cave is via a guided tour, which takes you to a massive room. Each room houses a towering stalagmite in the centre and one room has a 25-metre-tall ice formation. Take in views of an icy underground palace with rooms reaching depths of 400 meters.

Austria is a wonderland of activities, depending on which one you’re willing to embark on. Witness the serene icy beauty of Austria with exclusive travel deals, specially curated by Travelwings.

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