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Top 15+ Spectacular Places To Visit In Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful destination for vacations in Europe. Exotic landscapes, famous towns, and nature’s bounty await visitors here. It is home to the spectacular Midnight Sun and Northern Lights phenomena, making it one of the best travel destinations. We have chosen the top 15+ places to visit in Sweden out of the many stunning locations there. So, continue reading to inspire your wanderlust.

Places To Visit In Sweden – Top 15+


Top 15+ Spectacular Places To Visit In Sweden

Stockholm, the capital city, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sweden. The city consists of 14 beautiful islands and 50+ bridges spanning the Baltic Sea archipelago. Moreover, the cobblestone streets, Gamla Stan (Old Town), sightseeing boats, etc. make Stockholm one of the top 15+ incredible places to visit in Sweden. The city is well-known for its IKEA designs, meatballs, and ABBA (a former singing group).

Highlights: Vasa Museum, Skansen, Gamla Stan, Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm City Hall, Nordic Museum, Fotografiska, and more

Fårö Island

Faro Island

Fårö Island stands out for its unique landscapes and is among the best places to visit in Sweden. The island’s intriguing characteristic is brought on by its vast limestone rock formations. Furthermore, you can reach the island by taking a ferry from the larger Gotland Island on the Baltic Sea. We recommend that you visit the popular tourist destination during summer for long days of warm never-ending sunlight.

Highlights: Langhammars Sea Stack Field, Digerhuvud Sea Stack Field, Sudersands Strand, Langhammars raukområde, Bergman centre,Fårö Church and more.



Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city and is a cultural capital located off the Göta älv River. The popular Sweden tourist destination is home to the cobblestoned Haga Quarter which dates back to the 18th century and the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Another must-see attraction is the Feskekôrka food market known for its mouth-watering culinary offerings. 

Highlights: Liseberg, Universeum, Skansen Kronan, Museum of World Culture, and more.



 Visby, Gotland`s only town that was once a Viking settlement, is among the best places to visit in Sweden. The town is now a walled town with a UNESCO World Heritage status. Take a walking tour of the city and learn about the island’s history at the popular Gotland Museum. Additionally, Visby offers other Swedish tourist attractions such as St. Mary’s Cathedral, the mediaeval ruins of St. Nicolai, and more. Don’t miss out on relishing saffranspannkaka, a Gotland speciality. It is a saffron pancake topped with salmon berries and fresh cream. 

Highlights: Visby City Wall, St. Karin Cathedral Ruins, Gotlands Museum, Botaniska Tradgarden, Högklint Naturreservat and more.



The picturesque Marstrand is an island known for its seventeenth-century Carlsten Fortress. This Sweden tourist attraction was named after King Carl X of Sweden and was once famous among sailors. Today, this idyllic island serves as a base for the annual Marstrand Regatta, a popular sailing event in July. Don’t forget to include this Swedish destination on your travel itinerary.

Highlights: Carlstens Fastening, Pater Noster Lighthouse, Strandverket, Elin af Marstrand and more.

Swedish Lapland 

Swedish Lapland

Yet another incredible place to visit in Sweden is Lapland which is popular for its pristine landscapes, frozen lakes, and snow-covered forests. Swedish Lapland is located in the northernmost region of the country. This Arctic territory is known as the land of the Midnight Sun (visible from September to March) and the Northern Lights. The other famous attraction is the Icehotel and the multi-award-winning Treehotel where nature blends with modern design.

Highlights: Svanstein, Sarek, Kiruna Mountain, Sapmi, and more.



Ystad is an unmissable place to visit in Sweden known for its seaside beauty. This little town is home to world-class museums, timbered houses, and colourful squares. Ystad, one of the best Sweden tourist destinations, is also famous for its sandy beaches, Ystad Studios, Scandinavia’s largest film studio, etc. This destination has also served as the setting of author Henning Mankell’s, Kurt Wallander crime series.

Highlights: Ales Stenar, Ystad Animal Park, The Abbey in Ystad , Ystad Studios Visitor Center, Sankta Maria Kyrka and more.



Skåne is Sweden’s best place to visit to enjoy rustic landscapes and exciting food scenes. Try one of the harbourfront restaurants to relish authentic dishes like crayfish, warm sourdough bread, and vegetables like Turkish cabbage, celeriac, beetroot baked with butter and salt, etc. Skåne’s food scene is brilliant, simple, and seasonal and is a must-try during your Sweden travels.

Highlights: Kärnan, Turning Torso, Dunker Culture House, Foteviken Museum, and more



Brännö is an idyllic island located off the western coast of Gothenburg. Be it sunbathing, cliff-jumping or visiting one of the many beaches, Brännö is the best travel destination in Sweden. Moreover, the island is connected to the neighbouring Galteri island by a bridge, making it easier to explore both islands. So, if you are in the mood for a festive evening by the beach, then head to the popular Sweden tourist destination.

Highlights: Gothenburg Botanical Gardens and Greenhouses, Brännö Lagård, Brännö Värdshus, Brännö Varv Café & Bar and more.



Jukkasjärvi is another beautiful Swedish holiday place, famous for its Ice wonder, ICEHOTEL 365. This hotel is known for its permanent construction and offers a sleeping-on-ice experience, all year round in its art suites. During the summer, this specially designed building is powered by renewable energy, primarily solar power. Don’t forget to visit the little Jukkasjärvi for a unique iced Swedish tourist attraction.  

Highlights:  ICEHOTEL, Kiruna Kyrka, Jukkasjarvi Church, Hjalmar Lundbohm Museum, Taube Activity



Smögen is a popular top tourist destination for sailors and tourists alike. Moreover, Smögen’s famous pier, Smögenbryggan, is well known for its quaint little shops, cafes, and boats. However, the biggest attraction in Smögen is the Lagergren’s, a restaurant cum nightclub which makes the visit worthwhile. Make sure to try the summer salad with fresh berries and goat cheese at the restaurant.  

Another Sweden tourist attraction is the neighbouring island Hållö. Hop onto a boat and head out to explore this nature reserve with the oldest lighthouse on the west coast.

Highlights: Boat ride out to the lighthouse Hållä, Norden’s Ark, Mackmyra Whiskey Tasting, Smögen’s Hafvsbad and more.



Dalarna is rich in cultural history and is among the best travel destinations in Sweden.  Take a stroll, listen to folk music, or dance by lake Siljan, the centre of cultural activities. Lake Siljan is also the seventh-largest lake in Sweden. 

Apart from visiting these iconic places, you can also explore handicrafts such as the iconic wooden Dala horses made in the factories in Nusnäs. You can even watch the traditional artisans carve and paint these horses by hand. You can buy them as souvenirs to remember your Sweden travels.

Highlights: Zorngården, Dalhalla, Falu Gruva, Romme Alpin, Skistar Sälen, Zorn Museum, Leksands Knäckebröd and more.



Uppsala has served as the hub for learning, religion, and culture for at least 1500 years, making it among the top places to visit in Sweden for spirituality. You can also visit Gamla Uppsala to witness three large royal burial mounds from the 6th century. You can also explore the museum adjacent to Gamla Uppsala. The museum is a must-visit Sweden tourist attraction and displays fascinating exhibits about the area’s history. 

Modern Uppsala is adorned with the beauty of the Fyrisån River, parks, squares, and cobbled streets built around the oldest university. Another unmissable tourist attraction is the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala. The gardens comprise a botanical garden, an orangery, and a tropical greenhouse.

Highlights: Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala Castle, Gustavianum, Biotopia, and more.


Source: Tree Hotel

Harads is located in Norrbotten County, Sweden, approximately 50 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. It has one of the most unique places to visit in Sweden, the Treehotel. Suspended from trees in a natural setting, the Treehotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a luxurious, 5-star treehouse where ecological values, comfort, nature, and modern design blend together. So, add the quaint village of Harads to your Sweden travel itinerary and enjoy an iconic stay.

Highlights: Treehotel, Storforsens Naturreservat, Balingeberget Nature Reserve, Muddus National Park and more.



Malmö is one of the best holiday destinations in Sweden. Famous for its intriguing music, art, and cultural events, it is among the best places to visit in Europe for festivities. You can explore Malmo Castle, a top Swedish tourist attraction. Additionally, there are well-maintained parks with lush greenery and refreshing fountains for those who seek the calmness of nature.

Highlights: Ribersborgsstranden, Oresund Strait, Malmohus, and more.



Kiruna, along with neighbouring Abisko National Park, is located in the “aurora zone”. It has a high number of cloud-free nights, making it a prime aurora viewing territory from September to March. No wonder, Kiruna is an excellent base for hunting the Northern Lights which makes it an incredible place to visit in Sweden. Skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and snowmobile jumping are some of the fun adventure activities you can try your hand at in this winter wonderland.

Highlights: LKAB’s Visitor Centre, Treriksröset, Esrange Space Center, Midnattssolstigen, Samegarden Museum and more

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