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20 Things Not To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a glorious city, renowned for its massive skyline, brilliant infrastructure, terrific man-made islands and so much more. Numerous travelers visit this city every year and take back the most wonderous memories of their lives. Like any other place, Dubai also has some rules and regulations that must be followed by all means.

20 Things That You Must Not Do in Dubai

things not to do in Dubai - No disrespect the royals

1.    Do not disrespect the Royal family in public. It can lead to serious consequences.

no alcohol in dubai

2.    The next most important thing to avoid in Dubai is drinking and smoking in public areas. It could take you to prison.

things not to do in Dubai - do not cuss

3.     Do not use abusive language in public areas as it is unethical and disrespecting.

4.     One of the things you should not do in Dubai is staying together in a hotel before tying the marital knot.

5.     Avoid eating in public during the month of Ramadan.

6.    Another what not to do in Dubai is bringing prohibited products like adult content books and drugs.

say no to drugs in Dubai

7.    One of the things not to do in Dubai is showing rude hand gestures. Know the proper hand gestures before performing them.

8.    Avoid clicking pictures of government buildings without permission.

do not cross dress in Dubai

9.    Avoid cross-dressing in public. The place is not open to homosexuality either.

10.   Another important thing not to do in Dubai is performing PDAs as you could be fined strictly.

11.  The 11th thing not to do in here is to avoid dancing in public as it is considered provocative.

12.  What can you not wear in Dubai except beach areas are shorts or bikinis, see-through tops or above knee-length dresses.

13.  There are many things not to miss in Dubai like the famous tourist spots including beaches, hotels, museums, markets, parks and a lot more places.

14.  If you are a left-handed person, then try to be as ambidextrous as possible. Using the left hand for greeting or eating is considered unethical here.

15.  When in Dubai airport, avoid carrying too many bags as it would take a lot of time at the security desk.

do not lose temper in Dubai

16.   It is better to maintain patience and not lose temper in the public areas as it is greatly frowned upon here.

17.  DO NOT drink and drive. Like most countries, Drunken Driving is a zero-tolerance crime.

do not talk to women who are strangers when in Dubai

18.  One of the important things not to do in Dubai is to avoid speaking unnecessarily to any stranger or unknown women.

19.  If you are about to visit a mosque or any other religious place, keep in mind to wear appropriate clothes, keep your hands and legs covered and do not wear deep neck clothes.

20.   Last but not least, do not forget to capture the memorable stay in the city on your phone. The place is just too awesome and totally Insta-worthy.

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